Diagnosis of pancreatitis, its methods. The symptoms and treatment of the disease


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Inflammation of the pancreas – unpleasant and dangerous condition. In medicine it is called pancreatitis. In this disease, the enzymes produced in the pancreas remain within it, begin to destroy tissue. Treatment must be carried out in a timely manner. Otherwise, the inflammation becomes chronic. What are the ways revealed acute form of the disease? How is differential diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis? These issues should be carefully dealt with.

Nature of illness

The Pancreas – a small but important organ of the digestive system. It lies behind the stomach and extends from the duodenum to the spleen. From the pancreas lobed structure. Each lobe has a duct. In on all ducts are connected to form the main pancreatic duct. There is also a second (additional) duct. Each of them flows into the duodenum.

Iron in the human body performs two functions:

  1. Exocrine (exocrine). The juice released from the gland into the duodenum, contains enzymes. They participate in the digestion of protein, carbohydrate and fatty food.
  2. Endocrine (endocrine). The pancreas secretes into the bloodstream polypeptide hormones. They regulate metabolic processes in the body.

When inflammation of the pancreas are broken. This confirms the diagnosis of pancreatitis. The secret is not excreted from the body in the duodenum. In this regard, it begins the process of autodigestion of the gland sections. The enzymes and toxins thus released into the blood vessels that spreads throughout the body and damage other organs (liver, kidneys, lungs, heart and even brain).


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diagnosis of pancreatitis

The Disease occurs in people for various reasons. Statistics show that 50% of people suffer from inflammation of the pancreas due to alcohol abuse. In 20% of cases the diagnosis of pancreatitis in adults shows that the disease develops due to gallstones. Other causes of inflammation of the pancreas include:

  • Infectious, viral and parasitic diseases;
  • Fungal infections;
  • Injury and poisoning;
  • Endoscopic manipulations and operations.

Classification of pancreatitis

The nature of the disease can be acute (AP) and chronic (CP). Under the first form of the disease assumes an inflammatory process occurring in the pancreas and a challenge for other tissues and organs. The disease develops suddenly due to ingestion of alcohol, spicy or fatty foods. In some cases, the onset of illness associated with the consumption of large amounts of food after prolonged fasting.

Acute pancreatitis specialists klassificeret as follows:

  1. Acute pancreatitis. In this form the internal organs are not functioning properly. The WPPT. diagnosis of pancreatitis reveals serious violations.
  2. Sharp easy form. In this variety of the disease the function of organs violated is minimal.
  3. Acute pancreatitis complicated by peripancreatic infiltration, peritonitis, purulent abscesses, sepsis, bleeding.

Chronic pancreatitis occurs in people after acute form of inflammation of the pancreas. Depending on the severity specialists there are:

  1. Severe form. For pancreatitis characterized by a continuously relapsing course. Periods of remission are short and rare.
  2. The disease is of moderate severity. The acute inflammation of the pancreas arise 3−4 times a year. Abdominal pain syndrome long enough.
  3. Mild course of the disease. Exacerbations are brief and rare. They arise 1−2 times per year.

Acute inflammation

Pain in the epigastric region – symptom of acute pancreatitis. Differential diagnosis in the presence of this characteristic is carried out immediately, because the pain is often so strong that people can not stand to lie and sit. Only after the diagnosis and accurate diagnosis specialists can take any steps to alleviate the condition of patients.

symptoms and diagnosis of pancreatitis

Another frequent symptom of acute inflammation of the pancreas – vomiting, in most cases being a multiple. She does not bring relief to sick people. Their condition due to vomiting is only getting worse. Other symptoms of acute pancreatitis include:

  • Pallor, acrocyanosis (acquisition of skin bluish coloring);
  • Abdominal distension;
  • Delay of gases, stools;
  • Severe weakness.

Symptoms of chronic pancreatitis

The Characteristics of CP is different in periods of exacerbation and remission. They depend on a number of factors: stages, clinical forms of the disease. Despite this, there are several key symptoms of chronic pancreatitis are:

  1. Digestive disorders. It is manifested by the increased volume and frequency of stools. The feces in chronic pancreatitis are inherent in a grayish color and fetid odor. Often there are leftovers which have not undergone digestion. These symptoms occur because of mass loss of functioning of the exocrine parenchyma and violations of secretions glands in the duodenum.
  2. Weakness, tremors throughout the body, hunger, cramps, involuntary defecation and urination, loss of consciousness. These symptoms of HPS associated with impaired endocrine function of the pancreas.
  3. Abdominal Pain syndrome. Pain has no clear localization. It can occur in middle or upper abdomen and take surrounding the character. In some cases the pain is not observed.

Diagnosis of acute pancreatitis

To confirm the diagnosis doctors prescribe to their patients examination. Includes diagnosis of pancreatitis blood tests performed to determine the number produced in the pancreas enzymes. Distributed test for the content of amylase in blood serum. The level of this enzyme exceeds the norm several times, those people who present with acute pancreatitis.

diagnosis of pancreatitis blood tests

Methods of diagnosis include examination of urine. According to the results of the analysis in patients revealed:

  • Proteinuria (protein in the urine);
  • Microhematuria (blood in the urine in excess of the physiological norm);
  • Cylindruria (the appearance in urine of cylindrical cells, formed from blood cells and coagulated albumen, epithelium of the renal tubules).

A Reliable method for the diagnosis of acute pancreatitis is computed tomography (CT). It allows to image the pancreas, surrounding tissues and internal organs, to detect complications of the disease, to assess the scale and nature of the lesion of the pancreas when pancreatic necrosis.

Diagnosis and treatment of acute pancreatitis can be performed through laparoscopy. With the help of her doctors with a high degree of reliability to determine the form of the disease, identify and eliminate some of the complications of the disease.

The Most common, informative, simple and safe method for detection of the disease – ultrasonic diagnosis of acute pancreatitis (ultrasound). It evaluates the dimensions, contours, shape, internal structure, echogenicity of the pancreas, the state of the ductal system.

ultrasound diagnosis of acute pancreatitis

Diagnosing chronic forms

Diagnosis of pancreatitis in adults comprises primarily ultrasound and CT. Sick people will also be assigned to endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography. This research method is a combination of endoscopy with fluoroscopic study.

Diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis also includes determining exocrine pancreatic function. With this purpose specialists coprogram-laboratory research, allowing to detect in the feces the remains of undigested food.

Exocrine function of the pancreas can also be assessed using C-breath tests. Their main advantage – it is non-invasive (no need to compromise the integrity of the natural barriers of the body). This diagnosis of pancreatitis is designed to determine the efficacy of substitutive enzyme therapy.

Methods of treatment of acute pancreatitis

If you experience the symptoms indicating the development of the OP, the sick person needs to provide first aid:

  • Disable the receiving of food and drink for several days;
  • Applied on the epigastric region a hot water bottle with cold water or ice;
  • Give antispasmodics (through the application of "But-shpy" or "Papaverine" reduced enzyme output).

diagnosis and treatment of acute pancreatitis

After first aid should immediately call a doctor. The person should be admitted to the hospital. In the hospital immediately performed ultrasound diagnosis of acute pancreatitis. After a precise diagnosis are assigned analgesics ...

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