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helarium reviewsTrying to keep up with high-speed modern world, many of us often feel nervous exhaustion, living in a constant state of stress. Decreased performance, insomnia, loss of appetite or the desire of “jam” of the excitement and troubles very quickly lead to catastrophic decline of health. That's why some people trying to self-normalize the state of health, resort to antidepressants.

But whether to use chemical drugs when there are natural remedies that can improve the quality of life? Today you can buy natural remedy “Velarium”. Manual, price of the drug, the reviews say about the effectiveness of medication, maximum safety, accessibility.

Herbal drug against depression

One of the most affordable yet very effective fitosredstv is a drug “Velarium”. The experts characterize it as an effective drug, possessing anksioliticheskim (debilitating anxiety) and antidepressant properties. Convex on both sides, pills usually have a yellow-green hue, perfectly relieve anxiety, reduce panic attacks, significantly improve mood. Not only doctors appreciate herbal remedies «Velarium”. Testimonials from patients of different age and diagnostic groups show that the dry extract of St. John's wort (this is the main therapeutic agent) does the following:helarium manual price

  • Helps you fall asleep faster;
  • Makes sleep deep and calm;
  • Activates performance;
  • Relieves nervous tension;
  • Relieves from symptoms of depression.

The Medicine is prescribed to patients with psychovegetative disorders, chronic fatigue, suffering from mild depression.


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Structure works well and compatibility with other drugs

What is the medication “Velarium”? Instruction manual explains: a therapeutic substance pills is St. John's wort extract. To pills has kept a form that was palatable and well absorbed in the composition include ancillary ingredients:helarium usage instructions

  • Polish;
  • Arabian copper;
  • Titanium dioxide;
  • Sucrose;
  • Lactose;
  • Silicon;
  • Starch;
  • Some other additives.

What you can combine pills “Velarium”? The doctors warn that the tool enhances the effects of tetracyclines, piroxicam, sulfonamides. Doctors can prescribe joint use of these medications, but should warn the patient that they cannot be in the sun: it can strengthen skin pigmentation.

At the same time pills reduce the effectiveness of birth control pills, drugs "Amitriptyline", "Cyclosporine" and some other medicines. That's why pills “Helarium Giperikum” cannot be taken without the doctor's permission.

Contraindications, and dosage

What can threaten to overdose “Velarium”? Reviews of doctors note only increased sensitivity to sunlight. This means that passing a course of treatment, it is not necessary to sunbathe on the beach or a long walk in the sun. Other signs of overdose have been reported.

The Medicine can not drink allergies, are sensitive to any of the substances included in the pills. Other contraindications. Usually the doctor prescribes a four-week course of treatment. Pills drink three times a day. If after a month the patient did not notice any significant improvements, he pick up the medicine from another group.

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