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In our country for healthcare services there is a developed system of medical institutions. They come in 3 types:

• fixed;

• outpatient;

• a sanatorium.

In the sanitary institutions of the first type (clinics, hospitals) provide emergency medical assistance, and conduct examination and therapy in situations where certain tests and procedures cannot be implemented at home because of lack of equipment or need for ongoing monitoring of the patient. This article will detail the problem of such institutions.

The Urgency of health-protective regime LPU

By the 80 th years of the 20th century, the Soviet Union established many such organizations. They were provided innovative medical devices that meet the standards of the time. Regularly carried out repairs of the interior of the hospitals, cleaning, work on the ethics of doctors and nurses. Also much attention was paid to creating a pleasant and clean environment in hospitals, particularly in pediatric wards.

But in recent years the work of the medical staff has ceased to hold the citizens of our country and does not meet their requirements. A significant disadvantage of medical care is the unfriendly attitude of specialists to the patients. This not only undermines the reputation of LPU, but also causes psychological trauma to patients and slows their recovery after operations, injuries, regime in LPU

In order to establish uniform hygiene standards in all hospitals, as well as to create a favourable climate in these institutions adopted the system of medical-guarding mode.

Target innovations

The Main objective of this system – arrange maximum peace of mind and the safety of patients in hospital, to reduce unpleasant emotions, caused by surgery, painful procedures, the inability to be with family and many other factors. The order to health-protective mode, the LPU contains a detailed description of the responsibilities of health workers, necessary rules. The basis of the events in question – the scientific work of I. P. Pavlov. The system involves creating a comfortable and safest environment for patients in the hospital.


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Health-protective regime in LPU – a set of preventive and therapeutic measures to restore the patients and their speedy recovery. medical protective mode LPU orderFor the effective treatment staff need to comply with schedule of procedures and activities of hospitals, health standards, to ensure good relations with patients.

Creating a safe hospital environment

One of the important components of health-protective regime in LPU – formation of the medical establishment of such conditions in which effective work of staff and the highest quality treatment of patients. The best is the atmosphere, most fully ensure patient and health worker conditions of comfort and safety that effectively meet all vital needs.

Each hospital has a clearly formed structure.

At any hospital provided emergency medical assistance, examination and detection of pathologies, their treatment and rehabilitation activities for patients.relevance of medical protective regime LPU

In the hospital, be sure there are offices for staff (doctors and nurses) and facilities for tests and research, canteen, sanitary facilities, room for linen, etc.

So, as we see, the hospital – complex mechanism, and requires a system for its effective functioning. Medical-protective regimen of the Department provides for the maintenance of order in the premises, the provision of adequate day patients relaxation; reducing the harmful psychological effects of the environment of LPU.

The Potential risks of patients of medical institutions and how to overcome them

Any person who is in the hospital, subject to certain danger. Possible risks to the environment of LPU include:

1. The risk of infection (infected patients from other patients or infection injections).

2. The risk of intoxication (drugs, disinfectants, stale food).

3. The risk of injury (from exposure to fire, UV rays).

Medical protective regime – a set of measures established to minimize and, if possible, eliminate these risks.

A Mandatory condition for both patients and health workers is good hygiene. The nurse should support the patients body in order to provide them with clean clothing, blankets and sheets. The staff is also important to keep yourself in order (to monitor the cleanliness of the uniform, on time to wash hands), regularly carry out wet cleaning of the hospital premises, kvartsevanie cabinets and chambers, arrangements for the control of rodents and insect pests.

The Basic elements of a medical-guarding mode of medical institutions

Compliance with these rules by employees of hospitals is of great importance for patients. These rules can generally be reduced to ensure a relaxing and peaceful environmenttimely nutrition and health care operations and surveys, tactful handling of doctors with patients.

the elements of the medical protective regime LPU

The Elements of a medical-guarding mode of medical institutions:

  • Compliance with schedule, timely conduct of proceedings;
  • Maintenance of optimum temperature, lighting;
  • Create physical and emotional safety of patients;
  • The attentiveness of staff to patients during the crawl
  • Reducing or (if possible) eliminate the risk factors associated with being in a hospital environment.

Physical security

For the speedy recovery of the patient it is necessary to create comfortable conditions and minimize potential dangers.

If you follow health-protective regime in hospitals, this can be done in the following ways:

  1. Monitor the quality of food being served to patients, the regularity of their supply.
  2. Exercise for patients walking in the comfort of a specially designated area close to the hospital.
  3. Keep contact with relatives (informed about the condition of the patients, the treatment, to talk about the rules of hospital treatment).

For the effective operation of hospital all health care workers should strictly adhere to the prescribed schedule, accurately and timely care for patients. the concept of medical protective regime elementsWith extreme caution and care should be taken to the children, the elderly and those who are recommended bed rest, since this category of patients complications can occur as a result of lack of physical activity.

Psychological comfort

The Concept of health-protective regime and its elements in this component. Favorable and calm the patient's condition helps to cope with the consequences of illness, surgery or injury to prevent complications or recurrence.

A Positive attitude allows the patient to adapt better to the situation and stay in hospitals. medical protective mode isMedical staff must follow certain principles:

  1. In the beginning of the disease to organize, if necessary, the patient in bed, to protect it from negative environmental effects.
  2. In the presence of positive dynamics in his state, it is important to provide the opportunity to spend time (to read, to embroider, to watch shows, listen to music). It is unacceptable that patients have seen dirty uniforms of medical personnel, blood, etc. it is Important to ensure that the chambers were not too many people get sick not to make a noise, goes to bed on time.

medical protective regimen of the Department

In the initial phase of therapy, patients need to be told about the existing in the hospital daily routine, limits, explain the purpose and the meaning of it all.

Do No harm!

The behavior of the staff, as well as his actions, is important for effective treatment of patients. The atmosphere of LPU should be sympathetic, to talk with patients need a calm, friendly tone, to tolerate their fears or awkwardness.

Clinicians should be agreed upon to make a decision about methods of therapy for each patient and to inform him and relatives about the upcoming treatment. Mandatory patient contact with loved ones, it will create a favorable emotional and psychological support. Also important is the role of the hospital interior, it is necessary to equip it as comfortable as possible. Medical staff should not communicate with each other in a raised voice, wearing shoes with heels or stilettos to create a noise in the corridor.

The Main principle which must be remembered by any employee LPU: “do No harm!”. All actions and manner of communication of doctors and nurses with each other, patients and their relatives should be directed only for the benefit, improvement and, eventually, to the recovery of patients.

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