The symptoms of thick blood. Causes, treatment


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The scourge of diseases, which we all already know by heart. Yes we are! Even a schoolboy will be able to list their names, stroke, heart attack, thrombosis - all symptoms of thick blood.

symptoms of thick blood


The Blood is the main fluid in our body, which consists of corpuscles, cellular inclusions and plasma - water, which dissolved electrolytes, metabolites, vitamins, proteins and other components. The blood remains liquid thanks to the coordinated work of the systems of coagulation and anticoagulation, a fairly constant ratio of the composition and state of plasma to other elements and the speed of blood flow.

If any of these three factors that support the blood in the desired liquid state, will be weakened, broken, we may feel some symptoms of thick blood. These signals should not be ignored.

Thick blood: causes, symptoms

thick blood symptoms

Viscosity and density of blood test can only way laboratory. There is a condition in which, so as not to bring themselves to serious consequences, it is urgent to contact the doctor to test your blood.


The Blood carries oxygen to our body, and its increased viscosity leads to a weakening of this vital operation, resulting in may experience mild symptoms of thick blood - dizziness, weakness, fatigue. This is because from the lack of oxygen affected primarily the brain.

Severe symptoms of thick blood - this is a more serious diagnosis - heart failure, thrombosis different vessels, strokes, heart attacks and all the consequences thereof.


The Most obvious reason - not eating enough water, a sedentary lifestyle, but, unfortunately, it is with these simple actions people today can't handle. Drink and drive - here's a simple rule to maintain the body in good shape! And if we drink, it is coffee, sweet juices and sodas, alcohol, and about the water, many not even remember. And the movement is limited at best local area. All this is not enough to maintain the required blood flow rate and plasma volume in the blood.


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But there are separate illnesses that cause thick blood is:

  • Infectious and parasitic diseases;
  • Diabetes;
  • Severe burns;
  • Beriberi;
  • Fermentopathy;
  • Liver disease;
  • Poisoning (and all that leads to dehydration through vomiting and diarrhea).

More on the viscosity of blood is affected by hormones, especially in women, due to its instability (menstruation, pregnancy).

thick blood causes symptoms

Thick blood: treatment

We All know that the disease is easier to prevent than to treat, so talk about prevention, which will help prevent even mild symptoms of thick blood.

Consumption enough water (about two liters per day). In addition, you must enter into the diet of dairy products, fruits and berries, fatty fish, sunflower oil, garlic. These products should not be much, especially fat, but they should regularly be present at your table.

Discard bad habits and move more.

There are many plants, the use of which in the form of decoctions and infusions will contribute to the thinning of the blood and will help to relieve the symptoms of thick blood is:

  • Ginkgo biloba;
  • Dioscorea Caucasian;
  • A chestnut horse;
  • Clover.

If you have very thick blood (symptoms), treatment is performed solely under the supervision of a doctor or in a hospital.

Don't get sick!

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