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Nausea and vomiting – a very unpleasant phenomenon, which can be caused by various reasons. If the problems associated with poisoning, to stop the process in any case impossible. Vomiting helps rid the body of toxins. It is important to restore moisture balance. If the nausea is not related to poisoning, to get rid of it will help the tool ‘Motiuk”. Instruction manual describes the cases in which the drug can be used.

Release Form and composition

“Motiuk” is the antiemetic drug of Central action, which is available in the tablet form. Current component - domperidone. Additionally, the structure of the drug include substances such as lactose, potato starch, magnesium stearate, oksipropiltselljuloza, silica colloidal anhydrous, povidone, polyethylene glycol, talc, titanium dioxide. Tablets are available in blister packs.

Motiuk usage instructions

The Drug is characterized by a peripheral mechanism of action. The main component affects the receptors responsible for the gag reflex. If vomiting is not caused by poisoning, can be used ‘Motiuk" (tablets). Instructions for use indicates that the drug increases the duration of peristaltic contractions antralnogo part of the stomach. As a result, the nausea stopped.


If the medicine is taken orally on an empty stomach, it is quite fast absorbtiometry. In this case, the improvement of the patient's condition occurs almost instantly. After eating you can also use tablets “Motiuk”. Instruction manual informs that in this case, the bioavailability of active ingredient is somewhat reduced.


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Motiuk usage instructions price

The Domperidone is associated with a protein in the blood of 90%. The current component easily penetrates into any tissues of the body. Metabolism occurs in the intestine and liver. Through the bowel is not more than 60% of the current component. The rest is excreted by the kidneys.

Indications and contraindications

When to take pill “Motiuk”? Instructions for use indicates that the drug may be used when nausea and vomiting of various origins. The only exceptions are cases of poisoning, when vomiting is a normal reaction of the body and helps remove toxins. Tablets “Motiuk” help to relieve nausea with radiation and chemical therapy. Also, the product can be used in the postoperative period, when the vomiting occurs as a reaction to the anesthesia.

Nausea and vomiting – associated symptoms of many ailments associated with the stomach. A gastroenterologist can also be assigned to the drug “Motiuk”. The instruction and contra-indications will be available at the first appointment. Pills can be prescribed for people with diseases such as dyskinesia, flatulence, atony of the stomach, cholangitis, cholecystitis.

Motiuk tablet instruction manual

Has a number of contraindications means “Motiuk”. Instructions for use gives the opportunity to understand that the drug may not be recommended for children up to 5 years. Do not use the medication in case of a mechanical gastric obstruction, gastric bleeding, prolactinoma. In rare cases, may develop hypersensitivity to one of ingredients medications.

Special instructions

Must be studied prior to use ‘Motiuk" instructions for use. Description of the drug says that it can't be used during the first trimester of pregnancy. Women with nausea and vomiting should seek the advice of a physician. Often, such symptoms indicate pregnancy.

Motiuk instruction manual description

The Drug is not indicated for children younger than 5 years. Restrictions apply and older children whose weight does not exceed 20 kg. in the event that the child sickness of unknown origin, parents should seek the assistance of the pediatrician. A specialist will be able to find out the cause of poor health of the child patient and the appropriate treatment.

In violation of the functions of the liver and kidneys should be wary to take the pill “Motiuk”. Instructions for use of the drug indicates that patients with such problems, the dosage means should be reduced.


Children and adults are prescribed to take pill “Motiuk” at a dosage of 10 mg (1 tablet) three times a day. It is advisable to use the medicine an hour before meals. Both will be able to more quickly achieve the desired effect. If severe nausea, you can increase the dosage twice. In renal insufficiency, the frequency techniques is reduced. The course of treatment depends on the patient's condition and the form of the disease.

Motiuk usage instructions reviews prices

In case of overdose may develop adverse reactions. Most often they manifest themselves in the form of allergies. Patient's body appear rash, characterized by itching. This phenomenon requires the abolition of drugs. The doctor should reconsider the dosage. If after decreasing the frequency of receiving unpleasant symptoms persist, the specialist selects a substitute.

In rare cases, can develop adverse reactions associated with the nervous system. They manifest themselves in the form of dizziness, sleep disturbances, irritability. You may also receive symptoms such as dry mouth and thirst. These phenomena are only temporary and can be observed only at the beginning of therapy.

Drug interactions

Significantly reduced the bioavailability of the main component while taking the medication with antacids. If there is a need for the use of anticholinergics, it is worth remembering that they inhibit the action of domperidone. The combination of drugs will cause nausea will only increase.

Motiuk instructions for use of the drugThe Application of some antifungal drugs can cause the concentration of domperidone in plasma will increase.

Patients who have chronic ailments and are forced to take any medication, you should inform the doctor. Specialist will conduct a thorough analysis and make a conclusion about the advisability of tablets “Motiuk” in the specific case.


What to do if the pharmacy cannot find the right medication? To replace tablets the ‘Motiuk”? Instruction manual, reviews, prices – all of this information is studied by the patient before beginning therapy. There are many drugs that have similar composition. The most popular antiemetic drugs will be described below.

drug Motiuk manual and contraindications

Adults and children over 5 years specialists often prescribe a drug “Motilium”. The drug based on domperidone helps a great deal with the nausea and vomiting. Do not use the medication in the period of gestation and lactation. With caution used tablets in renal failure. The dosage is determined by a physician, in accordance with the form of the disease, as well as the individual characteristics of the patient. For one pack of medicines will have to pay about 300 rubles.

“Passaic” - another drug on the basis of domperidone, which is prescribed for nausea and vomiting, if these symptoms are not caused by poisoning. Medication is also not used during pregnancy and lactation. For one package you have to pay about 130 rubles.

Replace the drug “Motiuk” you can also tablets “Motilak”, “Domperidone-Teva”, “Motonium”.

What do patients say?

Reviews show that adverse reactions develop, if studied prior to use ‘Motiuk" instructions for use. Price-another advantage of tablets. For one pack of medicines will have to pay about 150 rubles.

Patients argue that pills perfectly relieve nausea. More significant effect is observed, if you take the drug on an empty stomach.


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