The treatment of early stage cataracts. The first signs of the initial cataract


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With age, many people begin vision problems. One of them is a clouding of the lens. Due to this process protein denaturation, which is a part of the body. Lens of the eye, passing through her rays of light, refracts them. It is located in the middle, between the iris and vitreous body.

treatment of early stage of cataract

A Healthy lens is transparent and perfectly copes with its function. After clouding eyesight deteriorates, the eye loses its ability to clearly see the world around us. Finding the first symptoms need to see an ophthalmologist to have it treated in the initial stage of cataract. If you do not come to the doctor in a timely manner, you can completely lose vision.

Cataracts: causes and symptoms

In most cases, cataracts are characteristic of the elderly, but occurs in different periods of life, even in newborns. Without surgery to cure the disease completely impossible, but if at the first signs of cataracts starting to see a specialist, it is possible to delay for a long period. Consider the symptoms of this unpleasant disease.

1. One begins to see through the haze, like a fog.

2. Not tolerate bright light.

3. Night appear in the eyes glare, sometimes bright flashes.

4. You can read, only include close lighting.

5. Are more likely to change diopter lens.

cataracts causes symptoms

6. Around the lamps light halo is visible.

7. Myopia develops.

8. Weakens the perception of eye color.

9. If you obscure one eye, then the other sees that the objects split in two.

10. There is a white spot that grows over time and fully closes the pupil.

11. When a cataract progresses much, begins the inflammatory process in the eye, then felt strong headaches, pressing sensation appear.

The Main cause of lens opacity is the age of a person older than 60 years. Older people lose the ability to actively deal with toxins, the level of antioxidants is significantly reduced. When thyroid disease and diabetes can also be signs of cataracts. Increases the likelihood of ill alcoholics and heavy smokers.


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After a prolonged administration of corticosteroid drugs can begin the process of developing the disease. There are cases of congenital cataract, when genetic changes in a protein structure are inherited from mother to child. Sometimes this contributes to the diabetes of the mother or infection in early pregnancy. And, of course, any eye injury be the cause of the initial stage of cataract.

What about the person who wants to get rid of this disease? Have to go to the ophthalmologist. Delaying the visit to a specialist, no need to rely on the fact that the clouding will go away with time itself. The last stage is treated only surgically. But even this is not the final version. Sometimes there is a secondary clouding. So, it is better to start treatment in the initial stage of cataract, with the course of the disease to more Mature forms. Consider what happens in the early stages of this process, and how to stop the initial cataract.

Early stage disease

Cataract causes and symptoms of the disease, described earlier in the article, partly manifested in the beginning. The first stage of lens pathology is the hydration process, i.e. hydration. In this case its volume increases, and changes the refraction of light rays. This leads to the formation of darkened areas due to biochemical changes of the lens fibers. The beginning of the process at the equator, with a slow approach to the axis. Visual acuity deteriorates not immediately, but gradually. If there is inadequate treatment of the initial stage of cataract begins active progression of the disease.

the initial stage of cataract what to do

The first Symptoms are expressed not so bright. Why you should know how the disease starts:

  • Sometimes doubles the image objects;
  • It seems that suddenly improved vision; people can read without putting on the usual points, and then returns to normal condition;
  • Fades the sharpness of the image;
  • Worse distinguish objects in the dark;
  • What appears before the eyes spots or points;
  • No brightness visibility.

At the initial stage of cataract development is not observed decrease of vision in humans.


Not to confuse the signs of cataracts with age-related farsightedness, an ophthalmologist should do some research. Inspection is conducted using light of a slit lamp-biomicroscopy, intraocular pressure is measured. Pre-expanding the pupil using drops, the ophthalmologist conducts an eye screening. Measured parameters fields of view. If necessary, designate ophthalmoscopy and optical coherent tomography. These studies reveal pathology of the lens at the very beginning of the disease.

drops at the initial stage of cataract

Stage cataracts

Cataract progresses one step at a time, for 6-10 years. The difference in the manifestations of symptoms are distinguished 4 stages of the disease.

1. The primary lens has blurred to the side, but most of it remains transparent. The rest of the symptoms all manifest themselves in different ways. Some complain about the farsightedness or nearsightedness. Others require frequent change of diopter in the lenses or glasses. Someone there were spots before my eyes.

2. Immature - lens is already more visibly turbid and swollen from the fluid. This provokes an increase in eye pressure, visibility is markedly reduced.

3. Mature - the stage of total opacity of the crystalline lens, the patient sees almost nothing. Count the fingers can only put them close to the face.

4. Last lens first shrinks, and then gradually liquefies. But it happens over years and even decades. Vision is almost entirely lost.

Types of cataract

1. Innate. The child inherited the disease from his mother as a result of chronic diseases or use of certain drugs during the first trimester of pregnancy.

2. Purchased. This is a disease that overtakes the elderly in old age.

initial signs of cataracts

3. Traumatic. Formed in violation of the integrity of the lens capsule. While she's sucking fluid from the anterior chamber of the eyeball. The result appears blurred.

4. Electric. Occurs when the eye direction of the electric current.

5. Radiation. Prolonged exposure to infrared, x-rays and gamma rays.

6. Toxic. The clouding is the result of exposure to various infections and toxins.

When is it performed?

At the beginning of the disease ophthalmologist after a detailed study of the symptoms may prescribe medication. Surgery is prescribed only at the Mature stage, when the lens is completely turbid. The treatment of early stage cataracts first, always conservative. The doctor prescribes drops that gradually improve metabolism of the fluid inside the lens. This improves the metabolism and the process starts clouding delayed. If you stop the treatment the disease manifests itself again.


At the beginning of this disease, after the physician has accurately diagnosed and conducted a number of studies, drug therapy is prescribed. Only an ophthalmologist may prescribe drops required in this situation. Self-medicate to deal strictly prohibited. Drops help to normalize the metabolism, oxidation and reduction. They are not first absorbed into the bloodstream and act directly on the desired area.

how to stop the initial cataract

The Result is noticeable after a few minutes. In the treatment of early stage of cataract pregnant women are advised to first consult with a gynecologist. People with allergies may feel a slight burning sensation and a slight tingling sensation in the diseased eye. The doctor may prescribe vitamins, are assigned initial cataract drops "Vitajournal" or "Vitaphakol", containing vitamins b and C, potassium iodide, amino acids. Many wonder: "is it Possible to cure the initial stage of the cataract?". Response of doctors is unequivocal. Cataract cannot be cured completely.

Eye drop

In the initial stages of cataract can be a destructive process is much to slow to be suspended temporarily. For this purpose, the following drops:

1. "Often catform" contain Niacinamide, adenosine etc. Activate the recovery processes and metabolism. Do not give to children.

is there a cure for initial stage of cataract

2. "Quinax" - contribute to the process of resorption of proteins in the lens and activate the enzymes of the anterior chamber of the eyeball.

3. "Taufon" - start the regenerative processes in the eye tissues, accelerate metabolism; children do not apply.


In old age need 2 times a year undergo counselling. Desirable...

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