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tavegil indications

One of the most popular in our country means to combat the symptoms of allergies is a drug “Powder”. Indications this medicine is quite diverse. It works pretty quickly and has many side effects. That's about it antihistamines the next tool will be discussed.

Description of the drug “Powder”

The Main active component of this drug is clemastine fumarate. This tool is a derivative of ethanolamine and has on the human body the following effects:

- reduces the permeability of capillaries and blood vessels;

- helps to reduce itching.

- prevents the formation of edema.

- produces a sedative effect;

- prevents contraction of smooth muscle;

- has a local anesthetic action.

For many people with allergies, it is very important that the drug did not possess a hypnotic effect. This requirement corresponds to the drug “Powder”: indications for use allow you to use it even drivers, production workers and operators a variety of mechanisms. In this regard, you can safely take this drug without worrying that you will feel sleepy.

medication tavegil

The Drug “Powder”: indications for use

This drug is produced in form of tablets and syrup, is recommended for use with dermatoses, urticaria, rhinitis, dermatitis, hay fever, eczema, allergic reactions to medications and insect bites. Injection also is indicated for serum sickness, angioneurotic edema, hemorrhagic vasculitis, anaphylactoid reactions (particularly anaphylactic shock), acute iridotsiklite, and in the case of pseudoallergic and allergic reactions. Thus, the drug “Powder”, indications of which include a lot of different conditions, it can confidently be called a universal antihistamine remedy. However, like most drugs, it is ideal for all patients. So, you should not use the drug “Powder” under the following conditions: diseases of the lower respiratory tract, bronchial asthma, angle-closure glaucoma, prostatic hyperplasia, stenosis of the pylorus of the stomach, hyperthyroidism and hypertension. Also do not use this drug to women in the family way and breastfeeding. In addition, it is undesirable to combine its reception with the use of alcohol and monoamine oxidase inhibitors.


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tavegil dosage

The Drug “Powder”: the dosage

This drug is in the form of tablets taken in the morning and evening for 1 mg. In the case of severe allergies may increase daily dose, but no more than twice. Children whose age is from 6 to 12 years half recommended adult dose. Daily dose of syrup “Powder” for an adult is 20 ml (10 ml morning and evening), for a child aged 3 to 12 years-10 ml, and toddler up to three years – 2 ml.

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