How to sew a doll with the help of improvised means?


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We All know that there is no gift more beautiful and more valuable than one that was made independently, using familiar materials. For example, this product can be a cute doll made of cloth or pantyhose. Homemade dolls are different from those popular today leggy model Barbie unique charm and exclusivity. After each such toy – is a masterpiece, possessing its own individual “nature” and gives the atmosphere of home warmth and comfort.

how to sew doll

There are many tips and tricks on how to make a doll with your own hands. In fact, master the technology of manufacturing under the power of anyone, whether an experienced professional or just a lover of needlework. It is easy to use a lot of bold ideas and give scope to the creative imagination, because to work, you can use various material, for example, used nylon stockings or socks, scraps of fabric or old clothes. Before you sew the doll, you need to know that there are two kinds of these toys-this skeleton doll and oversized frameless. The simplest first option. First cut cardboard all the necessary elements of the toy, then upholstered in beige pantyhose and nylon thread fixed on the back of the doll. Now quite a few hidden stitches to tie it all together. Matching buttons is perfect for the role of the eyes, woolen threads – thick hair and mouth and nose can simply draw with a marker. Fancy dress will complement the unique look of the finished dolls. The only downside is that the toy turns out flat, but you can turn it into a gorgeous souvenir hanging on the pre-attached magnet.


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how to sew a doll with your own hands

Now let's talk about how to sew the doll has a more curvaceous.Volumetric frameless toy is a filled with synthetic padding or cotton wool separate parts sewn together after stuffing. In the same way as described above, processed hair, face and clothing.

how to sew a doll of cloth

Looks Good option, made using as a frame of wire. How to make a doll, is described in detail next. First, take the wire good rigidity, allowing the toy to keep the form, but also capture the movement of the hands and feet at your discretion. From the wire to form the skeleton of the man. Second, fully ready to wrap the frame with cotton wool, fluff well with glue. Third, made from tights all the necessary elements and fasten them to the frame. At the final stage, draw a face, hair is created and selected an appropriate dress.

Knowing and applying these simple principles, easy to learn how to sew a doll made of cloth with their hands. Creative approach to business, a little bit of patience and following instructions will help you create a work of art that will bring warmth and joy to you and your family. In this case, the doll that was handmade and not store-bought, much better on a shelf, Cabinet or Desk.

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