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Ordinary, unremarkable wire, you can create wonderful things-jewelry, accessories, photo frames, figurines, baskets, etc. Weaving with wire is an ancient art mastered by our ancestors. During archaeological excavations, scientists often find patterned belts and women's jewelry from this material. The same mail – not that other, as the product of wrought wire.

Weaving wireWeaving of wire – work is laborious, requiring tenacity and perseverance. In addition to these qualities the right set of tools and wire. Of the tools you will need pliers, pliers, needle files, pliers, triangular file, tweezers, a small hammer, a few nails of different diameters, a piece of iron with a smooth surface. As well as a small vise. To weave using copper, aluminium binding wire diameter of 0.5-3 mm. The course is beads, beads, semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals.

Beginners are best to start working with copper wire. It is flexible, easily bends and holds its shape well. Before starting, the wire should be annealed. It will sting covering its varnish, remnants of isolation, and flexible. Turn her loose with a neat roll and put it in the flame of a gas burner. When it should be red hot, dip in cold water. To clean the entire procedure can be repeated several times.

binding wirePrepare the necessary tools and materials, you can begin braiding of wire elements – rings, spirals, Vitousek, chains. Even the most complex products consist of simple elements. Looks very impressive netting wire, which was used for beads and beads. It is possible to learn the technique of beading. Only instead of fishing line to use thin wire.


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The easiest method of weaving of the wire – chainmail weave. Using this technique, the product is composed of many wire rings. Their form on special mandrels round.

As the bars will fit a knitting needle or a nail. The nail needs to be cut down a hat and a sharp end. At the end of one of the edges to make a sign to attach the wire. To manufacture single parts, mandrel lubricate with engine oil and press in a vise. The end of the wire clip in nadela and start to wind on the mandrel even dense rows of wire. Ready spring directly on the mandrel, cut with a hacksaw. In the end, you get a bunch of single links from which you can begin to collect the intended product.weave wire

To get links from two or more turns, the spiral is removed from the mandrel, then every two turns separated with a knife and bite the clippers. The ends of the link must be opposite each other. There is another kind of links, they are similar to the eight or the infinity sign. To get such beautiful twisted links, in the grip you have to hold down two of the same mandrel. The distance between them must be twice the wire diameter. One end slips between the mandrel and tightly obvolakivaet one of them, then stretch the wire between the mandrel and the second obtrusive. Wrap eights between the mandrel until then, until the end of the wire. Links divide the clippers.

Chainmail weaving of wire suitable for making bracelets, belts, necklaces.

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