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Unfortunately, today more and more people have diagnosed diabetes. This disease is endocrine in nature. Indicator of diabetes is persistent increase of glucose in the blood. A person suffering from this disease must maintain the blood sugar level normal. To do this, it needs to follow a specific diet, if necessary, to take insulin medications. The treatment must appoint a physician. In any case, you cannot do it yourself!

blood glucose Meter one touch select

Blood sugar for patients with diabetes is mandatory. currently, there is no need to perform this analysis in medical institutions, as it can be at home with a special device. Glucometer "One Touch luxury" is one of them. It is a small device that has a special port for test strips that screen for output, buttons to control menus, as well as the battery and a port for connection with a computer. This device is simple to use, lightweight, does not occupy much space. Glucometer "One Touch luxury" has a large display. The readings displayed on it, are displayed in large font. This property makes this blood glucose meter is preferred among others for people with low vision. In the device menu has several handy features, such as displaying the latest results, calculating the average blood sugar level for a week, two weeks or a month. Also with the help of it you can find the average reading before and after meals, it will help to balance the nutrition of the patient. To control the menu functions glucometer "One Touch luxury" has only three buttons (two to move the cursor, and one to confirm), which makes its use simple and understandable for everyone. The results are displayed on the display, the unit of measurement is mmol/L.test strips for glucometer one touch select

To determine the level of blood glucose in the glucometer "One Touch Select" insert a special test strip. Handle, included with the device, make a puncture in the finger. It released a drop of blood brings blood glucose meter with a test strip. The result is immediately displayed on the screen. Then used the strip removed from the slot. Glucometer "One Touch luxury" is a device with coding. When you use a new package of test strips, you need to enter the code.

blood glucose meter one touch select priceThe Kit includes directly to the device itself, test strips for glucometer "One Touch luxury", the handle for puncturing the finger, the battery, the instructions and a special bag to store and carry the kit. Currently, the market appeared a trim tool, which includes additional fifty test strips. Convenience, ease of use, small size, availability of instruction in Russian – all this makes the demand on the Russian market glucometer "One Touch luxury". The price ranges from a half-two thousand roubles. You can purchase it for a lower price, for example, in some online stores, but be aware that this product is covered by the warranty, and such service is filled by the seller in the sale. Not many online resources offer this document, executed by all the rules.

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