Is Shisha bad? How to smoke Shisha?


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In recent years, increasingly heard about such passion as Smoking hookah. It's fun, very common in the Arab world, has gained its popularity mostly due to the fact that many believe that the hookah carries less risk than cigarette. However, experts in this field believe that hookah Smoking is harmful. Whether so it actually? And what is the negative impact of Smoking on the human body?

Hookah harmful or not?

For anybody not a secret that Smoking cigarettes is injurious to human health and is the cause of many diseases. But many doubt how harmful is Shisha. But they are not so little in common.

Everyone knows about the nicotine addiction caused by Smoking cigarettes, but few realize that the fascination with hookah dependence also occurs. Harmful hookahIf Smoking hookah is more than 3 times a week, that is, the risk of nicotine dependence (60%). If you do this 3 times, then most likely you will not become dependent (90% of 100). But do not forget that every person is different. Smoke a couple of times, you can permanently turn out to be “hostage” this bad habit. Especially in the hookah often used prohibited to use components causing drug dependence.

As for the impact of hookah on the human body, it is not as easy as it seems at first glance. And special attention should be paid to passive Smoking. It is harmful to health regardless of what you choose: a cigarette or hookah. In both cases, you will expose yourself to the influence of nitrogen, carbon monoxide and other combustion products of tobacco. And the combination of a hookah with alcohol can cause headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting.

What is the bubbler?

If you can't determine, is Shisha bad, note that you smoke. Though fans of hookah and would not mind to enjoy the sweet smell of the fruit, not everyone knows that Smoking is often used tobacco. It is not always subject to cleaning therefore often has a not very high quality. Also it includes different colors, flavors, glycerin, molasses, spices, flavorings and other substances. And although Shisha tobacco consists of only 142 components (in cigarette smoke their 4700), our body is influenced by all its components. After the Smoking session lasts a lot longer than tightening a cigarette. Do not forget that we get a dose of carbon monoxide, which is 15 times the amount of this harmful substances that we inhale when Smoking cigarettes. Therefore, when you use a hookah more than three times a week, you risk to buy nicotine addiction. By the way, a hookah is comparable in harmfulness of a hundred cigarettes.


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Effects of Smoking

Puffing Shisha in the company can be unsafe if you do not observe the rules of personal hygiene and do not use individual mouthpieces. Hookah harmful or notAfter the saliva – an easy way to transfer disease-causing bacteria and even sexually transmitted diseases.

Is Shisha bad? Myths

1. Cigarettes have a more negative impact on human health than hookah, as they contain more nicotine and tar.

A Myth. After all, unlike cigarettes, the packaging of tobacco is not always possible to see the list of substances included in its composition. When checking the hookah tobacco often turns out that it is much more dangerous than cigarette.

2. Hookah is not as dangerous as cigarettes because the smoke is cleaned with water, milk, or wine.

True, but only partially. The liquid cleanses the smoke. She is able to hold about 90% phenol and about 50% solids, but does not clear the smoke from all harmful substances.

3) Shisha Smoking does not lead to addiction.Korenic hookah harmful

A Myth. The nicotine content in Shisha tobacco suggests that dependence may occur. It depends on how often you smoke and how much nicotine contained in tobacco. It is not excluded that after using the hookah you want to smoke and a cigarette.

Still in doubt, is Shisha bad? Of course. And if you're worried about yourself and your health, better not to start Smoking.

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