How to transport your dog on the plane in Russia, abroad?


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Going on a trip, many tourists do not want to part with their favourite Pets, and some is simply no way to keep them from friends or relatives for the holiday period. In this case, the travelers prefer to take your pet with you. However, this question raises numerous difficulties, especially if we are talking about going to another country on an aircraft.

how to transport a dog on the plane

Try to figure out how to transport your dog on the plane, and what are the rules governing the transportation of Pets.

Rules of transportation of animals

If you talk about transportation of animals in aircraft, this procedure is difficult. This is because the carrier and the customs service impose a lot of requirements for quadrupeds.

Today, there are 2 methods, the consonants which it is possible to carry Pets on Board:

  • Take the animal with you to the salon;
  • To transport the pet in a specialized container which is placed in the baggage compartment of the aircraft.

However, it is worth considering that not every pet can be transported on the plane. All depends on the carrier and its rules.

It is Also worth considering the requirements for the transport of animals. They can vary greatly depending on the policy of the airline.

Transportation Demands

Many people wonder whether it is possible to transport your dog in the cabin. The opportunity is really there, but you need to take into account some of the nuances.

In the cabin is allowed no more than 5 animals, so before you go on a trip, it is important to coordinate with the carrier, how many people have registered their Pets.

However, please note that most airlines do not allowed to carry in cabin cats, dogs, birds and other exotic animals. In this case, you will have to send pet in the Luggage compartment.


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how to transport a dog on the plane

If we talk about whether it is possible to transport your dog in the plane, then the opportunity is really there, but most of the company has strict requirements to the containers for the animals. They must be large enough so the pet could not only lie, but are free to stand at full height. The carrying dimensions should not exceed 155 cm on the three planes (height, width, and thickness).

If the pet is transported in container, the total weight carrying it should not be more than 8 pounds. On this basis, it becomes obvious that the dogs which can be carried in the aircraft, and which should not. You should pay attention to it.

It is Also worth considering that the Pets include dogs and cats. Therefore, if a tourist wants to bring a snake, mice, a parrot or any other exotic animal, he will not be able to travel with them in the cabin. All these animals are available only in the Luggage compartment.

Accordingly, there are several options of how to transport a dog in the plane. If the animal meets the requirements of the company, then you can take it to the salon. In other cases, the pet travels in the cargo compartment.

Having dealt with the fact that dogs can be carried in the aircraft, do not relax. After all, for travel necessary to collect the necessary papers. Also necessarily need to visit the veterinarian, who shall ascertain that the pet is completely healthy and ready to go.

How to transport a dog on the plane: prepare documents

In order while passing through customs with the animal and did not have any difficulties, you should carefully study the list of required papers. You first need to prepare an international veterinary passport, which will record all made vaccinations and treatments against parasites. What needs the injections, everyone knows a vet, so there is no difficulty to produce the required vaccination.

can I carry a dog in the cabin

Should bear in mind that vaccinations and other procedures should be performed not less than one month prior to the trip. The maximum period of validity of the vaccine is 1 year.

Before you carry your dog on the plane, should also produce chipping of the animal and to get the appropriate help.

In Addition, it is necessary to prepare a special certificate No. 1-vet. It is only granted to one organization – Hoverstyle. At the same time to obtain a certificate will be available only to owners of animals that have the proper veterinary certificate for the pet.

If we are talking about how to transport a dog in the plane abroad, in addition to the above list of documents required and other paperwork. They must prepare prior to departure.

Additional documents for animal transportation abroad

If there is an international pet travel will be allowed on the plane only if:

  • The Veterinary certificate of the international sample. This document must be obtained at the Department of border control. It is worth considering that this certificate is issued only on the basis of current evidence from a licensed veterinarian.
  • Certificate confirming that the animal has a breeding value.If the pet were taken from the nursery, this document is not required.
  • Permissions from the state Committee of the Russian Federation responsible for the environment. This document is required only in the event of carriage of rare breeds.

how to transport a dog in a plane behind the border

In addition, some countries may have their own terms how to transport your dog in the plane abroad. Accordingly, before the trip is to check with the airline their requirements.

How much is shipping

For many travellers a very important point is the cost of transporting a beloved pet. Immediately it should be said that traveling by Charter flights in this case it is unprofitable. The fact that the animal cannot be placed in the cabin. Pets travel in a special compartment.

The Cost of such transportation of 1 pet per one way flight will cost about 100 euros, provided that the flight duration is less than 5 hours. If the flight will take 5 to 8 hours, the cost will be 160 euros. If the plane flies more than 8 hours, then you will have to pay 200 euros. Accordingly the journey with your pet over long distances will cost up to 400 euros in both directions.

That is why many tourists prefer to choose Charter and regular flights, because in this case, the majority of airlines permitted to transport animals either in the cabin or in the Luggage compartment. In this case, before you transport your dog in the plane, you will have to pay much less.

Requirements to carry approximately the same as to hand Luggage for the plane. However, pet cannot be attributed to this category. The fact that according to the rules of most airline travel with your pet should be paid as in the carriage of excess baggage.

how to transport a dog in a plane behind the border

How to transport dogs in the plane in this case and how much it will cost? In order to calculate the cost of transportation is sufficient to multiply the weight of the container with the animal for the cost of 1 kg of Luggage that carried in excess of. Usually the size of the overpayment from $ 5 to $ 15 per kilogram. This applies to transport in the cabin, but what if the animal will be transported in the cargo hold? In this case, the calculation of the final cost will be made at a special freight rate. This will take into account the weight of the animal and the container in which it will be transported.

The Only exception to this are tourists who are travelling with a dog guide. However, in this case a free passage would be possible only if the pet owner will provide the relevant documents confirming that he can not move without an assistant.

However, it is also worth considering that if a dog weighs more than 40 kg, she would need to buy a separate ticket, that is, respectively to book a place, as for a man. In flight the large animals have to sit under the master's chair and be muzzled. To feed a pet on Board the aircraft is strictly prohibited.

Features of the transport dogs in individual countries

Earlier in the article already mentioned that before flight it is necessary to check with the specific airline for their requirements regarding animals on Board. It is worth considering that in some countries, particularly in Europe, imported four-legged requirements are strict. Sometimes the guards are forced to present documents so serious that it is much easier to leave the animal at home if it is for a short trip. Also at some airports there are special hotels for Pets where you can also pay a certain amount to leave your pet for a while. It is therefore important not only to check with the carrier, not only is it possible carry your dog on the plane, but also to see how it would be problematic when traveling in a particular country.

can you carry your dog on the plane

The most Difficult to bring animals to the UK, Ireland, Cyprus, Malta, New Zealand and some other countries. As a rule, to travel to the territory of these States have four-legged have to put in the Luggage compartment. But that's not all. In some cases, a pet can go into quarantine for six months. Of course, this is not suitable for pet owners. Accordingly, before traveling to one of these countries is worth several times to think. Perhaps the question about how to transport a dog on the plane, will be much more serious than expected.

Also pay attention to other countries. For example, if you bring a pet in Germany, it is obligatory to provide vaccination certificates of your pet, which must be issued exclusively in German language. You will also need to provide the international rabies certificate.

For travelling around Spain and Italy also have proof that the animal is vaccinated against rabies. In addition, you will need a special certificate from the veterinarian, which States that a pet is completely healthy.

For travelling to Tunisia will have to vaccinate your pet against diseases carré. It is also worthtake into account the peculiarities of other countries. Some of them even need special vaccinations in order not to get infected with dangerous viruses. The same requirements apply to Pets. It is therefore very important to first read the terms of the specific carrier.

Learning from the airlines website

On any website carrier be sure to have a section that lists requirements for animals. For example, if you go to the official website of the company "Lufthansa" we can see only a short phrase for travel you can not part with your four-legged friend. However, digging on the website more details you can see that there are plenty of restrictions for certain animals. For example, this airline has special requirements on weight, breed and age of the pet.

If the journey is through domestic «Aeroflot», in this case, the airline is prohibited to transport certain breeds of dogs. For example, you cannot take the four-legged with flattened face (bulldogs, pugs, Pekingese, Shih Tzu, boxers, Boston Terriers, Japanese chýnov and many others).

Also some companies periodically appears the phrase «indoor animals”. What it is, is not quite clear to many owners. In fact, of course, not talking about wild animals that man domesticated and now considers them his Pets. The fact is that even the most calm, affectionate and sweet cat may begin to act aggressive in stressful situations. Accordingly, in this case the animal can withdraw. These actions will be considered as aggression on the part of both the animal and its owner.

Do I Need insurance?

Before you carry your dog on the plane to Russia or when traveling to other countries each owner can insure the animal. However, this is not a mandatory requirement.

Also, some insure their animals at the time of tourist trips from possible illness or injury. Others want to protect your pet and to obtain monetary compensation in case the pet will be harmed.

Features of registration on Board

Before the airport check-in (about an hour), you need to find a rack of veterinary inspection. In this office are specialists who on the basis of existing vet. testimonies will be able to issue international certificate, which shall be in English language or in the language of the country where a tourist along with your pet.

can I carry a dog on the plane

After that depending on how the animal will fly it either stays with the owner, or sent on the subsequent transport. Prior to this, experts strongly recommends to feed your pet, because during the flight he can feel unwell or start vomiting. If to speak about the soothing means, the doctors recommends to apply them. Approximately one hour before take-off is to give your pet anti-anxiety pills or a liquid.

Cheat Sheet travelers

If we talk about how to transport a dog on the plane in Russia, in this case everything is much easier. Starting from 10 January 2017, when traveling within Russia, it is sufficient to take the veterinary passport of the animal.

It is Also worth considering that some airlines do not permit the preparation of the customs certificate of the international type directly at the airport, so in order to get it will need 3-5 days before the trip to go to the office of the carrier and submit all required documents.

If the airline staff are unable to answer questions relating to the carriage of the animal in this or that country, all the details can be clarified in the Consulate of the country where the person plans to go with the animal. In some countries, there are certain quarantine conditions, so it is necessary to clarify the question.

It is Also worth considering the moral condition of the animal. You have to understand that during a flight, even a person experiences a very strong discomfort, particularly when the aircraft is in the stage of takeoff or landing.

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