Sore tonsils. Tonsil cancer: prognosis and treatment


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Cancer of the tonsil is a malignant disease. It is characterized by the formation of a tumor. This disease is considered to be a rare type of cancer. This often in men suffer from tonsils. Cancer is diagnosed, according to statistics, in men of advanced age (60 years), and this type of cancer is found in this group almost 10 times more often than women.

tonsil cancer

Brief description of the pathology of

Tonsil Cancer develops in the oropharynx. Education increases in size and eventually develops into a malignant tumor without borders. Tonsils their biology are considered to be lymphoid tissues. In humans, there are six types of tonsils:

  • Two palatal (located above the sky in the mouth);
  • Two tube;
  • Pharyngeal;
  • Speaking.

Of Course, cancer can affect any of these species. However, the most commonly diagnosed cancer of the Palatine tonsil.

Initially, the disease manifested by lymphadenopathy, compaction, swelling, ulcer. Then begin to develop metastases. This pathology is a rapidly progressive disease. Doctors identify a disease through examination of the oral cavity and lymph nodes.


According to medicine, one of the main and most common reasons for cancer of the tonsils occurs, is the abuse of Smoking and alcohol.

An equally important factor in the emergence of the disease and may be a human papilloma virus. Today it is very common. As a result of unprotected oral sex, the virus can easily penetrate into the oropharynx.

cancer of the tonsils

It is Also worth noting that the causes of illness can be:

  • Contact with hazardous substances in industries;
  • Virus Epstein-Barr;
  • Chemotherapy in the past;
  • The abuse of immunosuppressants.

Classification pathology

Doctors have identified 3 forms of such a malady as cancer of the tonsils.


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  • Ulcers – collapse the tissue of the tonsils themselves;
  • Infiltrative – a significant increase in the size of the tonsils, swelling;
  • Papillomatous – growths in the amygdala (papilloma, polyps).


The Emergence of the disease in the body is almost always asymptomatic. It is therefore very difficult to determine cancer of the tonsil (photo allows you to visually see the disease) in the initial stages.

During the whole time when the tumor grows and increases in size, the patient begins to exhibit some symptoms that characterize the disease.

These symptoms can be:

  • Chronic sore throat;
  • Gives discomfort in the ears;
  • Lymph nodes increase in size;
  • Rapidly dropping weight, without any reason;
  • Can change the voice;
  • Observed discharge from the nose (they may even be purulent);
  • Breathing becomes difficult;
  • In the future may be otitis media, often deteriorating hearing.

If in the early stages not to go to the doctor, then subsequently there can be such serious violations as:

  • The syndrome Jacko – blurred vision, paralysis of the eye muscles, blindness;
  • The syndrome Bern – the occurrence of paresis, paralysis of nerves when swallowing;
  • The syndrome of collet - Sukkar – numbness of throat, base of the tongue.

cancer of the tonsil photo

That is why it is very important even at the slightest changes in his body not to hesitate and immediately consult competent professionals for help. This will protect you from the development of different pathologies, including from such serious illness as cancer of the tonsil.

Symptoms characteristic of cancer, which should be pay attention to:

  • In the region of the vocal cords are formed of a tumor. This leads to the breakdown of voice, hoarseness. Over time, the voice may disappear completely.
  • Foreign body Sensation in the throat. There is a loss of the upper parts of the larynx. Pain when swallowing saliva or food.
  • If the cancer is concentrated in the lower area of the larynx, disturbed the uniformity of breathing. The patient has a shortness of breath.

The Presence of such symptoms-an alarming sign, so going to the doctor is inevitable.

Stage of disease

As is known, to cancer a typical 4 degree of development. Is no exception and cancer of the tonsils.

The Stage of the disease:

  1. The Nodules of small size. They reach the size of 2 centimeters. Special symptoms no. Metastases are completely absent: they are not neither in lymph nodes nor in the human body.
  2. There is a significant lymph node enlargement in the cervical spine. To this extent it is characterized by the presence of metastases. Tumor more than 2 cm – it extends beyond the mucosa. But education does not extend below the tonsils. The metastases are in the lymph nodes. Symptoms appear first – pain in the throat when swallowing.
  3. The Tumor reaches large sizes. It resembles a capsule. Education is beyond the scope of the tonsils, into the pharyngeal wall. Appear symptoms such as chronic sore throat, swelling of the neck, constant bad breath, saliva, blood, lymphatic metastases.
  4. The Tumor develops into organs and human tissue. Damaged larynx and nasopharynx. Metastases spread throughout the body: in the brain, spine, lymph nodes. Visible symptoms of the patient – this is a swelling of the neck and face, constant headaches, convulsions, anemia.

cancer of tonsils symptoms

Diagnostic Methods

How is cancer of the tonsils? For the diagnosis of the disease used endoscopy. Is a medical examination, representing a pharyngoscope. Using special technology, this diagnostic method allows to increase the image of a malignant tumor. While this study is biopsy.

With the help of topographic methods, you can determine the incidence of cancer throughout the body:

  • Ultrasound;
  • MRT;
  • KTG;
  • Scanning of the lymphatic system;
  • Laboratory testing;
  • Tumor markers.

Also conducted a laboratory study of the blood. After all, it is the main information signal in the human body.

Blood will show if cancer of the tonsils the following options:

  • Low hemoglobin;
  • The number of erythrocytes is significantly smaller than normal;
  • Sed rate is off the charts.

If tests indicate the development of cancer, you should immediately undergo treatment under the supervision of a medical oncologist.

cancer of the tonsils stage

Ways of dealing with illness

Required method of treatment prescribed by the doctor after fully identified at what stage the disease is. Typically, surgery is performed in any case, if diagnosed with throat cancer. Then, if necessary, the doctor prescribes chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or radiotherapy.

If the patient is diagnosed with cancer of the tonsil, treatment most often consists in the following:

  • Surgery. It is an external or a transoral method. In the presence of metastases is sometimes necessary to remove the lower jaw. In some situations, the excised lymph nodes with fiber.
  • Radiation therapy. Before resorting to such therapy, it is necessary to carry out sanation of the mouth. Then assigned treatment or removing nodes. These measures allow to avoid unpleasant complications.
  • Chemotherapy. This procedure is often combined with radiation therapy. For cancer of the tonsils, doctors recommend chemotherapy with the drug "Cisplatin”.

As you know, radiation and chemotherapy is a devastating effect on cancer. While this treatment damages healthy cells of the body. It can cause: weakness, nausea, immunodeficiency. After this treatment the patient has to undergo a course on body recovery.

The Most unpleasant feature of this disease is asymptomatic in the initial stages. Person absolutely don't care, and meanwhile the destructive process already occurs in the body. That is why doctors do not get tired to repeat that their health should be treated with the utmost care. If you are concerned about throat discomfort, discomfort and weakness in the body, seek immediate medical help to avoid consequences.

cancer Palatine tonsil


Unfortunately, this is a very difficult and unpleasant disease-cancer of the tonsil. The prognosis of this disease is not encouraging. In fact, as previously mentioned, the disease is often diagnosed at later stages because an initial does not produce itself.

But in some cases it is possible to determine the development of the disease in the beginning. Typically, this occurs during examination of the patient for entirely different reasons.

There is a scale of life indicators within five years, the detection of the disease:

  • 1st stage-100 %;
  • Stage 2 – 83 %;
  • 3-stage – 58 %;
  • Stage 4 – 29 %.

Prevention activities


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