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Every once in my life had to deal with skin irritation. This problem can be associated with allergies or the mechanical action on a certain area. In any case, the irritation should be eliminated as soon as possible to prevent development of the inflammatory process. Eliminate the trouble to help a quality ointment.

Why is there irritation?

Redness or rash may appear suddenly. In most cases, to determine the true cause of this skin condition is possible difficult. The most common cause of the irritation acts allergies. Redness-is a skin reaction on contact with paint, dust, animal hair or metal. In any case, must be assigned the ointment against skin irritation.

ointment skin irritationAn Allergic skin irritation may manifest itself in different ways. It may be a small rash, itching, redness of individual sections. To ignore such a reaction is impossible. Allergies can develop and cause severe consequences. In some cases, can not do without hospitalization.

How to choose the right treatment?

You first need to determine the nature of allergies. The most common is a contact Allergy. It is characterized by skin hypersensitivity to a particular substance. In most cases, the irritation occurs at the site of skin contact with irritant. Ointment against irritation to the skin very quickly and reduces redness. But this is not enough. The first thing is to make the patient is to limit contact with the substance that causes unpleasant reaction.


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ointment from the irritation on her faceSkin Irritation can also provoke mixed Allergy. It is characterized by the body's reaction to foods or drugs. You may manifest multiple symptoms. In different parts of the skin appear redness, the patient begins to cough and sneeze. While ointments from itching and irritation must be taken concurrently with antihistamines.

Why is it necessary to treat the irritation?

The Redness on the skin – it's ugly, itchy and can deliver a lot of psychological discomfort. But these symptoms are not a basis for choosing appropriate treatment. Human skin – it is a barrier that prevents the penetration into the body of viruses and pathogens. Healthy skin – happy people.

Allergic rash may significantly impair the protective functions of the body. To a simple irritation of the skin will be added and other unpleasant symptoms. Therefore, the ointment, relieves itching and irritation, must be picked up immediately. A quality product will promote not only rapid healing of the skin, but return its protective functions. The problem is that in the process of healing the skin begins to peel, it bears scars. Below the epidermis was restored faster, you need to moisturize. Ointment to cope with this task perfectly.

ointment relieves itching and irritationThe quality of the ointment from the irritation may enter various additives that heal skin, moisturize, promote early recovery and prevent the development of inflammatory processes. A great impact has ointment, relieves itching and irritation, made on the basis of chamomile. Medicinal herbs-a reliable assistant in the fight for healthy skin.

What are ointments?

Depending on the form of irritation, a specialist may prescribe hormonal or non-hormonal drug. In addition, the ointment from the irritation on the face can not be applied in other areas. Therefore, self-treatment can be given. Only a qualified doctor can make the right appointment.

ointment itching and irritationEffective are the drugs, based on hormones. They block or, conversely, provoke the production of specific antibodies. Any hormonal ointment for skin irritation should be used strictly as directed. All drugs are divided in strength depending on the form of allergic reaction. The most light are considered to be the ointment "Prednisolone" "Hydrocortisone". These drugs can be administered to children and women during pregnancy.

Nonhormonal ointment irritation on the skin

In most cases, creams that do not contain in its composition of hormones, can be used without a doctor's prescription. But use them only if you know the cause of the irritation. Effective, for example, is “Fenistil-gel”. This medication can quickly relieve redness and itching. It is used for mild allergic reactions, including insect bites. As the ointment from the irritation after shaving it can also be used. But for this purpose, suitable and conventional alcoholic tonics.

ointment from irritation after-shaveShould Select drugs that have antibacterial effects. They promote not only rapid healing of the skin, but also prevents the development of inflammatory processes. Can be used ointment from the irritation on the face and other skin areas. The drug isbe used if the irritated area for a long time was without adequate treatment. To antibacterial ointments include a “Treatment”, “Futsidin”, “Levsin”.

Comprehensive treatment

If the skin is difficult allergic reactions, effective is the only complex treatment. Initially, the specialist may prescribe a hormonal drug, which quickly stops the inflammatory process. Further treatment continues with the use of antibacterial ointments.

To Apply the drug should be strictly according to doctor's recommendation. Especially this rule should be followed if prescribed hormonal ointment irritation on the skin.

ointment against skin irritationIn rare cases, an allergic reaction may also occur in the ointment against irritation. Most often, patients experience shortness of breath, or redness on the skin increases. If you experience similar symptoms, the drug should immediately remove. A doctor will be assigned to a different ointment from the irritation on the skin. Choose the drug without consulting a dermatologist is not recommended.

Remove the irritation without medication

A Little redness on the skin can be removed with the help of folk remedies. Beautiful effects are drugs herbs. For example, Daisy only a few applications will make the inflammation less pronounced. To prepare a lotion can be very simple. One tablespoon of dried chamomile pour a liter of boiling water. Insist lotion you need within 15 minutes. Further it is already possible to use it to wipe the affected area.

Well to calm the itching will help ordinary mint. The infusion can be prepared using the same method as in the case with chamomile. Use can also alcohol tincture from the pharmacy. But any drugs containing alcohol, should be used with caution. They can dry the skin and contribute to the emergence of even more severe.

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