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How many helps ‘MONORAL”? Few women know the answer to this question. In this regard, in the present article we decided to tell you about how to use the mentioned drug, and how long it is valid if he has any contraindications, many helps monural

Packaging, composition, form

Learn how many helps ‘MONORAL”, you can learn from the manual, which is attached to the drug. It is placed in a cardboard box, which contains multi-layered laminated bags of the drug substance.

Consider the drug goes on sale in the form of white granules with a tangerine aroma. They are designed for preparation of solution for oral administration.

The answer to the question about how helps ‘MONORAL”, closely related with its composition. The active substance of this medication is fosfomycin trometamol. Also it contains additional components in the form of saccharin, tangerine and orange flavor, and sucrose.

Pharmacological properties

Many patients who have been assigned this drug is not only interested in the question about how valid the ‘MONORAL”, but whether it is an antibacterial agent.

According to the instructions, the medicine is a modern broad-spectrum antibiotic. It is used in the treatment of many inflammatory diseases of the urinary system.

Before answering the question of, how many helps ‘MONORAL”, we should say that it is a derivative of phosphonic acid. This drug is able to exert a bactericidal effect, due to suppression of the synthesis of bacterial cell wall.


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Being the analogue of phosphoenolpyruvate, the active ingredient interacts with the enzyme N-acetyl-glucosamine-3-o-enolpyruvyl-transferase. In the end, it is irreversible, selective and specific inhibition that ensures the absence of cross-resistance with other antibiotics, as well as the possible synergies with many acts monural

“Monaural” active against many gram-positive bacteria and most gram-negative microorganisms. Its active ingredient reduces the adhesion of bacteria on the epithelial layer of the urinary tract.


How many valid ‘MONORAL”? The active ingredient of the drug almost immediately after ingestion absorbed from the digestive tract. However, he rather quickly accumulates in the urine.

After a single use of the medicinal solution, its bioavailability is 35-65 %. The active ingredient of the drug not bound to plasma proteins, but in humans dissociates to trometamol and fosfomycin is not metabolised and more.

When receiving a single dose “MONORAL” in an amount of 3 g and its concentration in the urine reaches a high level (99 %) bactericidal activity against many pathogens of urinary tract infections.

So many hours helping ‘MONORAL”? According to the enclosed instructions, its maximum concentration is reached approximately 120-160 minutes. After this period of time, the drug begins its active effect.

The drug Appears in an unmodified form (about 95 %) via the kidneys. In the urine marked its highest concentrations. Also, 5 % of the active substance are excreted with bile.

The half-life of the antibiotic is four hours.monural cystitis contraindications and application

The Pharmacokinetic parameters in special cases

How many time will help “Monaural” patients with a moderate decrease in kidney function? This category of people the drug is also noted after two hours. It was during this period of time the drug reaches high concentrations in the blood. However, in such patients the half-life of fosfomycin in plasma increased slightly.

How many helps ‘MONORAL” in cystitis? Two days is enough to ensure that the patient developed a persistent therapeutic effect.


As mentioned above, this medication is used to treat various diseases of urinary system. In particular, this medicine helps with:

  • Acute bouts of recurrent bacterial cystitis;
  • Acute bacterial cystitis;
  • Massive asymptomatic bacteriuria in pregnant women;
  • Postoperative urinary tract infections;
  • Bacterial nonspecific urethritis.

It should Also be noted that the solution for oral administration is often used as a prophylactic against infections of the urinary tract in the process of transurethral diagnostic studies and surgery.


As indicated available on this product of the pharmaceutical industry (drug “Monaural”) reviews, cystitis, its effect is quite effective. But do not forget that every drug has contraindications. According to the instructions, this medicine is not recommended to appoint:

  • Severe renal failure;
  • Increased sensitivity to additional key ingredients of the medication;
  • As well as for the treatment of children under five years of age.

monural cystitis efficacy and reviews about drug

The Drug “Monaural”: how to take?

Cystitis and other diseases of the urinary system the contents of one sachet should be dissolved in 1/3 Cup of plain water. The resulting solution should be taken 2 hours before food or 120 minutes after. To use the medication during meals is not recommended, as this will significantly slow down its absorption in the body.

According to the instructions, to adopt the drug preferably overnight. This should be done after emptying the bladder.

On one treatment course, only one packet of medicine. It should be noted that it is prohibited to combine ‘MONORAL” with this drug as “Want”. This is due to the fact that the combination of these tools can greatly reduce the concentration of fosfomycin in blood and urine. As a result of the effect of therapy, you will never achieve.

People who suffer from diabetes, you need to consider that the drug “Monaural” is sucrose. It should also be noted that during his admission is prohibited to consume any alcoholic beverages.

Dosage of medicines for adults

“Monaural” cystitis (contraindications and the use of the drug was described above), as well as in other diseases of adults should be taken in dosage of 3 grams (once a day). The solution is used only once.

If necessary, the attending physician may prescribe to your patient re-intake of drug, but only at the end of the day.monural how to take cystitis

As a rule, such treatment is required in recurrent bacterial infections, severe course of the disease (for example, in the absence of a proper result after a single reception means), and also in the elderly.

For the prevention of urinary tract infections in urologic intervention or diagnosis of this medicine is also prescribed twice. Solution take three hours before the planned manipulations or any medical research. The time interval after the first dose should be 24 hours.

People with renal insufficiency, the drug “Monaural” should be prescribed with caution. Such patients need to increase the time between doses or reduce the dose.

Can I give children?

This medication you can assign to children, but only those who have reached 5 years of age. Kids are encouraged to take the drug once in the amount of 2 g. Child up to this age is the ‘MONORAL” is not assigned due to immature renal pelvis-plating system (i.e. the baby has not yet developed a filtration system in the kidneys).

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

During pregnancy women quite often troubled by cystitis. Solution “Monaural” effectively treats this disease and it does not cause abnormalities in the fetus.

The biggest advantage of this drug is a single dose, while most antibiotics are required to take at least 5-7 days. It should also be noted that this drug has virtually no side effects and contraindications. Usually it is well tolerated by patients. However, assign is a tool pregnant women can only be experienced doctor after a thorough examination. After all, many skilled in the art that the active substance “MONORAL” readily crosses placental barrier. Therefore, in the first trimester of pregnancy taking it is extremely undesirable.cure monural reviews cystitis action

With regard to lactation, this period the drug used for...

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