Age features of children of younger school age: teaching elementary school


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Yesterday a happy dumpling built mud pies in the sandbox and rode the machine on the rope, and today on his desktop are already the notebooks Yes the textbooks, and behind hangs a huge pack.

age peculiarities of children of primary school age

The Preschooler turned into a young student. What are the age characteristics of primary school age children, how to educate a student with mental retardation (ANW) and that we should pay particular attention to the education of the child with hearing impairment – all this will be discussed in this article. Try to reveal the topic as detailed as possible, so you have no questions.

Age features of children of younger school age

The Children of primary school age - children 6 to 11 years of so-called elementary school, first through fourth grade. Many parents ask the question: “At what age the child should be given to school?” On it there is no simple answer. One down and 6 years easily sit through a 40 minute lesson, to understand and remember, and the other 8 years will not be able to do so and in the middle of the first period will lose all the attention. So before you make a decision about the beginning of the child's new, Mature, school life, should undergo a medical-psychological-pedagogical Commission (IPC). In each kindergarten, the Commission is to release a baby from the preparatory group. But if parents have any doubt about the appropriateness of the child's attendance of school in 6-7 years, you should consult a clinical psychiatrist and neurologist. If these experts are not in the clinic, which is attached to the baby, you have to go to the city psychoneurological dispensary.

Age-Appropriate for first grade

In this age of the year for development and the “maturation” of the child's brain - a very long time. Today, too energetic children should not cross the threshold of the school before 7 years, and some, particularly active, it is better to leave in the garden until 8. Let the kid will be a harmonious feel in the class, not to escape screaming from school, never realizing that the same was explained by the teacher. Hurry with entering the first grade, you can permanently discourage the child's desire to learn. Don't take this to her baby, because the world of knowledge exciting and entertaining, open the door to him in time, don't rush, prepare the baby and themselves, to not work, like in the nursery rhyme: “the Pope decides, rents and Bob”.

Thus, the age peculiarities of children of primary school age imply a large reservoir of development. This means that from the beginning of life for the young scholar begins to rebuild all of its conscious processes, the child acquires qualities which are peculiar to an adult, because as a student include in a new activity. The child fastened interpersonal relationships, and all cognitive processes become sustainable and productive.


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Do you Need additional training to school

For the vast majority of children visit the “school preschooler” highly recommended. But its positive effect will give only those classes that will be held in the school in which the child will learn in the future. And that teacher who would become his homeroom teacher. The teacher meets in advance with children, prepares students to is to that training program that will have them throughout elementary school, in a word, preparing kids “yourself”. The children, in turn, get acquainted with a new person (my future teacher), premises and rules.

characteristics of children of primary school age table

Going to the first class after the “school preschooler”, the child is already feeling confident. He knows where his office is, how to get to the bathroom, and the downstairs closet and dining room. This extra confidence is very important for a young student. Usually classes are held a couple times a week, in the evenings. Homework is not set, and such classes free of charge.

What can parents do to help preschoolers

In order to use existing reserves of a child, parents need to make every effort for rapid adaptation of the student and guide age peculiarities of children of primary school age for the benefit of the student. Use his curiosity and thirst to learn new things good.

Adults need to translate all the games of the preschooler student in the course: to teach care, to develop perseverance and self-control. Let it be more Board games, they just develop all these qualities.

Young student

Strict mode elementary school student just need. Take the drawing paper, paint, markers and together with the child draw a wall newspaper. Name it "My day" and shall describe minutely all weekday student - from lifting to a release. Don't forget to enter and a time for play and relaxation.

Hang self-made newspaper in a prominent place near the Desk of the child. Near her must be the hours for which the student will check his business.

age peculiarities of children of primary school age 7 9 years

There are some features of children of primary school age who did not give easy to comply with the regime prescribed inthe newspaper “My day”.

A Child may act up when lifting. Then just get him up 10 minutes earlier. Let him lie down in bed, pulled. You can lie down with him and talk about starting the day. Kid can be stubborn with homework: parents should be calm, but serious tone to talk with your child about strict adherence, there should be no threats, no blackmail, no bribery. Adults should be confident and to talk with students always on the positive wave.

Teaching first-graders, or Who major in the school

Parents should understand that the houses major, and the school-teacher.

characteristics of children of younger school age with mental retardation

Characteristics of children of primary school age lies in the fact that the opinion of an adult is very important for them. And if the school teacher says one thing and his parents - quite the opposite, it has a very negative effect on his training. He begins to understand who is right and who is listening.

If the parents do not agree with the requirements of the teacher, then in any case it is impossible to discuss it in the presence of a child. Talk with the leadership of the school, find a compromise with the class teacher, and it is better to just trust an experienced teacher with a lot of positive feedback. Before sending the child to school, talk with parents of students previously enrolled at the teachers.

Features first graders

age peculiarities of children of primary school age briefly

The Age peculiarities of children of primary school age, briefly listed below will help to Orient parents:

the Child is important to the senior, so the requirements of the teacher and parents must match.

- a first-grader, like a sponge, absorb everything that happens around him, so be careful. Walked through IQ is the seller of the bookstore? Tomorrow the same words he would speak of his classmate.

the child began a new, adult, school life, where everything changes at lightning speed, so always talk with a student, because if starts to look like some kind of problem, it is easier to solve in the beginning.

- Allow the child extra-curricular activities to choose their own, do not drive to art school football player, it will not bring any positive fruits.

- Demonstrate by example that learning is cool, together, read books, watch scientific and educational programs, visit museums and exhibitions.

Consider the features of children of younger school age. The table will help to illustrate the day a little schoolboy.

ActivityNight sleepDay dreamSchoolImplementation of the d/sWalking
Time9 hours1 hour4 hours30 minutes1 hour

Characteristics of children with mental retardation

Characteristics of children of younger school age with mental retardation lies in the fact that functions such as memory, perception, thinking, speech, imagination, attention, etc., either partially or completely broken. The child cannot focus on the subject studied, or training it just not interested, although not interested in something it is only because it does not work, and he sees no point in writing parallel sticks, because no matter how much he tried to write, they are still not the same as in the sample.

Let's see what an adult can do for a student whose mental retardation. Characteristics of children of primary school age, as outlined below, will help parents to attract the attention of the child:

- Student is hard to concentrate on what he is told, so explaining something that mom can wear some bright red lipstick and say articulation speech. As soon as the child is distracted, to say: watch my mouth. As it will really stand out on the face, the pupil is easier to see and to hear.

- On the same principle, working and vibrant nails when you need something to show. Tapping a finger on the displayed page, the text, the adult will quickly attract attention (this may also include and a bright pointer).

- it is necessary to Speak loudly, slowly and clearly.

- to Switch the attention should an adult: tell a word, and then draw it on a sheet of paper, then act out a scene, then re-explain all over again. Sometimes have to do 3-4 of these terms of explanations.

- If the child at the time of the explanations shakes his leg (chewing on a pencil, tearing paper into strips, etc.), don't stop, that's what it helps to focus on what he explained, so is their feature.

age peculiarities of children of primary school age Podlasie

In children with no mental retardation visual impairment, musculoskeletal system, hearing. Usually no severe disturbance of speech and intelligence. Age features of children of younger school age with mental retardation are enclosed in reduced efficiency and lack of motivation what should do to adults.

Characteristics of children with hearing impairment

Disorders of hearing entail secondary deviation, in the first place, delayed speech development, which in turn reduces the amount of information received. Also there have been changes in coordination and difficulty of orientation in space. Featureschildren of primary school age with hearing impairment are reflected in the physical qualities of the child. Pathological hearing disorders modify the vestibular apparatus, therefore, in teaching such children is a very important exercise and other physical activity.

The Age characteristics of primary school age children 7-9 years old with hearing impairment are at a slow and uneven development of subject activity. These children often do not cope with tasks in which it is necessary to use any additional subject, they execute them directly, without the help of this tool. Help your child to understand, show by example.

Hard-of-Hearing children are given work tasks that require analysis and synthesis. It is difficult for them to recognize their own emotions and even more difficult for them to describe them. This implies problems such as anxiety, isolation and aggressiveness.

Teaching the hearing impaired child's emotional stability, can help him in interpersonal relations and adaptation in society.

Podlasiu. Pedagogy primary school

As for primary school teachers and parents of first-graders will be interested in the works of Ivan Pavlovich Podlasov, in which he talks about the upbringing, formation and education of children.

The Age peculiarities of children of primary school age Podlasie sees in the socialization and adaptation of children to new, Mature, school life. This requires the communication of teachers and parents, their desire to pass on their experience to the boys to form a holistic personality capable of self-knowledge and self-improvement.

characteristics of children of younger school age with hearing impairment

The child's Development depends on both internal (properties of the body) and external (environment) conditions. Creating a favourable external environment, can help to overcome internal instability. It is also necessary to take into account the age peculiarities of children of primary school age.

Table briefly describing the theory of pedagogy of primary school Podlasov:

PedagogyThe Science of education, education and training
The Subject of pedagogyThe Development and formation of the whole person of the student
PedagogyThe formation of the goals and objectives of education
Problems of pedagogicsGeneralization and systematization of knowledge about education and training
Basic concepts

Education – the transfer of experience to the younger generation, the formation of moral values

Tutorial – the process of interaction of students and teachers aimed at developing students

Education – system of ways of thinking, knowledge and skills, which took possession of the student in the learning process

The Development of – the change of qualitative and quantitative processes of the disciple

Formation – the process of evolution of the child under the supervision of the teacher.

Current pedagogyHumanistic and authoritarian
Research MethodsTheoretical and Empirical

It Should be noted importantly-love your children, praise them for every win, help to overcome the difficulties, and then a cute kid will turn into educated, mannered and happy adult.

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