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In a different age, we may encounter such an unpleasant, even painful problem, like an internal pimple. It can occur on absolutely any part of the body and last a long time. We see small, often inflamed bump on the skin, very painful on palpation. No ointments, creams and other remedies from acne there is not able to help.


And all because the structure of the pimple is a little different from the usual. It is deeper and the reason for its appearance – bad outflow of sebum. The inflammatory process begins deep in the duct of sebaceous gland, and gradually moves closer to the surface of the skin. Here, under the skin, over time, accumulates a large amount of pus, which leads to the formation of various cystic masses and internal nodes. The structure of the pimple clearly suggests that the cause was a violation of the sebaceous glands and, of course, any inflammatory process occurring inside our body.


Internal pimple to ripen for a very long time. Specialists in any case are not recommended to squeeze them, as it threatens not only a nasty scar for the rest of my life, but a serious aggravation of the situation. But the first question that comes to our mind when they appear, this is how to get rid of such ugly cosmetic defect? To solve this problem best with the help of a specialist in this matter – dermatologist. He can advise you very effective to date, the procedure, after which will disappear even with a large and painful internal acne-ozone therapy. Ozone is very good fights with a variety of germs and contributes to the rapid elimination of the causes of inflammation. The specialist will examine your skin and prescribe the appropriate set of procedures. They will significantly speed up the aging of the pimple and relieve pain. After a few days the swelling of the skin is completely gone, redness and hated the pimple will not be over.


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Recently, it was found that very good help hormonal causes of acne. Through research, scientists have shown that virtually all women who take hormonal contraceptives, three or four months all the pimples disappear. Thus, it is possible to kill at once two hares: and to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy and to eliminate the unpleasant skin defects. But this method was not without pitfalls. Hormonal causes of acne break some of the processes in the female body. Found that their perfect partner a woman chooses it by smell than secures a perfect marriage and healthy offspring. These drugs supress women's sense of smell, due to which you can seriously wrong with the partner.


To remove an internal pimple, you can use a more body-safe and effective folk ways. Very effective in this situation, the tool – this is a hot saline compress. Dissolve salt in hot water, allow the solution to boil and apply it directly to the affected area using a cotton pad. This procedure is very quickly eliminates all the possible inflammation, and saline, to deeply penetrate in the skin, it cleans. Do it several times a day to eliminate the problem.


But in order to like a cosmetic defect no longer formed, try to give your skin more attention. Knowing that she's prone to inflammation, buy in a drugstore special masks, gels, peels and scrubs, and for her daily care. It is best if specialized tools you will appoint is a specialist. It is very important here and meals. Abstain from alcohol, fried, sweet and fatty. These important steps will help you to achieve a perfect, clean and beautiful skin without pimples.

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