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The Art of weaving tie-dyed lace has many varieties. One of them – a unique thin and delicate, feather-light lace tatting, braiding process which easy combines and tenderness, and contrast. Tatting is made with the help of shuttles, hooks, needles. The degree of luxury beautiful jewelry from beads, thread or other hardware is proportional to the skill of the author creates another masterpiece.

bracelet tatting

Frivolité – freedom of manners or delicate openwork?

This is a melodious name with roots from the word “frivolity" was not referring to the frivolity and emptiness. “Frivolité” - it's easy and good, unobtrusive charm and a wonderful combination of gentle flirting, memorable and romantic. It is easy to guess where you're from, it's a weave. Trendsetter - France has always been a supporter of the feminine in character, but at the same time elegant and refined. Since the end of XVIII century lace-making technique spread to Russia, where local craftswomen has given her a special Russian spirit, introducing folk craft and diversity of own ideas.

the technique of tatting for beginners

Vintage and modern jewelry in the technique of tatting

When it was fashionable to decorate home textiles: embroidered tablecloths, napkins and towels. Today this area is involved in interior design styles, shabby and rustic, some others put the emphasis on proximity to natural, natural, so handmade items are welcome. Are increasingly turning to this subject, and wedding organizers. But despite the fact that the vintage doilies and shawls, made in nodular technology, do not have much interest in the art of needlework did not become less attractive.


Watch from the tree with his own hands, handmade in the interior

Watch from the tree with his own hands, handmade in the interior

Wall clock – this is a very practical interior detail. In the kitchen they give you the opportunity to keep track of time without being distracted from cooking, and not including for this phone (especially hands during cooking may be in the flo...

bracelet tatting

Today, many exclusive items are made to order in the technique of tatting, patterns of jewellery is often as unique as the lace, which could be obtained only by manual labor. Items of clothing in the form of boleros and scarves, scarves and gloves, vests and even swimwear look outside the box and transform clothes. Much attention is paid in this weaving and jewelry: bracelets, earrings, pendants, necklaces, original rings and jewelry on his forearm and ankles - all of these types of tatting, patterns of jewelry which may be available to find online, if you want you can run independently.

accessories for needlework

Tie into memory bundle

The very elegant technique of lace-making, like many others, has its highlight in the performance. Tatting differs in that it is woven by tying special knots on the main thread. This is done with a Shuttle, and connection loops will require the help of a thin hook. In fact, the texture of the lace is formed by a few elements:

  • Ring;
  • Semiring;
  • Arc;
  • Pico Josephine (from the usual half-ring of the tatting, it differs weave created exclusively from direct nodes);
  • Combined rings.

diagram tatting jewelry

Luxury jewelry in the technique of tatting

To decorate the top clothing or accessories products, made in the technique of frivolite, are not only threads. Various accessories for needlework makes this type of braiding is popular in jewelry: plaiting selected different sizes of beads, bead, color range is very extensive, stylized metal or diamonds. Faceted beads create a luxurious look.

accessories for needlework

Art of this type of knot netting is good and the fact that the original scheme of tatting ornaments, decoration on fabric or other surfaces are easy to invent your own: a little imagination, artistic taste and skillful hands will help in this case. You can use already tested previously by experimenting with the thickness of the yarn, colors, mirroring. Beautiful accessories for needlework affects the appearance of the finished product and the degree of immutability for a long time.

By the Way, not every thread suitable for weaving knots: openwork lace need smooth and thin, strong and silky. You can use cotton and linen only in combination with polyester, silk and viscose, iris, and synthetics, nylon and floss. If you take an ordinary cotton or linen, the decoration will quickly lose its form.


The Range of the shuttles is not only the materials (wood, plastic, metal, decorative glass) and functionality (some contain one of the edges of the short hook, and only with experience comes the understanding that with such a model in weaving or to adapt to it is still quite difficult).

Mysterious lace tatting: schema decoration

Currently, this is not a very active trend in needlework. Masters who are willing to share their experiences – gold. Despite its apparent simplicity, the technique of tatting for beginners requires attention and care. That is why the lace in the composition of the finishing pieces of costume jewellery or Bridal accessories, jewelry for eveningtoilets or for exclusive photo shoots significantly increases the cost. Elegant tatting bracelet gives any girl the ease and romance of the trail which stretches from the very sound of the name of this wondrous weaving.

bracelet tatting

How to create lace own

Choosing easy-to-hand Shuttle (or fashioned for a test try weaving it yourself), looking for the chosen ornament tatting master class, video tutorials, you can try to recreate the beauty of his own. The decoration for clothing, for curtains or curtains for an airy crochet gloves, umbrellas, hats, handbags, jewelry and more lace braided with their own hands, will be the pride and real magic, the secret of which you have already dedicated to.

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