How to make a stencil: instructions and helpful tips


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Graffiti has quite a long history. And during its widespread existence, it is not just developed but also improved. The bombing, tagging, Reiting – it combines the much loved art. And it can not do without a stencil. They have become so popular that no one is this kind of creativity without them. And many are wondering how to make a stencil yourself. New school of this movement, or rather its representatives not agree that the stencil designs emerged from this art form. But still their relationship is undeniable.

how to make a stencilSo, before you make a stencil, you should remember that it carries a social orientation, in a certain sense. But, of course, without any limits, as any modern subculture, they are not welcomed. For this reason, the graffiti can be funny, funny, bring a smile, or just be anyone not understand abstractions.

A Very popular black-and-white stencils for graffiti. How to make them, consider the following. Usually it is a small stylistic drawings and accompanying explanatory text. There are multicolored complex stanely hardly different from graffiti, but they are very complicated. So let's start small.

how to make stencils for graffitiMany beginners are interested in how to make a stencil durable. I want to use it more than once. Listy standard (A4) have not more than 1-2 times. Because you need to use something more durable – thick cardboard (from boxes for shoes or from the refrigerator). Next, you need to draw directly on the cardboard drawing. You can do it by hand with gel pen or marker. And you can print a picture on a printer, glue it to the cardboard and cut (the stationery knife or razor blade).


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After repeated use (due to numerous paint), the stencil will become hard like a plastic. On the one hand, it's good (for durability), and on the other – it is easy to break in half. Therefore it is better to store in a folder. Another option – instead of cardboard to use linoleum (which is much harder to do). Then it can be twisted, which is very convenient.

A little More about how to make stencils for graffiti from printed pictures. First you need to load in Photoshop the photo you want. Trim, if necessary, the background. Also to correct, if necessary, the level of light and brightness. Further, the image need to bleach it, but it was clear that it was drawn. On a black background white “Islands” should be as small as possible. White space should be fully connected. Then it will be easier to cut out the black main pattern. Everything is ready. Cut.

stencils for graffiti how to drawNow you understand how to make a stencil? Most importantly – good picture, accuracy, accurate cutting and quality based (cardboard, linoleum). They can be used in other types of art (needlework) – scrapbooking (for masks and backgrounds), in cardmaking (to create backgrounds for cards) when burning wood and stained glass painting.

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