What is an epileptic seizure and how should it act?


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It is Known that all diseases are divided into congenital and acquired. In the case of epilepsy, it can be purchased both ways. Besides it is necessary to distinguish between seizure status and the disease itself. Epilepsy - a General or local spasms of the muscles of a person due to a failure of the nervous system in the head. She may look like an epileptic seizure, series of seizures, or be a chronic disease. All of these are different degrees of the disease, i.e., a seizure or series of seizures, it does not mean that a person is sick with epilepsy.

Absence seizure is a transient paroxysm, reflected a small (manageable) cramps certain parts of the body. It happens most often as a result of intoxication, nervous breakdowns or mental overvoltage. It is also noted the appearance of absence seizure in humans undergoing great physical exertion. May be accompanied by some dizziness or a headache. It differs from the usual cramps.

An Epileptic seizure - convulsions profuse parts of the body, partial loss of memory and inappropriate behavior (actions and sounds), possible separation of the foam, urination and defecation. The symptoms are somewhat tougher than the absence seizure. Such a seizure can be the beginning of the development of epilepsy or simply a reaction to the stressful condition of the body. The causes are the same, but it all depends on the receptivity and stability of the human body. If in the case of absence man fully in control of himself and the attack lasts 2 minutes, an epileptic seizure can last up to 5 minutes. In this state the patient may not fully control their actions and thus bring about additional damage - damage from impacts on the subjects. Therefore, in the case of occurrence of such situation it is necessary to the patient to provide first medical aid.


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If you are near a place the above symptoms, first aid during an epileptic fit following:

1. Carefully lay the patient on the surface, while not constraining movements of body parts. Containment of the arms, legs and head can lead to injuries for you (because in this condition the patient has great power) and to injury of the muscles of the patient (stress). As is often the actions of such a person is uncontrolled, it is not necessary to pay attention to some points.

2. To free up space for free access to fresh air and remove the objects on which a person can be injured in the attack. Fresh air gives you a rush of blood to the brain and normalizes the  entire body. Quite often epileptics cause a lot of injury, so be sure to make sure you have free space around them.

3. To turn to the side of the patient. This manipulation is made for the removal of vomit and foam that may appear. Mortality from zahlebyvayas in this regard is quite high.

4. Free from the constraining clothing. The patient must unbutton, strap or tie. Freedom of action for humans and oxygen plays an important role.

After the seizure, the person may not remember  what happened, to have some weakness throughout the body and want to drink. A seizure is a reason to seek medical attention. If after completion of one seizure starts following, then it is called epileptic status. This state of Affairs, you must perform all the above steps and immediately call an ambulance. Epileptic status may last for a relatively long time. It is therefore urgent to help relax the muscles of the patient and to relieve stress from the body as a whole. It is a more difficult task under force only to physicians.

Also need to immediately call the doctor, if an attack occurs in a person with diabetes (in the field of specific diseases), or if you attack a pregnant women (may cause damage to the fetus or disturbance of some processes). It is important to remember that some people get scared in a situation when a person has an epileptic seizure. Don't be afraid, better help the person. In no case do not limit human movements, open your his jaw and insert  in her subjects. Remember that the correctness of your actions can cost someone's life.

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