Mastitis: how to treat, the causes, symptoms and prevention


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Every modern woman understands the importance of maintaining their health and wellbeing. You need to exercise, eat right, observe a mode of wakefulness and rest, to follow the recommendations of experts to care for your Breasts to maintain their health. One of the most common diseases of the breast - mastitis.

Mastitis: definition

In common parlance, ‘Goldilocks’ – purulent inflammation of the breast occurring in women and men is associated with impaired patency of the ducts. The doctors still don't know exactly why some women have this pathological process develops, while others do not. In the presence of cracks and sores on the nipples increases the risk of disease, but many patients with such injuries of the chest have never suffered from mastitis.

The development of the disease the important role played by micro-organisms (Staphylococcus) that enter through damaged nipple into the mammary gland. The most dangerous complication in this case – sepsis (blood poisoning).

Aureus is one of the major pathogens of mastitis


The Main reason for the development of pathology – the bacteria enter the body through cracks or wounds on nipples. Enter microorganisms through the blood in chronic inflammatory diseases: tonsillitis, pyelonephritis, etc. the Immune system, providing good protection, do not allow pathogenic agents into the body or destroys them immediately, but a weak immune system is not able to fight, so passes the infection. Sometimes the disease develops as a secondary infection after infection of the genital organs in the postnatal period.


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Types of mastitis

Lactational mastitis of the breast associated with breastfeeding, is most likely due to improper breast pump or improper application of the child. These errors provoke stagnant processes and injuries of the chest, creating favorable conditions for the penetration and reproduction of germs. Lactation mastitis according to ICD 10: N 61.

Fibro-cystic form may occur in women at any age, it has nothing to do with breastfeeding. To provoke the development of disease can sudden hormonal changes, diabetes, climate change, injury of the mammary gland, which develops necrosis of adipose tissue.

There is also a men's mastitis, developing on the background of hormonal imbalance.

Symptoms of mastitis (lactational) and the stage of its development:

  • Early stage (serous mastitis). Feel the tenderness, the body temperature rises, Breasts increase in volume.
  • Infiltrative mastitis develops from improper treatment of the serous form, or because of a complete lack of treatment. This stage is accompanied by a fever and a seal on one breast.

If you do not take timely measures to treatment of purulent mastitis occurs.


Symptoms of a pathological process, it is the same for any type of disease:

  • A sharp increase in body temperature to 39 °C;
  • Weakness, drowsiness;
  • Headache;
  • Chills and fever;
  • Tenderness to palpation of the breast;
  • Breast hot to the touch.

Symptoms of mastitis (purulent):

  • High body temperature, often above 39 °C;
  • Loss of appetite;
  • Insomnia, headaches;
  • A light touch to the chest delivers unbearable discomfort;
  • Increased lymph nodes in the axillary region.

It is Extremely important to be able to distinguish any form of disease from lactose (milk stagnation in the ducts of the breast). Treatment of mastitis usually requires the use of antibiotics, while stagnation can go themselves. The symptoms of these pathologies are very similar, often even a doctor is difficult without additional tests to make an accurate diagnosis. Skin lesions in both cases, red, with mastitis several more pronounced color change. A breast lump is observed in the first and second sickness.

Mastitis no lactating women

The cause of the disease-pathogens. They live in every human body, but under favorable conditions, begin to multiply, causing inflammation. The main causes of mastitis the mammary glands no lactating women:

  • Fibrocystic mastopathy;
  • Hormonal changes;
  • Migrated plastic surgery;
  • Acute infectious processes;
  • The penetration of bacteria through the puncture of the nipple (when piercing);
  • The penetration of infection through boil near nipple.

Diagnosis of the disease and methods of treatment do not differ from the solutions of the problem for nursing women.

Pain in the breast during mastitis

Mastitis is always confirmed by ULTRASOUND examination. If a diagnostic has detected an abscess, you will need a course of antibiotics. If the size of an abscess of more than 3 cm, surgical intervention is prescribed.

Mastitis in lactating women

The risk group most likely to be aged primiparas women who have the disease may make itself felt in the first weeks of lactation or during weaning baby from the breast. The lack of preparation of the nipples for feeding leads to microtrauma, which let in infection.

woman holding his head

Postpartum period for each woman – a weakened immune system and hormonal changes that can cause the development of mastitis. To provoke the disease may poor hygiene, hypothermia, difficulties with the outflow of milk, the tumor in the breast.

Upon confirmation of pathology to stop feeding healthy breast the first few days is not worth it. Only after ULTRASOUND study diagnosis “purulent mastitis” in lactating women, the child is weaned. To resume the process only after his recovery that will show tests for the presence of infection in milk.

What to do prohibited:

  • Reduce intake of fluids to stop lactation;
  • To take medication for the same purpose;
  • To warm, rubbing the site of inflammation;
  • Take a hot shower;
  • To resort to folk methods of treatment and to choose medications themselves.

Any impact on the breast will only aggravate the problem and lead to the widening of the swelling. In pathology of the breast, do not RUB hard with the sponge, knead and squeeze.

Treatment of mastitis

How to treat mastitis and the scheme of examinations shall be appointed by the gynecologist. Among the first measures we conducted a General analysis of blood and inoculation of milk on sterility. With obvious signs of mastitis, the therapy can begin without the results of the tests, but the conclusion of the laboratory experts, of course, is taken into account. Temporary cessation of breast-feeding is discussed with the obstetrician and pediatrician to choose for the child the best option of artificial feeding.


Mastitis – infectious disease, so treatment involves taking antibiotics. Selected ones of the medications that can easily penetrate into the mammary glands and effectively act on the pathogen. The duration of the course, depending on the severity of the disease is 5-10 days. It is prohibited for the cessation of breast feeding to Express milk. Reduction of lactation-this is an important part of the treatment, however, such events are held using special preparations, ointments for treatment of mastitis and only under the supervision of a physician. During the treatment it eliminates the stagnation of milk, but lactation is important to preserve for the resumption of breastfeeding.

Treatment of purulent mastitis

Purulent mastitis treated in the surgical Department. This problem can be solved by surgery to avoid serious complications. If you reduce the symptoms of the disease and the degree of their severity, are repeated blood tests and milk for sterility. In the absence of the pathogen, allowed to go back to feeding the baby's chest.

If within two days the temperature falls, the tests don't come back to normal, the size of the inflamed area is not reduced and remains very painful, surgery is indicated.

drugs against mastitis

For urgent advice during mastitis there is a special service assistance to nursing mothers.

Drugs for the treatment

Before to treat mastitis, it is necessary to determine what antibiotics the causative organism is more sensitive. The great value has a drip of saline solution and glucose, which occurs due to the detoxification, reduction of intoxication, improvement of metabolic processes. Prescribed drugs in mastitis, improve immunity of the sick woman.

In Addition to the IVS and surgery, was appointed antibacterial therapy, anti-inflammatory drugs, physical therapy. The doctors resort to the help:

  • Oxacillin;
  • Lincomycin;
  • Ciprofloxacin.
  • Cefazolin.

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