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The Cranes – majestic birds that remain faithful to their partner for life. It is therefore not surprising existence giving that the Japanese crane symbolizes longevity and happy life. And the Japanese believe that when you put a thousand birds will come true deepest desire. Perhaps because of this, crane – one of the most popular types of origami in Japan, which has spread around the world.

We Offer you several workshops to learn how to make cranes in origami. Perhaps your wish will come true.

Required materials

Japanese Manufactured cranes from paper. It can be any of:

  • Album sheet;
  • Exercise book;
  • Special origami paper which has special texture and properties;
  • The remains of the wall-paper;
  • Colored paper;
  • Tracing;
  • Others.

Size also can be any. But for beginners it is better to choose paper that is medium in size, because of the small leaf will be difficult to lay down the details of the crafts, and with too much would not be very convenient to operate.

Japanese crane photo

If you used plain paper and want to decorate the finished crafts, then you may need markers (markers), glitter glue, paint and other jewelry designed for decoration paper products.

Blank paper

If you don't have a square sheet of paper, take any and give it a shape.

1st method:

  • Take a pencil or crayon, ruler, scissors and paper;
  • Draw a square;
  • Cut it out.

2nd method (if the sheet is rectangular),

  • Wrap one corner of the sheet to its opposite side;
  • Cut or tear off the excess strip of paper;
  • Expand the paper.

Blank for the manufacture of the crane

Let's see how to make a Japanese crane:how to make cranes

  1. Take a square sheet of paper.
  2. Fold it in half to make a rectangle.
  3. Open the sheet of paper and fold it in half again, only now it is necessary to join other parties.
  4. Unfold the paper, you should have two bends in the shape of a plus sign.
  5. Connect the upper-right corner with the lower left. You get a triangle.
  6. Unfold the paper and fold the other opposite corners together (this is now top left and bottom right).
  7. Unfold the paper and place it in front of him to get the diamond.
  8. Connect the top and bottom corners together.
  9. Left and bottom corners, place under the upper part of the figure. Help make this the fold lines.
  10. You should now Have a figure resembling a kite (figure 1).
  11. Connect the left and right corners of the upper part of the figure with a Central fold line (figure 2).
  12. The Top-triangle tighten down (figure 3).
  13. Expand the last three parts. You'll be the figure of a kite, but now with three additional bends.
  14. Fold the bottom corner of the square along the horizontal folds from the previous steps to the upper corner (illustration 4).
  15. Fold the top triangle back (figure 5).
  16. Fold the outer edge of the paper to the middle and align it. This will create a diamond shape with two flaps on the right and left sides (figure 6).

Half the work is done.


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The end of the DIY origami

The Master-class "How to make cranes origami", continued:

how to make a Japanese crane

  1. Flip the paper over and repeat steps 14-16 on this side (figure 7).
  2. Fold the outer edge of the shape to the middle (figure 8).
  3. Wrap the right side to the left as if you were turning the page of a book (figure 9).
  4. Flip the figure. Repeat on this side of the actions from paragraph 2. Then fold the right flap to the left again (figure 10).
  5. Lift the bottom tip to the top of the figure. Flip and repeat with other hand (figure 11).
  6. Wrap the right side to the left as if you were turning the page of a book (figure 12).
  7. Flip the piece and do exactly as in the previous paragraph (figure 13). It turned out the wings.
  8. Fold the wings down so that they were perpendicular to the body, the head and tail of the future of the crane (figure 14).
  9. Bend the tip on one of the tops (figure 15).
  10. Drag the shape for the head and tail so that they were on the same level (figure 16).

You have made flat the Japanese crane.

Volume one

The Master class "Volumetric Japanese crane" (a photo of the finished work is below):

  1. Pull the plane figure of a crane for the wings in different directions.
  2. Paper between the wings straightened. Give hands form, if required (figure 17).
  3. Wrap the little wings. This can be done by hand or with scissors (the principle of this, as if you make a wavy ribbon for gifts or bouquets).

Japanese crane paper

Surround Japanese crane-origami ready (figure 18).

Crane with a fluffy tail

If you want to make a truly original gift, make crafts Japanese origami crane with a fluffy tail. This paper bird will surprise and delight any. It will be a source of inspiration. An origami crane (diagram with step-by-stepinstruction is below) is a masterpiece.

crane origami diagram

  1. Fold the sheet several times so that then formed the five bends, like the letter “W” (illustrations 1-5).
  2. Make a shape resembling a diamond (illustrations 5 and 6).
  3. Make a few bends as illustrations 7 and 8.
  4. Make into a sheet with a square (figure 9).
  5. Make a shape that resembles a diamond with wings (illustrations 10 and 15).
  6. You now have a blank for the crane you want to deploy (figure 16).
  7. Illustrations from the 17 th to 25-th picture out of the blank assemble the crane.
  8. When the sheet is folded, pinch the wings of the crane in different directions (figure 26).

The Original crane origami: diagram

Paper bird can get the original, if you do not only a magnificent tail, and wings.

The Master-class on making pie with lush wings:

Japanese crane origami

  1. Fold the sheet several times so that then formed the five bends that are connected and resemble the letter “W”.
  2. Fold the sheet in triangle shape, tucked inside the extra hand, as in the previous workshops.
  3. Twist the two pairs of wings, as in the illustrations 3 and 4.
  4. Bend the two halves of the triangle with wings.
  5. Corners of the new wings fold to the middle figure (figure 5).
  6. Make the resulting figure, the tail and head (illustration 7-9).
  7. Accordion-Fold each wing as in figure 10.
  8. Spread the wings out to the sides, shape the garland (illustration 11).

A Japanese crane with lush wings ready!

How to use a paper crane?

Origami "Japanese crane" – is not just an interesting hack, but the original decoration.

Of the dozen or more paper cranes you can make a garland on the wall or a chandelier, decorations, paintings. And if you make lots of little crafts and put them in a transparent jar or vase, you get a great decor element, which will give your dwelling a touch of personality.

Japanese crane

Garland, by the way, you can do very different:

  • Line;
  • Multi-level;
  • Spiral and so on.

To make a garland, you will need thread or fishing line. Pierce just inside the paper with a needle and thread through the hole thread (fishing line). And so every hack. Then either connect all of the cranes into one, or attach on a separate thread or stick (the ledge).

Exercise your imagination and look for inspiration.

Do Japanese cranes-origami with the children or your friends. This is a very interesting and exciting experience!

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