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History of ornaments and decorative motifs began in ancient times. More specifically, in the Paleolithic era. What a decorative ornament? This image, which is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also has a certain effect on humans. This pattern raises a number of associations, allowing to estimate and to understand the work.


The frequency of occurrence of motif — the basic pattern of decorative ornament. Another feature of such images is the translation of realistic forms in conventional drawings. For ornament characterized by a high degree of decorative generalization. In order to verify this, take a look at the picture below. On the right we see the photograph of a rose. Left — the same flower, but is made in a decorative form.

decorative ornament


Various kinds of ornaments we see everywhere. They are present on dishes, Wallpaper, tablecloths, and other elements of everyday life. Decorative ornament necessary in the design of various products. He is the basis of decorative art. In some form of folk art operates a number of laws. Thus, in the drawings in the style of Gzhel, we only see two colors: blue and white. On Zhostovo tray there is a wide range of colors, pattern is applied primarily on a black background.


Ornamental pattern may be visual, non-visual, combined. In the first case, the figure reflects the existing reality in the objects. Similar ornaments can be seen a human figure, animal, flower, tree and so on. Nonrepresentational ornamental drawing — abstract motifs. This geometry forms, devoid of specific semantic content. Combo ornament — a combination of abstract and real motives.


Watch from the tree with his own hands, handmade in the interior

Watch from the tree with his own hands, handmade in the interior

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The magic of the age of Enlightenment - tatting, schema decoration

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There are other classifications. Ornaments differ thematically. That is, there are vegetable, animal, geometrical, anthropological types of patterns. Additionally, ornamental designs vary by style and popular accessories.

ornaments and decorative motifs


The Most ancient type of ornament is technical. Simple pictures are present on the pottery. Another type of — symbolic — came later. The creation of such ornaments was developed in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece. In antiquity, people usually depicted people, animals and divine beings. They have learned to create special materials, which were added details of design diverse shades.

On the basis of symbolic and technical geometric ornaments appeared. In this picture there is a strict alternation of elements. In plant designs can involve different motives, characteristic of a particular country. Chinese masters, for example, prefer to depict chrysanthemums, Russian — sunflowers, daisies.

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