Abdominal ultrasound, St. Petersburg: where do how to prepare?


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Where you can do abdominal ultrasound in St. Petersburg? Contact details, addresses centers and individual medical institutions will be included in this article. Compiled below is a small selection where you can easily find establishments in your neighbourhood, or near a convenient metro station.

Abdominal ultrasound. What organs checked during the survey?

This procedure implies a comprehensive examination of the organs located in the abdominal cavity. In the process of her look:

  • Pancreas;
  • Liver;
  • The two kidneys;
  • Stomach;
  • Gall bladder.

abdominal ultrasound in St. Petersburg

During the procedure the abdominal ultrasound specialist will determine the size of organs, tissue structure, location, shape, the bile ducts, the presence of stones or their absence.

How is the procedure?

Regular ultrasound can only profile the expert radiologist. His primary area of visual diagnostics. Also abdominal ultrasound in St. Petersburg can conduct and assistant of the specialist, but under the supervision of the doctor-uzist.

Before you start this procedure the patient is important to remove all jewelry, metal objects and the upper part of the garment. Sometimes women are allowed to leave the bra if it does not close the area of the body that is examined. For a successful and proper conclusion of the patient is necessary to be preparation for the procedure abdominal ultrasound. How to do it correctly, will be described in detail below.

After all the training the doctor will tell the patient to lie down on a special couch on the back or on the side. Then the doctor puts a little warm gel over the area you will explore. It is necessary that the ultrasound machine to glide easily over the skin without damaging it.


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The Doctor with slight pressure leads to the abdominal region of the patient with a sensor, which transfers the whole picture of the internal organs on the ultrasound monitor. To see a more complete picture, the doctor may ask you to change the position of the body.

abdominal ultrasound preparation what can I eat

Going for an abdominal ultrasound in St. Petersburg, remember the rules. While the evaluation will occur. the patient needs to keep fixed position of the body. It is necessary that the image is not blurred. It is even possible to get a more accurate picture, the doctor-the radiologist can tell the patient to hold their breath for a few seconds. Mostly this happens when exploring the bile ducts of the liver and spleen. So they go down and peeking around the edges. Then their better can be diagnosed.

How much time is necessary to conduct ultrasound procedures?

About the procedure ultrasound examination lasts no more than an hour. This is the maximum time. The authorities can check all the complex or a specific organ separately. But to analyze the monitor information, the doctor-the radiologist will take some time. It so happens that you need to do some research.

Preparing for abdominal ultrasound. What you can eat and what is not?

This involves an ultrasound examination of the organs of the abdomen as a whole or in part. Preparation is the same, perhaps with some amendments. For example, to examine the gall bladder, liver, spleen and pancreas, the patient should not eat fat at night. Ideally, let's eat something light and non-greasy. Before the procedure do not eat for 8-12 hours, or you may receive a gas. When the result of examination of the bodies will show an incorrect result.

abdominal ultrasound which examine

Also banned foods that cause flatulence, such as:

  • Brown bread;
  • Legumes;
  • Alcohol;
  • Milk;
  • Fruits (fresh);
  • Sweetness;
  • Bakery products;
  • Dairy products (fermented baked milk, sour cream, cheese, etc.);
  • Vegetables (raw);
  • Coffee.


  • Cooked chicken or beef;
  • Boiled lean fish;
  • Low-fat hard cheese;
  • Barley, oat or buckwheat;
  • Hard-boiled egg.

Examination of the kidneys

How is the preparation for abdominal ultrasound? What can I eat before the study of the kidneys? Diet before the procedure is the same, but there's an important point.

a study of abdominal ultrasound

The Patient must drink about four to six glasses of water about an hour before the ultrasound so your bladder was full. So the doctor will be easier to give a correct conclusion.

Important rule

If within a few days before the procedure abdominal ultrasound in St. Petersburg, the patient performed x-ray examination barium enema, it is necessary to inform the doctor.

the procedure abdominal ultrasound

For this survey used a barium. It can adversely affect the result of the ultrasound. And the doctor-the radiologist will not be able to make the right conclusion. In the future it can make the correct diagnosis.

Medical centres

where you can do abdominal ultrasound

Where you can do an abdominal ultrasound? At the following locations:

• medusirena: “Energy Health”; the prospectus of Engels, d. 33, korp. 1; Vyborgsky district, mi "Specific";

• medusirena: "Noosphere"; 14-Liniya V. O., d. 91; Vasileostrovsky district; metro station "Vasileostrovskaya";

• clinic: "Liana"; the Moscow Avenue, d. 36; Admiralteysky district; m "Institute of Technology";

• clinic: "Verax-Med"; Ushinsky street, the house 2, korp. 1 , lit. But, Kalinin district; M. Grazhdansky Prospekt;

• clinic: "Juventa"; prospect, Staro-Petergofsky, D. 12; Admiralteysky district; M. Narvskaya;

• clinic: "the European Centre for Immunization”; the Fontanka river embankment, D. 132;

• clinic: "Eleos"; sh. Lansky, d. 14, korp. 1; Primorsky district, M. "Black river";

• clinic: "Doctor plus"; Avenue unsubdued, d. 8, korp. 2, Kalinin district; metro station "Ploshchad ' Muzhestva";

• clinic: "Panacea”; ulitsa Utochkina, D. W, korp. 1; Primorsky district; m. "Gorkovskaya";

• clinic: "Clover"; Prospekt Slavy, d. 21; Frunze district; M. "international";

• clinic: “GUIDE Clinic”; Prospekt nauki, 17, korp. 6; Kalininsky district; m Academic;

• clinic: “Health”, street Kronstadt D. 17; Kirovskiy district; m. "Avtovo";

• clinic: "Multidisciplinary Medical Center ”; ulitsa Aleksandra Nevskogo, 9; Central district; metro station "Alexander Nevsky Square";

• clinic: "Foundry "; Industrial Boulevard, 40 to .1; Krasnogvardeysky district; M. "Ladoga";

• clinic: “Firecom "; street Ushinsky, 12, Kalinin district; M. "the Civil prospectus".


Now you know what is abdominal ultrasound, which authorities check. The survey is completely safe, is not invasive, but informative.

With the help of this procedure you can easily identify various diseases and to prevent them starting preventive treatment if there is any suspicion. A study of abdominal ultrasound is effective for diagnosis of various tumors. Such examination should take from time to time, at least once a year for prevention, even if do not particularly worried. Disease always better to prevent than to treat, treatment spent a lot of time and money.


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