Learn to knit pattern crochet "shells". Create a delicate shawl and a cute baby dress


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One of the most beautiful patterns in crochet are "shells" (or "iarocci"). It is a way to execute in one loop of the base of a certain number of columns with one, two, three or more yo.
Between the "shells" typically tally an air loop or columns without nakida. The painting, made in this technique, looks very beautiful lace, delicate and airy. In this article we consider the features of implementation of such a motive, how beautiful the pattern crochet "shells". pattern crochet seashellsI Advise you to take into consideration this method of knitting - it can be useful in the manufacture of various products, for example, openwork shawls, tunics or dresses.

Crochet: pattern "shells." Diagrams and description

There are different variations of the "shells". We offer you to learn how to do this beautiful item is in the following simple scheme, including columns with one nakida and hanging loops.

crochet pattern shell schemesLet us to review, please connect the test sample. First, let's a chain of air loops of length 10 cm and Then do a yo on the hook and we introduce our working tool in the seventh loop. Will provegam one column with nakida. Again, make a yo and in the same loop again, we introduce the hook. Will provegam second column with nakida. The third time will make yo on the hook and run the column with nakida. The first "shell" ready. Next, perform one air loop (VP). Skip three stitches of the base, and in the fourth loop will provegam three column with nakida (SN). Get a second "shell". By analogy perform the whole series to the end. Next, provozem three RHS lift. The second and subsequent rows you will knit according to the presented scheme alternating "Verochka" of three SN and an air loop. Now you know how to follow this beautiful pattern crochet. "Shells" is the best fit for knitting fishnet patterns, including shawls, children's sundresses and tunics. If you wish, you can try to implement another modification of the pattern, for example using a pattern:crochet pattern shell scheme 2


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Learn to knit a beautiful shawl

Having Learned how to pattern crochet "shells", you can try to make a warm and soft shawl. To work you need the hook No. 2 and 250 g of viscose knitting yarns of any color. The shawl will be triangular in shape, and its dimensions are: 117 cm wide and 52 cm in height. Knit product will start on the scheme 1. crochet shawl crochet pattern shell
How is the crochet shawl crochet (the pattern "shell"), will be described below. Work will begin with the "magic rings" and a chain of three loops. In the ring provegam two columns with two yo (С2Н), then make 2 VP and 3 С2Н. The second row will start with three air loops for lifting. Next, perform 2 С2Н and 1 VP. Then prodajem 3 columns with two yo and two air loops. Again provegam three С2Н. Complete second series 1 EP and three columns with two yo. The third and subsequent rows knit according to the scheme, making the necessary allowances. When the shawl reaches the desired size, you will need to tie the edges. Do it according to option 2, using the columns without nakida, columns with two yo and Pico.

Knit baby dress crochet (pattern "shells")

In Addition to the soft shawls, you can try and other products. Pattern crochet shell perfect for creating a charming child's dress (aged 6-12 months). You will need 100 g of yarn (Yarnart Lily from) and a hook № 1,5. Color knitting threads pick the kind you like. This delicate dress will consist of two parts - yoke and skirt. The latter is performed by the pattern "shells." First, tie a rectangular yoke. Running a chain of 98 of the stitches and closes it in the ring. Next three are finished EAP rise and begin to issue the first number of columns with one nakida. Performed 16 SN - one in each loop the base. Next, make 2 VP for registration and the first corner of the yoke. Knit another 17 SN 2 EP, making the first sleeve. Now begin knitting in front of the product: executed 32 of the column with one nakida in each loop the base. Again are finished 2 hanging loops. Proceed to the second sleeve 17 are finished CH 2 and EXT. Complete a series of 15 SN and the connecting loop. Are finished the second and third rows, similarly, by performing in each loop of Foundation one column with nakida. In the corners of the rectangular yoke make the necessary allowances (2SN-2ВП-2SN).

dress crochet pattern seashells

How to fit skirt for baby dresses?

So, the yoke is ready, go to the implementation of bouffant skirts. We are going to create using the pattern "shells" crochet. The scheme is as follows:
skirt pattern crochet seashells After the execution of the skirt, parts being clamped. If desired, draw the edge of the item of crayfish step or two rows of columns without nakida. Dress and decorate with crocheted flowers or ribbon.

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