Leg cramped. The cause of ailments


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leg fell asleep causeConvulsions called involuntary contraction of the striated muscles that provoke internal and external stimuli. The nature of this illness are diverse. Seizures are of different duration and intensity.

Brought the leg: causes

In fact, the reasons for this anomaly can be many. Let us examine the most common ones.

  1. If a person's leg cramped, the reasons may be biological or violations of electrolyte composition of blood. Ie, in the body there is a shortage of certain trace elements (potassium, calcium, magnesium).
  2. The reason for the cramps could also be a lack of vitamin D.
  3. If a person's leg cramped, the reasons can be lack of oxygen – local hypoxia.
  4. There are convulsions and a professional plan from overexertion of muscles of the hands or feet. This may be athletes or people whose profession is associated with heavy lifting and physical exertion.
  5. If a person's leg cramped, the reasons may be the lack sakhdriving leg muscles causesAra in the blood.
  6. Patients with diabetes also can reduce the feet due to excessive consumption of sugar-lowering drugs.
  7. If the person brings the legs and arms, the reason also may lie in osteochondrosis of the spine. Everything happens for the reason that nerve fibers coming from the spine, are compressed, and why violations occur nerves responsible for motor function.
  8. Viral infections, for example flu, can also affect the nerves that leads to convulsions of the limbs.
  9. Stroke or recovery period it can provoke disturbances in the motor area.
  10. Too much alcohol in the body.
  11. If the patient brings the leg muscles, causes can be overwork, for example, man had walked. And the reasons may lie in the long-term presence in maloprivlekatelen the room.
  12. Another reason – the hereditary factor.

Regular seizures should be alert and at least get to go on consultation to the doctor. Can be checked by such specialists as a neurologist, phlebologist (specialist in the treatment of diseases of the veins), an endocrinologist, a vascular surgeon.

What to do?

As with many other diseases, in this case you can refer to the experience of folk medicine.

Lemon Juice is struggling with cramps

The Recipe is simple and effective. The patient must clean a foot RUB with lemon and allow to dry. To wash the foot is not necessary, and go to the next grating. To perform the procedure should be in the morning and evening for two weeks every day.

leg cramps m the hands of the causeTry celandine

Make the treatment of the hands and feet, prone to spasm, a special ointment. To this end, the ratio of 1 to 2 take and mix the juice of celandine and vaseline. Two weeks apply the ointment to the sore muscles before retiring.

The Onion from our affliction

Always save onion peels, do not know where and when you need it. A decoction of the husk, wash hair, do sitz baths for hemorrhoids, even use in the garden from pests. For our recipe you will need a small handful of washed husk, which pour a glass of boiling water for 15 minutes. Before bed you should drink the prepared decoction, and then the cramps will not bother, and sleep will be strong.

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