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Clinic TSNMT in Akademgorodok, offers many medical services and consultations. Qualified doctors come to the aid of not only adults but also young patients. Are surgical procedures, radiation diagnosis, etc.tsnmt in Akademgorodok

About the clinic

The Center of new medical technologies was founded in 2002 and has established itself as a modern medical center. In the clinic, residents can receive a full range of services both diagnostic and therapeutic.

Occupational therapists work with both adults and children. When TSNMT in Akademgorodok school is for pregnant women under the name “my baby”.

Diagnostic center

The clinic is equipped with the most modern equipment. Patients are offered a wide range of diagnostic services:

  1. Ultrasound – it gives you the opportunity to thoroughly examine all the bodies, and to exclude pathology and neoplasms.
  2. X-ray – clinic is equipped with low exposure device, which can reduce receiving radiation patients.
  3. Endoscopy – it is carried out for examination of the genital organs and the body cavity. If necessary, during the procedure, experts make a biopsy.
  4. Laboratory tests at the clinic have a wide range of areas, and highly qualified staff and modern equipment make them the decoding more efficient.
  5. Functional diagnosis includes cardiac studies, the neurological, as well as the spirograph.

Correct diagnosis allows you to start the treatment. In TSNMT in Akademgorodok apply innovative methods of diagnosis.


Operations in TSNMT in Akademgorodok are not only the classic methods, but also minimally invasive. This gives you the opportunity not to injure and not create big scars.

A List of operations carried out in the clinic, extensive, highly-skilled surgeons help patients even in the most severe cases.

center of new medical technologies

Widely developed pediatric surgery. According to the staff of the center, it is a special area in medicine. Children are paying close attention, so the doctors that work with young patients, have a wealth of experience in the business.


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  • The Minimum amount of research and analysis.
  • Several types of anaesthesia.
  • Convenient chamber, equipped with everything necessary.
  • Kids are allowed with their parents.
  • With simple operations, the average time spent in the center – 24 hours.

Before surgery, a patient communicates to the psychologist, anesthesiologist and surgeon. They explain in detail how to behave and how the process will occur.


Gynecology Department of the Novosibirsk Akademgorodok TSNMT enables women not only to get professional help, but to find “your” doctor.

At the clinic the treatment of diseases of the genital organs, diagnosis of the fallopian tubes and more. Presents a wide range of ULTRASOUND studies.

tsnmt Novosibirsk Akademgorodok

TSNMT offers services for the preparation and maintenance of pregnancy, infertility treatment, IVF. During its existence, more than 250 women were able to feel the joy of motherhood, thanks to modern methods of artificial insemination.

At the clinic are receiving highly qualified doctors. The program of pregnancy includes:

  • Ultrasound diagnosis.
  • Gynecological examinations by doctors of the highest category.
  • Visits to specialists.
  • Analysis of urine and blood.

Over the course of 9 months pregnant woman can receive consultations of specialists, obstetric nursing, and desire to attend school for expectant mothers.

Comprehensive treatment programs

Given the feedback on TSNMT, we can say that patients mention the excellent work of the therapeutic hospital, the average length of stay reaching up to 5 days. Comprehensive programs are divided into several types:

  1. Comprehensive treatment Program in bronchopulmonary pathology 5 and 7 days. It includes examinations, consultations of specialists, therapeutic and preventive procedures.
  2. Comprehensive treatment Program in gastrointestinal pathology, 5 and 7 days. All days the patient is in the hospital. It will examine the experts, will appoint the necessary tests. Daily will be undergoing medical procedures.
  3. Program of treatment for neurological disorders – 2. The first set focused on recovery after traumatic brain injury, disorders of blood circulation. Being in the hospital intended for 10 days. The second property is recommended in osteochondrosis. It is designed for 7 days.
  4. The Program of complex treatment for heart disease 5 and 7 days. It includes consultations with specialists, laboratory tests, daily blood pressure monitoring, and treatment procedures.

tsnmt reviews

Each treatment program is carried out under strict supervision of doctors. In the price is included hospitalization, all procedures and tests.

Doctors in TSNMT

The team were selected to the clinic very carefully. Patients who went to doctors in TSNMT say that it is impossible to identify someone - all the doctors are professionals.

Many experts have great experience in their field. Most doctors - PhDs and professors.

Even young professionals and nurses have a high level of training and conscientious attitude to patients.

tsnmt doctors

The Clinic TSNMT is one of the best medical centers in Novosibirsk. It offers a wide range of medical services and tests, as well as the opportunity to receive integrated treatment in a hospital. The center also operates a separate Department of reproduction, which helps many to feel like parents.


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