The symptoms of atopic dermatitis. Causal factors and treatment


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Atopic dermatitis involve a chronic inflammatory disease, an informed allergic Genesis. Previously it was known as prurigo Besnier, now often used, and its other name: distributed, disseminated or diffuse neurodermatitis. The symptoms of atopic dermatitis are dependent on the course of the disease, the characteristics of its manifestation in different age periods, which is conventionally divided into infant, children and adult.

Symptoms of atopic dermatitisMost Often the disease manifests in childhood, In adults it occurs in the form of exacerbations. The complex of symptoms of pseudoallergy, atopy, autonomic disorders, itching, exudative lichenoid (similar to oral lichen planus), eczematous rash on the skin - the most typical symptoms of atopic dermatitis.

In children, the disease is expressed as a rash on the face, often on the cheeks and forehead, neck, hands, there may be changes on the extensor surfaces of the forearms, lower legs, on the skin of buttocks and torso. Swollen red spots can show a tendency to a continuous formation of the lesions, which are due to scratching covered with scabs.

The Disease can persist in adult age, it then subsides, then recurs. Then gradually goes away, but the skin is prone to itching, various inflammatory reactions in response to various exogenous stimuli. Sensitivity to pollen, household, epidermal and bacterial allergens often becomes the reason that causes atopic dermatitis in adults. Atopic dermatitis in adults symptomsThe Symptoms of it appear lichenization pockets of skin that are localized in the folds of the body, the neck, the forehead, around the eyes. The elderly dermatitis is usually expressed in the form of a scaly papular exudative plaques. They are characterized by less characterized by localized, often manifested in the form of eczema of the hands chronic. But sometimes the rash can change its character, become generalized. It explains the features of the various expressions of the attributes that characterize atopic dermatitis. Symptoms photos show in all the variety of In atlases of skin diseases. Some of them can be seen in this article. So, in the elderly common symptom are peregorodochnye papules, the skin becomes dry and somewhat erythematous.


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In modern medicine atopic dermatitis called hereditary Allergy that occurs in a wide range of substances. Leading causal factors of the disease are genetic predisposition, impaired immunological mechanisms, stress, hypothermia, contact with allergens, environmental conditions. Disease is a multi-step long process. The symptoms of atopic dermatitis, irrespective of the age of phase, always accompanied by itching. This is the most constant and marked characteristic on the basis of which there are often a rash on the skin. Prolonged scratching due to itching leads to lichenization and cause secondary infection. Itching is sometimes so irresistible that the patient feels no pain. Opened vesicles lead to weeping sores and abrasions, scabs.

Atopic dermatitis symptoms photoThe Symptoms of atopic dermatitis are often most severe in the winter. Dry skin at this time is greatly increased and becomes ichthyoses, appear in the lower eyelids lines Denis, increased lymph nodes, itching can become so strong that it causes emotional disorders. In General, the symptoms of dermatitis are quite variable and depend on the age category of the patient, the disease and its severity, environmental, and many others.

The Scheme of treatment of the disease is determined by the doctor individually and includes antihistamines, anti-inflammatory and other means. At all stages of treatment provides for the exclusion of provoking factors of the disease, the patient is advised to observe hygiene, diet.

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