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Modern collectors are willing to pay thousands and even millions of dollars for some pieces of gold money. Their value is determined by rarity, popularity, historical significance and appearance. The highest value among collectors world has an ancient gold coin in its various forms.


In ancient times, the function of money was performed in cattle, hides, meat, other foods, household items, handmade. Later this role was used the iron, copper, bronze, silver, and then gold. The bars were of different sizes and samples, payment has created a lot of difficulties.

In the VII-VI century BC the first coins. This greatly simplified the process of purchase and sale. Barter remained, coin-operated periods alternated coinless, and iron in some countries for a long time was valued more than silver and gold. But over time, gold money gained the greatest value.

The First precious pennies were minted from pure metal. But because of its softness and ductility, antique gold coin was rapidly losing its appearance and weight. In the smelting of ingots to enhance their mechanical properties have begun to add silver or copper.

The First gold coins were used in Ancient Egypt, Ancient China, the Lydian Kingdom of Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire. In Europe, they came into use in the early thirteenth century. The occurrence of gold in the Old world was associated with the development of trade relations with the Middle East, particularly the Ottoman Empire.

The First ancient gold coin was minted in Florence and had the name "Florin". After gold, the trend spread to other cities and countries. They had a different name in different States, and even within the same has changed their design and name. From now on not only its essence – the most valuable money in the world.


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Transformation of English gold

The Birth of the British "gold pennies" fell in 1257. However, the money does not become a regular and very quickly disappeared. Historically preserved seven instances.

Regular coinage old English gold coin found in the course of the hundred years war with the French allies. It has changed its appearance, cost, and value in a monetary system. Some of the coins exist in single quantities and are of high value to historians and numismatists. old gold coin

History change the images and names of English gold money

Images of gold money would have changed very gradually:

  • The fourteenth century: Florin (6 shillings), and later – noble (80 pence). They quickly went out of circulation. A very rare and expensive. Florin exists only in three copies. Popular ‘with George noble” and panable.
  • Fifteenth century: Rayol (10 shillings) angel (6 shillings 8 pence). Rare and valuable. The most popular is the Rayol with a rose.
  • 1489: sovereign (20 shillings).
  • The sixteenth century: crown (5 shillings) pound (20 shillings). “a Crown with a rose” is the most valuable of them.
  • The seventeenth century: the sovereign, he unite (in honor of the unification of England and Scotland); and when Charles II – a Guinea.
  • 1816: the return of the sovereign. Chasing collectible copies.
  • Of XX century: the sovereign out of cash flow and is a collectible coin of great Britain.

an old English gold coin

French gold: complexity history

Before 1360 in France used francs, denarius, su (silver or bronze). The beginning of minting of the gold coin money also falls for the period of the hundred years war. The first old French gold coin was named “Frank”, but due to the peculiarities of the design (depicted the king on horseback) the people he was nicknamed "horse Frank." Later there was also "walking Frank".

The Monetary system of the time had the following gradation: 1 franc =1 livre of tours = 20 salts. Named currency is periodically briefly appeared and then disappeared again. The French revolution has returned this currency, and it has remained the priority until the present day.

For France just as the UK was characterized by the issue the same coins in gold and silver. Historical change of appearance and the names of the valuable coins was not as intense, but a change of epochs is directly reflected in the currency. ancient gold coins price

Chronology of the history of French gold coin

The History of gold coins of France looked like this:

  • The XIV-XV century: Frank. A rare and costly.
  • The end of the XIV-XV century: gold ECUs (equal to 3 livres). The appeal remained “swap” the Franks.
  • XVII-XVIII century: the Louis. ECU is available in silver equivalent. The ratio of money of the Enlightenment: 1 luidor = 4, ECU = 24 pounds = 240 salts.
  • The End of the eighteenth century, the French revolution: the return of the franc in the framework of the decimal system of money. The appearance of napoleonder (20 francs), double napoleonder (40 francs) and prunaprismia (10 francs). Francs of Napoleon Bonaparte, also known as “rooster” or “Marianne” (the obverse features the head of Marianne and on the reverse – rooster) – this is a very valuable collector coin of our time. Were minted until 1914. Now available in equating the Euro.
  • The End of the nineteenth century: Frank. It is basic in the territory of several European countries (Latin coin Union).
  • The First half of the twentieth century: the rejection of the gold coin standard. However, the currency called the “Frank”, lasted until 2002 and the introduction of the Euro. Now gold francs are available only in the collector's version.

an old French gold coin

Spanish gold: no change of “Zolotaya” skins

An Ancient Spanish gold coin came only in the XVI century under the name "Golden Escudos". The existence of the gold coin money in Spain is characterized by the greatest stability in comparison with France, and especially England.

The Coinage of the Escudo was adjusted during the reign of king Philip II. The ratio of coins in the monetary system of the monarchy was as follows: 1 Escudo = 400 maravedi, later 1 Escudo = 16 Reales = 544 maravedi. numismatic value

Of the history

  • The sixteenth century: Escudo and escudella, which is equivalent to half Escudo.
  • The eighteenth century: the gold doubloons (2 Escudos).
  • The Beginning of the XIX century: 1 Escudo equal to 40 reais. Later silver Escudo temporarily is the main currency. Appear of new copper, bronze and silver money: centimos and peseta.
  • The End of XIX - beginning of XX century: in circulation gold and silver denominations of 20, 25 and 100 passet.

Today as a gold collector's money in Spain produced € various designs. old Spanish gold coin

Half of the state – for the precious money

Coin Collectors buy and collect vast amounts more or less valuable coin money. A major goal for the most dedicated and passionate are old gold coins. The price can vary from a few tens of dollars to hundreds of thousands.

The Approximate cost of the most valuable gold coin money presented in the table.

CountryCoin NameYearPrice in USD SCHA
Florin1343OK 600000
Francia5 francs184646
5 francs1867108
5 francs1822155
Napoleonder (20 francs)1811329
Double napoleonder (40 frankow)1803740
The ECU (with 3 crowns)17121878
Spain5 Passat187155
5 Passat189070

For the uninformed people coins – just released from circulation of funds of sale, Museum exhibits, and echoes of history. Only a true avid collector will tell you that they live in the soul of the world, the history of a particular country, people of a particular era. What is the ticket to an imaginary time machine, where you can see the king and Queen of Medieval France, Spanish pirates, English royalty and the poor servants. They are a treasure of not only material but historical, cultural and spiritual. Vintage gold coin – higher numismatic value among collectors.


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