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Can a nursing mother kiwi? This issue is of interest to quite a large number of young women who have recently become mothers. To answer it, to begin to understand why such doubts appear? After all, this question applies not only to kiwis, but also of many other fruits and vegetables.

can a nursing mother kiwi

Nutrition during breastfeeding

Whether a nursing mom kiwi, we will talk later. Now I want to pay special attention to as to why such questions generally arise.

The fact that during the consumption of certain products into their constituent substances come in all body systems, including the milk of a young woman. With it the baby receives all the necessary vitamins, macro - and micronutrients. If a nursing mother has abused any product that can cause an allergic reaction in a newborn and unaccustomed body, the child begins to feel bad. Very often in such a situation occurs in babies constipation, or conversely diarrhea, their skin is covered with rash. If these symptoms affect your child, you should always review their food.

Forbidden and permitted foods during lactation

can the kiwi nursing momsRecently, the question of whether a nursing mom kiwi, it was not so relevant. After all, to actively bring this fruit in our country were only a few decades ago. Now on the shelves at any time of the year to find almost anything you want. And if, during the carrying a child expectant mother in what did not limit himself, with his birth everything should turn out exactly the opposite.

Of Course, in the lactation diet young women should be varied and rich, otherwise the baby won't get essential for the normal development of the substance. However, doctors warn nursing mothers and advise them not to consume those foods which can easily cause an allergic reaction in a child. Thus, under the ban are all red vegetables and fruits (tomatoes, pomegranates, apples) as well as fatty, salty, pickled and other ingredients.


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However, there are some foods that can be consumed, but in small quantities. These include those fruits and vegetables that grow in the area where I was born and lived all his life a young mother. Such ingredients more familiar to the body and is unlikely to cause the baby allergies. But if bananas and peaches a little bit, but allowed to consume, the question arises: can a breast-feeding mother kiwi? It should be noted that this fruit is most doctors don't ambivalence. That is why from different doctors you may hear two conflicting response.

Use kiwi

kiwi fruit nursing moms

For Those interested in the question of whether kiwi fruit nursing moms, I want to hear from the doctors only positive response. As this product is not only delicious, but also surprisingly useful. By the way, it should be noted that in fact the kiwi is not a fruit. This berry, which was developed by new Zealand breeders of the so-called Actinidia Chinese (Eastern gooseberries). Just think, only a few decades ago this product was not known to the world, but today he had filled the shelves, from it cook jam, cakes, marmalade and even a alcoholic drink, like wine. However, most kiwis consumed in fresh form. And for good reason. Because this product contains only 60 calories, almost no sugar, but there are a lot of fiber, flavonoids and organic acids. In addition, kiwi – it is a storehouse of minerals and vitamins, which are so necessary to man. That is why very often the question arises, can a nursing mother kiwi or not. After nursing him in a female body receives vitamins a, PP, E, B6, B1 and folic acid. For young women is a fairly reliable defender against various infections and viruses. And this is due to the fact that the amount of vitamin C in 100 g of this product more than covers the daily human need for ascorbic acid. In addition, kiwi fruit contains phosphorus, calcium, iodine, iron, sodium and lots of potassium. All these substances make the berry is simply indispensable during breast feeding.

Kiwi: nursing mothers can or not?

can a nursing mother kiwi

Simple answer to the question is quite difficult. But most often doctors do not advise to eat this fruit during breast feeding, adhering to the principle «do no harm”. This is because the reaction of the body of a young woman on kiwi and her baby can be unpredictable. Moreover, there are other contraindications. For example, this berry can not be used for people with problems of the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys.

Terms of use

It Should be noted that a positive answer to the question of whether kiwi fruit lactating mothers are given only if:

  • Have you eaten this product before and during pregnancy and carry it pretty well;
  • Your child is 3 months;
  • You enter kiwi in your diet gradually;
  • You do not abuse the berry;
  • Product does not cause you disgust.


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