Christmas costume "Monkey" with his own hands: pattern, recommendations and description


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The Suit symbol of the year, the passing or coming – the best option for the carnival event near the Christmas tree. No doubt this character will be relevant for the new year holiday, because increasingly all of the theatrical performances dedicated to the stories that are somehow connected with the symbol of the year. Therefore, the suit “monkey” in the carnival masquerade is the best solution.suit monkey

Today a lot of fancy outfits available for sale, but if you want to emphasize individuality and to be sure that this outfit will be unique and unique, then you should be armed with sewing supplies and sew Christmas costume monkey yourself. Moreover, the process is simple! A description of how to create a costume “monkey” presented in this article will help you understand the main stages of work and will be a good guide in making beautiful outfit for boys and girls.

How to create the image?

The first step is to identify the main parts. Costume “monkey” must have long tail and ears. And items such as muzzle on the hood, a bunch of bananas and appropriate makeup, can be attributed to the accessories and additional details.Christmas costume monkey

Monkey Costume for a boy can consist of pants and coats and overalls. But the girls can beat the image a little differently, utilizing a beautiful skirt-tutu, gloves on hands, and even a hat on his head. We need only to dream a little and move all the planned details of the costume onto paper by drawing a small sketch. This will help them to navigate the stages in the process of creating attire.


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Panties and t-shirt: fastest way nesting

It should be noted that for attire is best to give preference to knitted fabrics, which are well drawn. This will ensure a comfortable fit. You can make a suit monkeys with their hands of such paintings as velour, velvet, diving, terrycloth or fleece. Of course, color need to take brown.

To create the pattern pants and shirts or overalls, it is not necessary to bother taking measurements, complex calculations and create drawings. Enough to pick the wardrobe of the child appropriate to the size of things, to turn them inside out, put on film or paper and circle stroking parts cut for the main seams. The only thing which would require the tape to measure the distance from shoulder to waist. And such a need arises only in case of combination of pants and shirt at the waist to create a template jumpsuit.

Everything else was fairly simple:

  • Cut out the templates;
  • Transfer to tissue;
  • To find a given allowances;
  • To make a suit monkeys with their hands, gathering the details in the whole article.

It Should be noted that the tail will need to sew in the middle seam of the trousers or overalls in the appropriate place. For a humorous image, it is possible to beat the ass and the belly of the character, Nachev them round latkes.

Will be only to complement the look with tie or bowtie. You can also win items such as gloves, in the form of paws that it will please the child and his friends at the matinee when it's a graceful dance for Santa Claus near the Christmas tree.suit monkeys with their hands

Skirt tutu for girls

For girls, win-win way will be the monkey lady. Elastic at waist, stripe tulle with a width of 10 cm and a length equal to twice the length of the skirt, will quickly turn into a chic skirt. This is only to tie the fabric onto the elastic. You can also complement the outfit with spats on brown Jersey gloves. The tail should be attached to the elastic band of the skirt and output between the elements of the skirt of the tutu.

Carnival costume monkey supposed to be fun and elegant. And perhaps, there can not do without the bright beads on the neck. This little detail can instantly transform an entire outfit.

suit monkey boy

It Should be noted that the color combination – one of the important points. As leg warmers, gloves and t-shirts must be brown for the skirt is better to choose orange, yellow, green, red or pink. Although the option with the rainbow skirt is good too!

How to make ears?

What “monkey” without ears? This is one of the most important parts that makes the image recognizable. Make them too easy. Required for the manufacture of cardboard and fabric brown and beige or pink. The ears is better to do large enough but do not get carried away, because immediately draw Cheburashka. So, from the cardboard cut out two semicircles, after pattern transfer to the fabric and cut out four parts: two dark matter, two of bright. This should give allowance for seams at 1 cm along the contour elements. Further details of fabric folded face inwards and sew. When will the cut of the semicircle, the product turn out, insert cardboard and sew up neatly, with tucked slices inside.

These lugs can be glued to a headband, hat, made of two semicircles, in terms of the baby's head or to stick to the hood. For girls suitable option with mounting ears on hair clips.

carnival costume monkey

How to maketail?

The Tail – one of the simplest design elements. From fabric cut out 10 cm, folded face inwards, lay the line and turn. On one side you can tie a knot, and the second edge is sewn to the pants or attached to the elastic band of the skirt.

Fun accessories for the perfect look

Christmas costume monkey can be quite spectacular. Ligament is made of yellow fleece banana belt, a necklace made of textile of whole orange slices or Mandarin will add cheerful notes in the image. To create these parts will fit fleece or felt. He and the other material can be glued with a hot gun and not have to suffer with sewing small items.

Bow Tie on the monkey-boy will make the character interesting gentleman. Continuing the idea, you can make a walking stick and hat on head, and white cuffs on the sleeves, which are perfectly combined with the large gloves-paws. These elements it is best to sew from fleece.

Girls will love the idea of a wig with long hair, which, combined with sticking out ears will look so cute that baby will not be able to look away. This monkey costume is sure to stand out from the crowd and children will delight not only the child, but others as well.

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