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One of directions of the hand-made is scrapbooking. Ideas for inspiration beginners masters derive from the masterpieces already experienced creators. But most of them still they imagination.

What is scrapbooking?

If you try to define this type of manual work, the very name can be translated as “book of clippings”. And original products in this technique was more like collages of images, photos and pictures. The word ‘scrapbook" translates as “an album for storing clippings”.

Later, this form of art underwent some changes. Left only main idea: the creation of objects (usually made of paper or cardboard), which you can use to keep the story of family, love, friendship or personal life.

scrapbooking ideas for inspiration

Where to use scrapbooking?

Most Often in the style of the wizard, make creative image photo albums, booklets, postcards, photo frames, paintings, Newspapers, boxes for storage of small things. You can even make a handbag or purse in the technique of scrapbooking. Ideas for inspiration creative person will find everywhere!

You Can decorate the product brought from travel badges, emblems, pebbles, dried plants. Then it will be a reminder of the days spent away from the place where the person was born and lived most of his life. And if a page in the photo album to include tickets to a movie or theatrical performance, the visit is especially significant, it is imprinted in the scrapbooking event will remain in memory for a long time.


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Trends in scrapbooking

To Create your own masterpiece in this style in various ways. There are directions in the technique of execution:

  • Applications;
  • Surround applications;
  • Stamping;
  • Sublimation;
  • Vintage;
  • Stitching and embroidery;
  • Distressing, vintage or;
  • Embossing.

One Should specify the time that scrapbooking is rarely performed in one specific technology. Most often, to make DIY master resorts to other options.

scrapbooking ideas for inspiration photo gallery

However, it is necessary to talk separately about each techs run things in the style of scrapbooking. Ideas for inspiration, each artist will be able to draw from the expert advice and submitted the article photo.


It is Clear that the application includes the bonding of cardboard or paper photographs, pictures, newspaper and magazine clippings. This is the most common way used by the novice master, who had just mastered scrapbooking. Ideas for inspiration for beginners will tell dembelsky albums, posters and stands of the Soviet era, made by hand.

scrapbooking ideas for inspiration for beginners

This technique is suitable for the work performed in American or European styles for articles shabby chic – air, romantic-elegant, refined and luxurious. And in heritage, style called “heritage”, and the vintage, or otherwise - distressing based on artificially distressed detail, it is very appropriate.

Very often make out applications photo. Often used this technique in other articles, where the main style is scrapbooking. Ideas for inspiration for beginners: featuring applique postcards, greeting wall papers, posters, panels, boxes and wallets, wipes tables, photo frames.

Three-dimensional collage

Can be used as part of an application envelope. Then, the product has an additional function: it put the money as a gift, letter, or theatre tickets, to tours, and the like.

scrapbooking for beginners ideas

But sometimes, the wizard uses the application of the paper, pasting the details are not entirely on the basis of only part of using strips, which fasten the middle of an application and the item itself. Then it will rise above the surface, creating a volume.

As a spacer is used pieces of thick cardboard or cardboard rings glued on the edge.

Nice inscriptions made in the technique of bulk of an application. The wizard carves the letters of the inscriptions to the end, leaving the lower part. Then the letter folded up and down under the hole puts a paper in a contrasting color.


Usually, this technique is rarely dominant in the work of, and acts as a secondary, along with others.

Stamping – is the creation of original creative effects using stamps, inks and applicators. To work in this technique requires a special device. It is called a stamp, or seal.

This device is most commonly purchased in stores or made to order in special workshops. But it is possible to make the home wonderful stamps, to be able to make a creative piece in the style of scrapbooking.

For beginners ideas stamps can be quite simple: triangles and circles, zigzags, and squares from which it is easy to create a colorful ornament. The desired pattern is cut on the half of the potato so that printed detail performed on the rest of the surface. Unfortunately, this stamp is short-lived – the potatoes dry out, losing its elasticityand form.


Very close to this technique to the stamping. It is based on the fact that it transfers the pictures to the product with printing materials – Newspapers and magazines. For this chosen picture or photo applied colorful party where you plan to image, and on the reverse side is moistened with solvent using a conventional swab.

And if you like the picture found on banioniene, and not even on the Internet? Then to move it easily using the techniques of sublimation.

The picture first in any program to work with images mirror – turn from left to right. Then print it on special paper – for sublimaze, termotransportas, freezing or photographic glossy. Further, the work-stealing algorithm is virtually the same as already described: the pattern is applied and moistened with solvent.

As already mentioned, this technique is used in combination with others, for example, with application. You can create wonderful things in the style of scrapbooking. Ideas for photo album like a book of fairy tales. The leaves bear illustrations need works. Then, on a fantastic landscape post a photo of the baby.

You Can tell the creative people who love scrapbooking, ideas for inspiration: photo album with pages where the pictures are attached on a background of Martian or lunar landscapes, surely there is still none! With sublimation there is the option to create different background images on pages: exotic landscapes, great events, historical time paintings and other.

You can also create a postcard, brochure, book baby.


Another way the direction is called distressing. Masters often resort to this method of working on the craft projects in the style of scrapbooking.

scrapbooking ideas for your inspiration albums

Vintage or distressing, – artificial aging of pages, clippings, photos. Usually this technique is used to give a special tint individual parts that make up the thing about the style of scrapbooking.

In addition to aged photo to create retrostante in this direction, using clippings from old Newspapers or magazines. If none exist, find them on the Internet and print, and the paper crumple, give it a yellowish “temporary” hue, bursting region.

Journaling, which is used in the vintage, it can be done manually. Only the text that the wizard will write, must be maintained in a time frame: using ancient letters, the ornate phrases of the ancient words. It is also worth to take care of the calligraphy. You can write a writing letters, and imitate old typewriter.

Look Great here keys and locks with a touch of rust, the metal mechanisms from old watches, beads and colored feathers.

Embroidery scrapbooking

Often instead of glue craftsmen use sewing needle and thread. However, paper products “not like” of contact with the sewing needle. But if this technique is used in part, for the attachment of some parts – buttons, bows, bells, tassels and so forth, that seems such a hack is luxurious and unusual.

scrapbooking ideas for inspiration posters

Sometimes craftsmen use embroidery products, made in the style of scrapbooking. Ideas for inspiration – cardboard cards depicting embroidered hearts, insects, fruit.

Stitched cards crafts

If anyone remembers, something our grandmothers and great-grandmothers made beautiful boxes and boxes of postcards, sheathing their edges overlock seam, and then joining the walls thread, taking the details for this sheath. Successfully picking up a postcard on the subject, you can create a masterpiece in the style of scrapbooking. Ideas for inspiration, as has been said, you can draw from the past. To create this technique is not only the box, but luxurious vase stand, table lamp, wall “pocket” for details.

 scrapbooking ideas for inspiration photo

However, this hack will be difficult to attribute to scrapbooking as it is not present the main point – the presence of clippings and photos. So you need before you start assembling the parts, stick them on something. Only then can it be called a beautiful word "scrapbooking". Ideas for inspiration: photo of a baby is located on one of the walls of the box, which is cut from a postcard with the image of a blossoming flower; the face of a smiling girl glued to the face of the snow Maiden; from the window of the rocket Peeps out the face of the little boy. These crafts already, I'd say, like scrapbooking.

Design Ideas in the technique of embossing

The Most interesting trend in scrapbooking is the creation of three-dimensional convex paintings. For their manufacturing the application of grains, seeds, shells, cones and other natural materials. Masters resort to work with cotton and with polyester wadding.

Decoration DIY pieces of lace, buttons, sequins, beads, and small Niscemi beads, bows very appropriate in this technique.

scrapbooking ideas for photo album

Today, the masters presents a variety-style scrapbooking ideas forinspiration: photo albums and diary entries, greeting card, invitations to celebrations, a commemorative booklet about the journey, and even purses, wallets, wall panels and boxes. Every beginner can easily choose an option for everyone. But when you perform the DIY, of course, it will be something different, making it unique and original.


This is the loose style, which combines all areas of scrapbooking, including aging, stamps, intricate hand-written font text or a painted header, embossing.

Today, creative people are not willing to blindly follow the established rules. Therefore, the mixture of styles and trends in creativity – the most popular way of expression.

Master class for producing the cover for photo album

Where not only get the wizard working in the style of scrapbooking, ideas for inspiration! Master-class of manufacturing a cover for a children's photo album will be proof of that.

 scrapbooking ideas inspiring master class

  1. So, you should take a cardboard sheet. Subsequently, it will be album cover.
  2. You Can paste over it with paper, such as pieces of Wallpaper or fabric. That thing was truly memorable, the Wallpaper is better to take such as they were pasted over the walls in the nursery and the bedroom or similar. And the cloth diaper will fit.
  3. Between two colors hiding under a piece of lace or prosbu. They can be glued along the edge or pristroit on the machine.
  4. In the Middle of prosby glue or sew a narrow satin ribbon.
  5. Around it is possible to attach artificial flowers made from paper, fabric or way quiltagami.
  6. In the Middle of the sheet is glued to an oval of white cardboard. It is possible for the edge to cut the fishnet holes. And you can sew or pin some other way gathered frills of satin ribbon or lace.
  7. At the oval in the middle of the cover and the recommended to stick a photo of the baby. But you can just colourful to draw the name of the album.
    Very important in your product to invest part of his soul, then it will surely delight other people is a proven fact.

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