Intestinal dysbiosis - treatment and prevention


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Man is inseparable from microorganisms. Hundreds of species live on the mucous membranes and the skin. They are extremely important for the human body and the majority of them - 60% - work in the gastrointestinal tract.

Here they lie in wait of pathogenic bacteria, infectious agents, help to digest food, assimilate its micro and macro. Therefore, their role for human health is difficult to overestimate.

The Loss of balance of microorganisms in the gut leads to dysbiosis. And this, in turn, can lead to the whole bouquet of diseases, including serious. Tsiroz liver, diabetes, asthma, colon cancer - this is not a complete list of all the terrible illnesses that can cause intestinal dysbiosis.

Treatment and prevention

The disease is Easier to prevent than to treat it. And for that you need to know what are the causes of disbacteriosis. Very often it causes uncontrolled treatment with antibiotics. Antibiotic therapy often leads to mass death of the beneficial microorganisms after treatment, in the same way as harmful bacteria. It is therefore necessary to take antibiotics only when the doctor, who should prescribe medication, mitigating the negative effects of antibiotics.

Poor nutrition is another common causes of intestinal dysbiosis. Treatment in this case is a diet that excludes from the diet various pickles, sausages, mushrooms, beans, etc., that is, all products that cause fermentation. Poor environmental conditions and frequent stress can cause intestinal dysbiosis.


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Treatment should be comprehensive and include the following:

• the elimination of the excess bacterial colonization in the small intestine.
• the restoration of normal microflora in the large intestine.
• improve digestion and absorption in the intestine.
• the restoration of his motor skills;
• stimulation of the reactivity of the whole organism.

Traditional medicine gives some guidance as to how to cure a dysbacteriosis of an intestine. First and foremost is the use of overall health treatment, desensitizing treatment, and antibiotics (depending on the found pathogen). Also, for the normalization of intestinal microflora use enterosorbents (activated charcoal, means You) and antibacterial drugs ("Linex", "hilak Forte", "Enteral"). In addition, it is reasonable to use digestive enzymes for recovery of intestinal motility ("Imodium").

How to treat intestinal dysbiosis – advice of traditional medicine

1. Garlic is one of the best remedies that help to cleanse the body from pathogenic microbes. In addition, garlic has a good therapeutic effect. On an empty stomach in the morning and evening is recommended to eat 1 clove.

2. The collection of rhizomes calamus - 20 g, peppermint leaves and dioecious nettle - 40 g, dandelion root and Valerian officinalis - 20 g, buckthorn bark olhovidnoy - 60 g. you need to Take half a Cup of broth every morning and evening as a remedy that regulates bowel activity.

3. Collection # 2: buckthorn bark olhovidnoy - 40 g, licorice root - 60 g, the fruits of anise ordinary - 40 g mustard seeds - 40 grams, grass, yarrow - 20 g. to Take half a Cup of broth every day morning and evening for the regulation of the bowels.

4. Collection number 3: the leaves of blueberries and currants, grass celandine, centaury, mint and volodushki - equally. Take 30 g of the collection and to fill them with 0.5 liters of boiling water, after which the night to insist in a thermos. Take half a Cup 3 to 5 times a day.

With this diagnosis as intestinal dysbiosis treatment in most cases should be aimed at eliminating the causes that led to its development. In General, it is a disease of the twentieth century, caused by uncontrolled use of antibiotics and unhealthy diet.

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