Best sedation while breastfeeding. What sedative can you take while breastfeeding?


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While waiting for the baby a woman usually is as everything will be fine after the birth of the baby. But things do not always work as planned. Many women after giving birth become irritable or even aggressive. It is quite understandable reasons. To cope with this pathology will help soothing while breastfeeding. It's about these drugs and will be discussed in this article. You will learn what tools you can or even need to make new moms. Also we will explain what sedative breastfeeding are the best.

sedative breastfeeding

Why a woman after childbirth becomes irritable?

First, let's say, what is the cause of constant concern, anxiety and stress in recently born women. The fact is that during pregnancy the body of the expectant mother is undergoing tremendous changes. After birth the reverse process. Hormonal changes dramatically, and begins to produce milk. All their forces the body spends on this procedure. Plus, a woman's body after childbirth is far not in perfect shape. New mommy horror discovers sagging skin, stretch marks and other flaws of his appearance.

All the time, gave birth the woman spends on the baby. If the house has no assistants, then the fairer sex have to combine household chores with caring for a baby. All this is quite difficult. Accumulate, over time, negative emotions turn into depression, stress and aggression.

what sedative can a nursing mom

What to do when you encounter such a situation?

Many doctors say that it is impossible to stay long in that condition. If you are not able to recover itself, then you need to start drinking allowed sedative medication during breastfeeding. These drugs will help to organize the nervous system and restore lost power. There are several tools that can be applied to pregnant women and experienced mothers. So, consider what sedative can a nursing mother. They should not only help women, but at the same time not to harm the child.


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sedative breastfeeding

Tablets “I”

This soothing breastfeeding is allowed. Many women prescribed this drug during pregnancy baby.

Tablets “I” helps to soothe, restore sleep and improve cardiovascular health. If the new mommy is suffering not only the neurosis, but also a sleep disorder, then this drug will be ideal for treatment.

Assigned to the tool most often one tablet two or three times a day. In some cases, we recommend taking the tablets “Valerian Evening». This drug contains a large dose of plant extract. Tablets “Evening Valerian” with breastfeeding are accepted only before sleep in the number one capsule.

The Negative impact of this drug on the baby has not. Herbal extracts are rapidly absorbed into the blood and practically do not react to breast milk.

sedative for children and mothers while breastfeeding

Tablets “Before”

What sedative can a nursing mother? Of course, those that contain only natural herbal ingredients. These include the drug “Before”. This tool is fast acting, providing a sedative effect. However, in contrast to tablets “I” means “Before” does not affect the sleep of women.

If you need fast-acting sedatives are allowed during breastfeeding, tablets “Before” will be the most appropriate option. Most often doctors prescribe the newly made mums one tablet of the drug twice a day. It is worth noting that you don't have to drink the medicine continuously. You can take it as needed.

Herbs with a sedative effect

What sedative can while breastfeeding? It is best to take those drugs which are prescribed by a doctor. Often doctors recommend to replace conventional sedative pills to natural herb. The collection of ingredients you can purchase in pharmacies or self-mixing.

Resolved sedative breastfeeding (in the form of herbs) can be the following: Valerian root, motherwort flowering herb Passiflora. To complement such a collection can mint or Melissa.

These plants are usually sold in dried and powdered form. You just need to join the same proportion of ingredients and pour hot water. To insist this fee should be about half an hour. After that you need to strain the drink and take it half a Cup twice a day. Keep broth can only be in the refrigerator.

what sedative can while breastfeeding

Modern medicine

There is also a modern sedatives are allowed during breastfeeding. These include the drugs “Person” and “new Pass”. It is worth noting that many moms are very wary of such funds. And rightly so. Assign the intake of these drugs can be a doctor. When self-treatment may be chosen a wrong dosage, which will lead to the emergence of allergies in the baby.

Drugs “Person” and “new Pass” created based on plant extracts. They include mint, lemon balm, Valerian, Passiflora and other components. In proper dosage, they do not carry any harm to the child.

Children's teas

There are special sedative for children and mothers (through breastfeeding). They are available in the form of teas and more designed for babies. However, many moms drink these teas and feel great.

To soothing children's teas are: “baby mint”, “HIPP with Melissa» and others. Perfectly soothes the decoction of fennel or dill pharmacy. In addition to easy sedation it has more and a beneficial effect on the stomach and intestines. Drinking such teas are unlimited.

Valerian while breastfeeding

Tablets “Treatment”

This tool is also quite safe. Infants is prescribed a medication for sleep disorders or restless behavior. Newly minted moms can also take this drug. However, before it should consult with a specialist.

sedative medication while breastfeeding

The Drug “Treatment” are often prescribed one or two tablets three times a day. A feature of the reception is that capsules can not be taken with water. They should be kept in the mouth until complete dissolution. Only in this case there is a significant effect of treatment.

What is sedative breastfeeding is the best?

Many women ask doctors, what agent to choose? Doctors for this reason. So, experts say that in order to treat the nerves, they do not need to be wasted.

After a baby women are recommended to rest more and spend time with the baby. Put your chores to other family members. For proper milk production gave birth to a woman needs more sleep. Sleep should not be less than one third of the day.

If you are tired, leave the child with grandma or dad. Themselves engaged in pleasant procedures. Do not forget about yourself, place on the fragile shoulders of all the work. In the first months after birth, the outside assistance you need. Only if all the rules you will be able to stay calm. In this case, you do not have to seek an answer to the question of what a sedative you can drink while breastfeeding.

sedative breastfeeding


Now you know what drugs can be used during breastfeeding. Remember that it is forbidden to take powerful tranquilizers and herbal alcohol. Otherwise, they could have a negative impact on the child's condition.


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