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Often, the breath of a child with bronchitis to become labored, hoarse or hissing. Why is this happening? The fact is that the airway narrowed. So to fix this, help to recover more quickly, to free the bronchi from sputum and reduce inflammation, you need breathing exercises for bronchitis.

Exercises can be divided into three stages: initial, or preparatory, main and final stage.

The Preparatory phase.

To start take fifteen deep breaths with your nose. Then do the same thing, only with my mouth. The exercise should be repeated three times, making a five-second break. The next step – it is a calm breath and a calm exhale. If during this you start to cough, you need to take the following actions. Lower your head and relax your neck muscles. Put your hands on the abdomen so that your belly button was between his hands. Then push down with your hands on your belly and cough at the floor. These steps will accelerate the process of sputum discharge.

Breathing exercises for bronchitis includes the main stage. Stand up straight, raise your hands and reach up to be on your toes. Take a deep breath. On the exhale, get down on the ground, while uttering the sound “”. Repeat the exercise five times.

The Following breathing exercises for bronchitis.

Step in place. You need to walk two minutes and slowly, you're not in a hurry. In the rhythm of the step, raise and plant in hand, at the same time breathe his nose. The exhalation should be strong and again with the sound “”.


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Take the Lotus position. Squeeze your hands into fists and lift them up. Slowly breathe in air and slowly exhale it while uttering the sound “x”.

For the next exercise you need to sit on the floor. Bend your legs and pull them forward. The hands of the same breed in different directions, taking a breath, and then lower them, breathing out. In this case the mouth should be kept closed to pronounce the sound should be “f”.

Breathing exercises for bronchitis includes several exercises that should be done while standing. Feet shoulder width apart. Wave the hands forward and back doing the breaths in time with the movements. The breaths should be done with the mouth, and exhale over the nose.

Another exercise standing up. Legs put together. One hand lift and the other put aside. Breathe in through nose. When you change the position of the hands do slow steady exhale through the mouth.

Breathing exercises for bronchitis: concluding stage

Stand still, that is the legs should be together and hands down. Slowly start to bend aside, making the breath through the nose. Then return to starting position. Leaning in the other direction, make a relaxed and slow exhale through the mouth. Exercise should be performed six times in both directions.

It was the exercises enough to perform to make your life easier with bronchitis.

There are breathing exercises in bronchial asthma. Now I will describe to you one of the most popular exercise. It needs to be done when you start the attack. Stand at attention and face forward, but if you find it difficult to stand, you can sit on the bed or chair. Then lean slightly forward, the hands should be freely lowered, neck relaxed. Slightly tilt the head and be done with it sharp intake of breath. Making the exhale, return to starting position. Exercise repeat the forty-eight times. Then, two hours later, repeat these steps again.

If the first time you will not be able to stop the attack, do not worry. Repeat the exercise again and again in other attacks, and it worked. If you do breathing exercises constantly, while combining them with prescribed treatment, you will recover. Patients who are constantly engaged in gymnastics, progress is more noticeable than other and also they have reduced the dose of essential drugs.

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