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Wall clock – this is a very practical interior detail. In the kitchen they give you the opportunity to keep track of time without being distracted from cooking, and not including for this phone (especially hands during cooking may be in the flour, oil or anything else). Located in the room, they allow you to quickly check the time without looking into his pocket for a cell phone. Fans of eco-style can make a clock out of wood with his hands.
clock made of wood with their hands

What is a good wooden clock

The Tree – special material items have a number of advantages:

  1. Natural.
  2. Low cost (provided that the product is made by hand, because the processing wizard is often quite expensive, especially if it is an individual order).
  3. Originality. Many people like to consider the furnishings of natural wood, but not everyone dare to keep such things in his house.

The Clock, made of juniper or other healing tree will disinfect the air. To do this, they should not be varnished. The view is more natural, if you walk cloth over the surface.

If you do watch from cut down a tree with your own hands, you can leave the crust layer. This will lend a more natural appearance.

How to choose a tree

The First step is to determine the type. Whether it's lime, soft enough and easy to handle, solid oak or juniper healing? You can choose what is easier to get or buy, and then cover the stain under the desired view.

After choosing the type, you should find a suitable material. In this case, there are several options:

  1. Can Buy ready-made saw cut at the sawmill, gift or specialty stores, it is also possible via the Internet.
  2. To Do it yourself, if there is a suitable stump or log, the chainsaw and the skill to use it.
  3. Wait until will be held the annual sanitary cut down a tree, and ask the workers to cut off the desired piece. Either take them the whole the block a little and continue to act in accordance with paragraph 2.

clock out of wood DIY blueprints


How to prepare

Before you make a clock out of wood with your hands, you should spend time preparing to work. After you find material, you should leave it in a dry place for two weeks to dry. This is not necessary if the cut were store-bought, but even purchased at the sawmill the tree can be eaten raw. If the material was taken from svejesobranna trees, the level of moisture in it is many times higher than permissible. Such processing, not pre-dried, should not be taken in.

If you ignore the drying of wood, in the finished clock can rupture. In the worst case, the saw cut will crack, and all the work done will be spoiled, will have to start all over again.

Materials and tools

There is nothing difficult to make a clock out of wood with their hands in the presence of high quality raw materials and tools. What you need to prepare before you start:

  1. Dry cut.
  2. A clock Mechanism (you can disassemble an old or buy a cheap).
  3. Paint or cautery unit (if the numbers don't plan to draw, and burn).
  4. Scissors.
  5. Duct Tape or paper tape (masking).
  6. Melt with hot glue.
  7. Sandpaper fine grit or sanding machine.
  8. Hammer and chisel.

You Can avoid a bad situation when in the process, suddenly it turns out that something is missing, if you pre-make a list and check with him.

How to make a clock out of wood with your hands

Not to complicate your life, askurava spil or preparing the dial after the establishment of the mechanism, it is important to observe the correct sequence of actions:

clock wood wall with their hands

  1. Drill a hole for the shooter in the center of the saw cut.
  2. A hammer and a Chisel to make the recess for the mechanism on the reverse side.
  3. Process the dial and the recess with sandpaper or with a grinding machine.
  4. Install a mechanism to attach it with duct tape and lock the box in which it is located, with the help of a heat gun.
  5. To Draw or to burn the numbers on the dial.
  6. To Set the arrow.
  7. Install the clip on the back side, to watch you hang on the wall.

Spending too much time and effort, you can make a clock out of wood with your own hands. Thing made by hand in a single copy, much more interesting looks than the product of mass production.

A Variety of wooden clocks

Hours of sawing – this is one the simplest options. By analogy, can be done from the transverse and of the longitudinal of the die. The product will be of irregular shape, so it is important to choose the material so that a longitudinal cut was a beautiful form.

There are many options for how to make a beautiful clock out of wood. Wall, with their hands, made for yourself or as a gift, they will long to please their owners.

Possible options for the design of wooden clocks:

how to make a clock out of wood with their hands

  1. Made of furniture Board basis.
  2. Make non-standard notation of numbers. For example, in the form of coins orthe wood pellets. It is possible to go without numbers and symbols
  3. To Take a lot of thin plates or wooden lines, bond them to make a surround a circle with a thickness equal to the short side of the die. You will receive an original dial.
  4. Can be used as the dial of birch bark, stretched in a frame of peeled bark beautiful branches.

Artisans can make more complicated watches from the tree with his hands.

watch saw cut from wood with your own hands

Drawings of the mechanism can be found on the Internet specialized resources. In order to create such models, it is necessary to have certain experience and skills. More simple variants described above can make any person have a desire and a little patience.

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