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The Usual neck cracking can cause the development of osteoarthritis. So the main question is how to get rid of this disease. Than to treat degenerative disc disease?neck cracking when turning head

I'm Sure many of you have experienced such an unpleasant sensation like the crunch in the neck. It can occur when muscles in the neck stiff or, conversely, very relaxed. Sometimes as the result of any movement is heard crunching in the neck (turning the head, for example). At first glance it may seem that there is nothing wrong, but later it can lead to the development of osteochondrosis. It is manifested by pain in the arms, shoulders and neck area, fatigue, and headache. Such pain can lead to the development of vertebral artery syndrome, in which there is noise in the ears, slight dizziness and darkening of the eyes.

To avoid complications, you should immediately take measures to prevent unnecessary "noise" of your joints and crunch the neck. The most important are nutrition, which you need to pay a lot of attention and exercise.

It is Recommended to increase protein in the diet, and switching to less fatty foods (preferably vegetarian) or cooking for a couple. The use of spices maybe, but salt, sugar, wheat products, grape juice, alcohol and cigarettes should be deleted.

how to treat low back painPhysical activity is an integral part of our lives, but with the advent of computers people less moves and spends the majority of time in one position. All this causes unpleasant changes in the body, namely, the crunch of the neck. To avoid this, it is necessary when the voltage that causes pain, change of posture and do some exercises to relieve pain. It can be various twists and rotation of the head. You need to make about 5-7 exercises for 1 minute each. Also remember that you can not load the spine, making sudden movements, if the muscles are not prepared. You must contact the employer with a request of purchasing a new office chair (if you are office worker, for example, and spend a lot of time sitting). In your free time, we recommend visiting the pool. The backstroke will be able to save you from pain.


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What to do if after the prevention the crunch in the neck is going on?

First, you need to call the doctor: a neurologist or traumatologist, orthopedist, as many of the symptoms of osteochondrosis may be the same or even be the same as signs of other diseases. that is the cause of the pain may be quite different. Should undergo a thorough examination. neck crackingAccording to his results, the doctor will prescribe you the necessary treatment: head massage or shoulder massage, therapeutic physical culture, but also constitute the diet that extremely important for the effectiveness of treatment. With proper and timely treatment of symptoms such as tingling in the neck, will never bother you again.

But progressive development of the disease can lead to surgical intervention. Your health is in your hands! Take care of yourself and don't let the pain get the better of you!

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