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Experienced embroiderers have noticed the magical properties of his work. Among knitters, there are particular signs associated with implementation of the various desires and dreams. Magical qualities, according to popular belief, possesses the Imperial flower-the peony, which is considered a symbol of aristocracy, fortune, love and light.embroidery peonies cross

Signs associated with embroidery peonies cross

It is believed that embroidery peonies cross helps single people as soon as possible to meet your “mate” and to find family happiness. In Japan, these plants symbolize the marriage bond. In addition, the picture with the image placed in the office, has a beneficial effect on career employees and increases the number of successfully completed transactions.

Most “powerful” in terms of energy are Burgundy peonies. This is one of the few plants indicating in the practice of Feng Shui is the male energy Yang. It is often used for harmonizing the space. Early marriage contributes to the image of a bouquet of peonies. Cross stitch – the easiest method to approach an important event and to long-awaited proposal of marriage.cross stitch peonies

The Secret embroidery peonies

After the formation of a family pattern with peonies better replaced by another, with a less strong energy. For legal spouses an image of these colors can symbolize infidelity. Of course, the magic of the work of the embroiderers is hidden not in the set, embroidery floss or patterns, and in the direction of the thoughts of the masters. If you tune into the dream, making the first stitch the outline with embroidery peonies cross, it will surely come.cross stitch kits peony

What to choose: the ready set or the schema from the Internet

Sets some companies steeped in myths and legends about the fast embodiment of a desire for completion. But not so important, will the embroidered picture of the finished set or according to the scheme found on the Internet. The effect will be equivalent. The only difference is that in the first case, all you need is already at hand, and can immediately get to work. The second preparation may be delayed due to the search threads need colors and brands. Sales are very attractive sets with clear diagrams, easy to implement.


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Ready set for cross stitch from the Riolis company: “Peonies in a vase”

Cross-stitch “Peonies in a vase” from running Riolis wool threads, making the work becomes more volume. Its size is: 40x40 cm used canva – Unallocated Aida 11, because the needle will have to arm themselves with water-soluble marker and ruler to divide it into squares of 10 x 10 holes to facilitate the process of counting stitches. In the set of 27 colors and 4 blend. For convenience, you can take the organizer, because during operation the coat is wrinkled and becomes less fluffy.cross stitch peonies in a vase

Scheme color, printed on glossy paper, which is slightly complicates the strikeout finished parts in pen, as they like to do some craftswomen. You can take a copy of it, not to spoil, if there is a desire to repeat the embroidery. It is advisable to glue the folded tile tape. Embroidered set easily, except for the center of flowers. These places can be difficult for beginners. At the end of work often remain the thread that you can use for other creative ideas. The process of embroidery is a lot of pleasure masters, with its intuitive and easy scheme. The picture is bright, saturated. The petals of each flower beautifully detailed bouquet that looks real.

Ready set for cross stitch “Titmouse and Peonies” company “Alice”

Set ‘Titmouse and Peonies” refers to sets with a full canvas lining, which may seem daunting to novice knitters. Because this work is more suitable for embroiderers with experience. Kit contents: 31 colors of floss, 2 blend, canvas, clear and simple scheme of cross-stitch. Peonies in the figure consists of solid patches of color without a single stitch. The size of the finished work - 19х17 see the process uses several techniques: cross in 2 threads and 1 thread, half-cross in 1, 2 and 3 of the thread. This combination helps to achieve the qualitative study of tones and to achieve a three-dimensional feel. Delicate shades of the petals and smooth transitions of color delight everyone who sees the final result.

“Peonies and delphiniums” - a set of Dimensions

Set the ‘Peonies and delphiniums” the firm's Dimensions refers to the premium series Gold Collection and is suitable for experienced knitters. The size of the finished work: 30х38 see In stock: Unallocated canvas Aida 18 ivory, organizer, floss 33 colors, 6 blends 2 needles of different sizes, a color symbolic scheme. Technique used: cross in 2 and 3 strands, half-cross in 2, 3 and 4 strands, French knot 2 strands, backstich, a purse-string stitch. You need to pay attention to the places where is used the thread in 4 additions.bouquet of peonies cross stitch

In the present work a large amount of seam «back needle” in 1 and 2 threads, as in most sets of Dimensions. It is necessary for the rendering of parts and literally transforms the picture. To expedite the process to issue nextitemembroidery peonies cross better not end, but gradually, in small portions. The result will be stunning. Because of the size of the canvas, it is important to find out the location of the embroidery, not to start work on the wrong side. Particular difficulties can cause small flowers at the bottom and in the middle of the bouquet, made using French knots and single crosses. Some craftswomen called this work the most complicated set of Dimensions.

The easiest way to start moving towards your dream — cross-stitch. Sets "Peonies" of the prepared or selected independently, will help to meet the right person as soon as possible.

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