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The Cold season is perfect for doing needlework. Long evenings you can sew. Today we will talk about how to sew the rabbit-tilde. Many mistresses are fond of making such fun toys that also serve as interior decoration. Tilde-hares masteritsa craftsmen in pairs (apparently, they did more fun together). We first try to sew one for training.Tilda rabbits

Of Course, hares stitching harder and more complicated than cute snails, but if you make the effort and patience, you will succeed. Involve entertaining the case of children, they will love it. The peculiarity of these birds in that the connecting seam passes through the muzzle toys. Paws and ears are sewn the seam. Maybe at first you do not succeed as we would like, but believe me, every next time the tilde-the rabbits will come out better and better. And your friends and relatives will ask you to sew a souvenir as a gift.

What you'll need for creative work:

  1. Fabric for the calf of the rabbit, better solid. It can be white, grey, and flesh color is at your discretion.
  2. Contrasting patches to the ears of the future Bunny and clothes.
  3. Scissors.
  4. Embroidery floss for nose and eyes.
  5. If no sewing machine, you can sew by hand.
  6. And, of course, the scheme, without which there would be a hare-tilde. The pattern presented in the article. You can copy from the screen using the sheet of white paper and a felt tip pen. But if you can draw, try to simulate the pattern themselves and make their own creative changes. May foot your rabbit ears will be longer or wider.Bunny Tilda pattern

Tilde-hares can be sewn from white cloth and painted in the color you need special paints for fabrics.


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Begin tinkering

1. Transfer pattern pieces to the fabric. This can be done with marker, chalk, soap. Pin the pattern bulavochka, trace and cut with scissors, do not forget about seam at 5 mm. you should Have 2 pieces the bullock, for 4 – the feet and hands. Ears - one piece of fabric the same color as the body, and the second part - a contrast. For example, let it be the fabric that is used for sewing future outfit hare. Will be very cute.
how to sew a hare tilde

2. All the cut parts have to sew. If you sew by hand, try to do a small seam, so that the product looked neat.

Bunny Tilda pattern
3. Extra weave needs to be cut, leaving a few millimeters of allowances. If you leave a lot of excess fabric, small parts will shrivel. It will be ugly.

4. To turn out all our items. You can help yourself with a knitting needle wand for Chinese food, handle. Do this carefully so as not to damage the seam.

5. Now our items are need to fill padding polyester or other material you have at hand. Ears of a hare we not stuffing, and all the legs leaving a little free space at the end parts, in the place that will sew. This is done in order to sew conveniently, and your Bunny could sit, and legs-handles are not sticking out in different directions.Tilda rabbits

6. Bulavochka pin the foot to the calf and sew a hidden seam. Allowances wrap inside. Lower legs sewn on at points of the body. Check how our Bunny is sitting.Tilda rabbits

7. The ears should be ironed with an iron and sew to the top.

8. That's all! Left thread to make the nose and eyes. Well, and clothes are to your taste.

Tilde-rabbits love bows, lace, buttons-all this you can easily find at home.

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