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Effective treatment of sinusitis is impossible without nasal lavage. Indeed, in his important treatment of the regular release of the nose from secretions from the sinuses, as well as the restoration of the mucosa in the nasal passages. Before you wash the nose with sinusitis, you should learn some simple rules that ensures effective cleansing of the nose .

The First step is to free the nasal passages from secretions, then proceed directly to the wash.

There are several methods of nasal lavage and money than to wash the nose with sinusitis. Even ordinary warm water can facilitate the patient. However, to enhance the action of rinsing water for washing adds antimicrobial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory agents. Of all than to wash the nose in the sinus with a guaranteed effect, the most useful solutions with herbs or mixtures thereof. Solutions herbs help to thin mucus to relieve swelling of the nasal mucosa, and in addition, irrigation provides protection against the growth of microbes. When choosing a solution, than rinse your nose with sinusitis, you should focus on two types, alternating them in the washing during the day. Traditional sea salt shows excellent healing properties, because one of the two solutions should be prepared from it.

Nasal Lavage adult patient should be done 4 times a day, the best course of washing is at least 1-2 weeks. The temperature of the solution should be slightly above body temperature (38-40C).

The First method of nasal lavage in the adult patient is alternately retraction of the nostrils of the solution, previously poured into the palm of your hand. After retracting fluid nostril pressed to the bridge of the nose, and the head is inclined in the opposite direction, thereby allowing fluid to drain from the other nostril.


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The Second method is used for nasal irrigation an adult, signed in douching the nasal passages. Pre-preparing a solution than to treat sinusitis. And then the solution accumulated in the syringe, slowly and carefully introduced into one nostril while the head is tilted. 4-5 injections a Turkey Baster to clear one nostril, and then a similar procedure is performed on the other.

This method will easily save an adult from rhinogenous sinusitis with character. However, such methods are not suitable for small spouts of newborns, which are also faced with the problem of accumulation of mucus in the tiny nasal passages. Means than to treat sinusitis can be an adult, it is not suitable for newborns.

The washing of the nose of the newborn is not necessary if small allocations are purely physiological in nature. However, if the mucus clogs the air passages of the baby, preventing him from breathing, the nose is subject to mandatory cleaning and washing. Choice than to wash the nose of a newborn, is only possible with the help of a pediatrician. He will advise the best solution which will fit the baby with the features of his body. The scheme of irrigation of the nose of the child, as well as the adult begins with cleaning the nasal passages. Accumulated mucus is carefully removed by a special bag or a respirator. For infants it is suitable sea salt in quantities of half a teaspoon diluted in a glass of water. Lavage in children may be applied with a syringe volume of 5 ml by removing the needle.

To carry out the procedures of washing, the newborn is laid on its side, and the solution is slowly and carefully injected into the upper nostril. Parents should keep the baby's mouth was open. Then, turn the child on the other side, do the same procedure with the other nasal passage. If the baby suddenly began to choke, immediately put his belly on your palm and gently Pat on the back. Washing out the nose in a newborn can produce 2 to 6 times a day, depending on the complexity of the situation. For infants pharmacy there are special solutions for washing ( ‘the Throat”, “Marker”, “Lodge”). However, to self-medicate in the case of a baby is strictly forbidden. During a visit to the pediatrician, parents should consult get something to clean nose baby.

Despite the rather unpleasant feeling during the wash procedure, chudozestvennoj it has no equal. The use of vasoconstrictor nose drops leads to the risk of addiction, because they can be used no more than 3 days. At the same time, washing, in addition to easier breathing, prevents bacterial growth and promotes a more rapid and effective recovery.

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