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Almost every woman during menstruation feels a certain malaise, weakness and pain. It is also a time fraught with mood swings due to the hormones. Well, today this fact is accepted not only by husbands and relatives, but also the bosses at work, somewhat inferior to women in these difficult days.

cause of painful menstruationDisease?

Monthly abdominal pain, nausea, sometimes vomiting-all symptoms of gynecological diseases, which in medicine is called algomenorrhea. By the way, it is quite widespread not only among our women, but all over the world. The disease is divided into two parts – primary and secondary. The first affects only girls of a young age, not previously given birth. As the disease occurs without any lesions of the reproductive system. The second characteristic of women undergoing different gynecological diseases, such as endometriosis or inflammation.


The Cause of painful menstruation every girl may be different. With regard to primary algodismenorea, the doctors came to the same conclusion, what is the main factor for the occurrence of this disease. In medicine there are three main versions of the origin of this syndrome.

why is my period painfulAll because of hormones

Some doctors believe that the cause of painful menstruation is in hormone shock which occurs in the body of every woman before menstruation. At the same time, the girl may experience various mood swings are also associated with changes in hormone levels.


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Another group of health workers believes that the cause of painful menstruation may be hidden in the enhanced development of body of a girl of such an active substance as prostaglandin. He affects excessive contraction of the muscles of the uterus, what causes poor circulation its walls and, therefore, pain during the discharge.

pain during menstruationInfection

According to doctors, the cause of painful menstruation may also be hiding in the imperceptibly occurring infections of the reproductive system girl, who at the time were not revealed. Among the common latent diseases that affect painful periods, we can distinguish chlamydia and mycoplasmosis.


There is also a group of scientists who believe that the pain of menstruation in girls can occur only because of her mental state and attitude. If a woman wants to be ill at this time, lie on the couch, only one desire can provoke painful sensations, thanks to which you can even stay home and not go to work or study.


To Understand why my period is painful, it is worth addressing this issue. First and foremost, to get rid of painful sensations, the girl must see a gynecologist to rule out the possibility of various inflammatory processes of the reproductive system. To help pain modern women help antispasmodics, which just deadens the pain and anti-inflammatory medications, which help girls eliminate their illness.

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