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In the new season leading position fashion items is a knitted collection. In the boutiques you can buy a lot of different things from yarn machine or hand, but if you have the skills knitting skills, everything becomes much easier. You don't have to buy a knitted sweater knitting, with schemes which will cope and beginner. You can create any model you like.

The Popular models of men's and women's sweaters knitting with diagrams you can find in this article.

knitted sweaters knitting with diagrams

Selection of yarn and diagrams

Before you begin to create a masterpiece, you need to prepare and fulfill some conditions. Choose your favorite knitted sweater knitting. The model diagram should be carefully studied. Decide on the color and yarn material. It may be natural wool or thread with a content of synthetic material. It all depends on what result you want to obtain.

Selection tool

After you choose the yarn, you need to pick up her knitting needles. Remember that the thickness of the threads must be approximately equal to the thickness of the tool. Only in this case you will receive harmoniously knitted item.

There are many options for how to knit a sweater with knitting needles. The scheme of creation can speak about the need to have standard long needles or circular tool. When creating patterns, you may need extra socks and a knitting needle.

Sample element

There is another stage of preparation for the work that must pass before the sweater knitting to bind. Diagrams of all works require the creation of so-called probe. You have selected a tool with a suitable yarn to associate the plot with a size of 15 loops and 15 rows. Then measure it with a ruler or a centimeter and using elementary mathematical knowledge to calculate. Your task is to figure out how many loops and rows is one centimeter.


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sweater knitting female diagram

Schemes of knitting

Jerseys for women, men and children are now in abundance. This can be model with a high neck or, conversely, a deep cut. With classic long sleeves or even without them.

Binding Equipment

In the described models, the following binding elements.


  1. First row: two reverse loops, two front;
  2. Second row: two face loops, purl two.

In fact, you should be purl over purl, facial over facial.

Front surface:

  1. All facial series facial promazyvaetsya loops;
  2. All purl rows are the wrong loop.

Garter stitch:

All series tally facial loops, regardless of the revolution of the product.

Pearl binding:

  1. First row: one front loop, purl one;
  2. Second row: a front loop, purl one.

The work on the front loop you need to knit a purl and Vice versa. Be sure to take into account the revolution of the product.

sweater knitting with diagrams

Men's sweater needles: scheme of work

Before starting a new set of hinges it is necessary to define its quantity. To do this, measure the man for whom work is done. You will need the following sizes:

  • Waist circumference;
  • Shoulder width;
  • Height of the torso;
  • Sleeve length;
  • Wrist circumference;
  • Distance from neck to shoulder;
  • The circumference of the neck.

After taking measurements you can start to knit a sweater with knitting needles. The scheme of this model is quite simple and will be under the force of even the novice master.

men's sweater knitting diagram

Crochet backless

For starters, calculate how many loops is the circumference of the hips. Then divide the resulting number by two, because separate is connected the back and front of the product. Dial the number of loops and knit ten inches of elastic. After that, proceed to create the main canvas. Knit the front stitch as much as is the height of a male torso.

When the desired size is ready, gently close the loop working loose threads. Next, start creating the second part of the work.

Knitting front

Similar to the previous step dial on the spokes of a loop and tie ten inches of elastic. Next, knit the fabric of the front surface, however, is about 15 centimeters until the end of the work necessary to create the neck.

For this you will need more needles as the work will have to be divided into two parts. Close the three secondary loops in a row and knit first one side. In each front row cover for two loops. Keep this up until you do not get the necessary length of the shoulder cut.

Similarly dealing with knitting symmetric part. Workers close the loop.

the scheme of knitting sweaters spokes


The Scheme of knitting sweaters spokes provides for the creation of separate sleeves. Dial the number of loops equal to the size of your wrist and tie a rubber band and ten centimeters. Then knit the front stitch the sleeve to the elbow. Further, in each of the front row you need to add one loop. For this provarite the last loop from the front and do the reverse. In the end, you have one loop will end up with two.

Bind the sleeve to the desired size, then close the loop. In a similar way tie for the second item. Remember that should be symmetrical knitted men's sweater knitting. Roadmap for symmetric parts should be the same.


When all the parts are ready, you need to properly and carefully collect them. Knitted men's sweater knitting circuit Assembly is different. If you are a novice wizard, choose the simple zig-zag stitch. Stitch detail on the reverse side of the product and iron the fabric. The sweater is fully ready to use!

sweater knitting diagram

Women's seamless model

The Scheme of knitting sweaters women differ from each other. You can create a model that will be connected according to the scheme of men's products. Also you can show imagination and make original and unique work. Before you begin your sweater knitting female, diagram of the product requires removal of the measurements. Find out the size of the following parts:

  • Breast volume
  • Hips or waist (depending on the desired length of the product);
  • Sleeve length;
  • Length of the wrist;
  • Height of the torso;
  • The height from the waist to the armpit;
  • The volume of the neck.

Knitting is such a model necessary at the long circular needles. Consider the required amount of loops and pick up the tool length for him.

Type in the spokes of a loop and start to work on knitting a circle. Tie ten inches of garter viscous. After that go to the use of pearl pattern. Knit this scheme to the level that will be the hole for the sleeve.

Please Be patient, as the work will seem long and laborious. All due to the fact that the knitting of the back and front at the same time. Your efforts will not be lost, thanks to his efforts you will receive a sweater without seams.

When you reached the level of the sleeve, it is necessary to divide the work into two parts to do this, take another circular needles and move them exactly half loops. Continue to knit the remaining part as much as is the distance from the armpit to the neck. Workers close the loop. The back is finished.

Next, you need to modify the front part of the product. Consider what will be the collar of the sweater. The required level of close some loops. Your job will again be divided into two halves. Knit the first side. To do this, each front row cover for two loops. When the desired height is to be connected, proceed with the second part. Similar to the first generate the closure of loops in each front row.

At the end of knitting the main part of the stitch work on the shoulder joints.

the scheme of knitting sweaters womens

Crochet sleeveless

To tie the sleeves to the sweater and not to use seams to join, you must use the following instruction.

Little hands stretch neckline for sleeves and enter free working thread a new loop out of it. In this case you can use a hosiery knitting needles or give preference to a circular tool, but having a smaller length.

So, you got the loop. Now you need to start knitting the sleeves. This circle knit all the same pearl binding. When you reach the level of the elbow, it is necessary to close some loops. To do this, using an equal number of related items proverite two loops together. You can skip this step if you want to obtain a flat wide sleeve.

When part of the product is almost ready, make the cuffs. For this tie garter viscous ten centimeters and netago close the loop.

Similarly, run the knitting the second sleeve. Remember they should be symmetrical. Only in this case...

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