The main symptom of intracranial pressure


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Today, many complain of intolerable headaches in the morning. So, some do not pay on this the main symptom of intracranial pressure any attention, attributing poor health to the stress and lack of sleep. However, doctors warn that the delay in the drawer of this kind of discomfort is impossible. The fact is that the absence of timely treatment in this case you may face much more dangerous consequences. Why?

General information

symptom of intracranial pressureOur brain is very sensitive to various kinds of mechanical stress. That is why it is surrounded by a special protective membrane, which otherwise is called cerebrospinal fluid. This environment is constantly produced by the so-called vascular plexuses of the ventricles of the brain, and then sequentially absorbed, thus providing some pressure. Violation of this balance, usually provokes high intracranial pressure. The symptoms, according to the experts, almost all people are the same. However, we'll discuss this more below.

Main causes of disease

  • Inflammatory diseases (e.g., meningitis, encephalitis, etc.).
  • Hypoxia of the brain.
  • Congenital disorders in the Central nervous system.
  • Hemorrhage.
  • Various kinds of traumatic brain injury.


According to experts, even the most insignificant symptom of intracranial pressure - headache - may appear many years after the mechanical injury, which were discussed above. It is noteworthy that it often increases in the second half of the night. In the morning, patients complain of a broken and feeling of a heavy head.


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intracranial pressure in teenagers symptoms

Additionally, the first signs of this problem include blurred vision and photophobia, and even black eyes. With long-term preservation of this problem is possible with the naked eye to notice changes in the pupils. For example, in one eye it can be extended, and the other, on the contrary, narrowed.

Quite often there are violations on the background of psycho-emotional state. Thus, patients appear irritability (especially in relation to others), relatively high fatigue, constant fatigue. If you believe the experts, in this case, in the absence of timely treatment is large enough the likelihood of developing so-called abnormal numbness that eventually leads to coma.

Dystonia is another unpleasant symptom of intracranial pressure. It is manifested in the form of excessive sweating, palpitations and presyncopal state. As a rule, in this case the head starts to work literally as a barometer, that is, the below normal atmospheric pressure, the intracranial much higher.

Note that some rarely diagnosed high intracranial pressure in adolescents. The symptoms in this case are almost the same, but the consequences are somewhat different. If in adults this problem causes only minor changes in some groups of bodies, the young generation in the absence of timely treatment very high likelihood of neurosis and even psychosis.


If you found at least one symptom of intracranial pressure from above is recommended without much delay to seek the advice of a specialist.high intracranial pressure symptomsIt is believed that to define its parameters is possible by introducing into the skull of a needle with a special device - a manometer. However, modern medicine allows us to determine the existence of this problem and more simple ways, namely:

  • Check the fundus;
  • Echoencephalography (investigation of the brain by ultrasound);
  • Computed x-ray tomography.


First and foremost, the neurologist needs to determine the root cause triggering the development of this problem. Note that to normalize for the rest of life pressure, most likely, will not work. However, subject to certain recommendations and taking medications can improve the condition of the patient. Usually prescribed diuretics and drugs, normalizing blood circulation in the vessels of the brain, as well as feeding them. For the entire period of therapy severely limit fluid intake. It should be noted that the choice of specific drugs remains with the specialist. Be healthy!

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