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A Weak spot in dogs-the liver. In the early stages of disease of that organ, the animal feels well, continues to eat, walk and sleep. Reminiscent of the liver when the disease has worsened, and the animal begins to die. Fortunately, there are a great preventative tool - the ‘Hepatocel" for dogs. Manual it is so simple that it is unlikely that someone will have problems with its use.

hepatogenic for dogs instruction

Quick feature

Steatosis, hepatitis and many other diseases, severe – all of them will help to manage the drug “Hepatocel" for dogs. The statement pointed out that it has two main areas: treatment and prevention. Most often it is given to Pets who already have liver problems. It successfully restores this organ. If you take this drug courses, you can protect liver cells from various diseases and to normalize its main functions.

 hepatogenic for dogs application instructions

The drug is sold in a small bottle (100mm). It is a solution of the main active ingredients: L-arginine, L-citrulline and L-ornithine. In a closed container the medicine can be stored for up to two years after opening the shelf life is only 21 days.

Admission Rules

Instructions for use ‘Hepatocel" for dogs in detail the dosage for all animals. For individuals of this class it is enough 2-5 ml of medication. The procedure can be divided into several stages:

  1. Preparation of pet to the injection. A few hours before it is not recommended to feed the animal liberally. Next, you should handle the location for injection with an alcohol solution (70%).
  2. In the syringe to gain the required dose of the drug and gently put it under the skin of the animal.
  3. Next, it should give a drink and leave to rest in a reclining position.

dog food hepatocel


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Just enough to make 1-2 injections per day with the course – 5 to 7 days. In rare cases there is a need to extend treatment to 14 days.

Possible contraindications and side effects

Instruction ‘Hepatocel” to the dog indicates that it can be used for all animals, including those for cattle. The only contraindication is individual intolerance to the components. It is recommended to test for possible reaction at a veterinary clinic. If this is not possible, we need first to introduce the medicine into a small amount and monitor the condition of the animal. If he did not appear itching, redness and diarrhea, you can increase the dosage to the desired value.

hepatogenic for dogs manual reviews

The Only side effect is an allergic reaction. If it is not possible to cancel the injection of medicine, it is recommended that in parallel to give the dog an antiseptic.

How to store the medication?

In the statement ‘Hepatocel” for dogs it is indicated that the service life is up to two years. It is worth considering that so much of the medicine will be stored with proper storage conditions. It is not necessary to prevent the direct sunlight and excessive moisture. The medication must be in a dry place where the prevailing temperature is from 5 to 25 degrees. If there is a need to open the bottle after each use it must cover tightly.

hepatogenic for dogs analogs

Typically, 100 ml – too much, if you want to give medicine to one animal. In this case, it is better to buy the ‘Hepatocel” for dogs 20 ml. of the instruction on its application is the same.

The analogs

“Hepatocel” for dogs, the instruction which is described above, unfortunately, is not cheap. For a bottle of 100 ml will have to pay about 1000 rubles. About 400 rubles worth of medication at a dosage of 20 ml.

hepatogenic for dogs manual 20 ml

Accordingly, each caring owner concerned with the question of whether to “Hepatocyte” for dogs counterparts. According to experts, this drug does not exist. If necessary, you can replace it with medication “she”, intended for people. It will cost several times less. It is highly recommended not to do the replacement yourself, you must first consult a veterinarian. You must consider that the "copy" side effects several times more. This can negatively affect animal health.


For several years successfully used the ‘Hepatocel” for dogs (with instructions). The reviews are mainly positive. Basically, the consumers praise the following:

  • Many claim that this drug is able to replace a medication for the liver consisting of more than three different funds.
  • Very rare side effects after injection, the animal usually feels good.
  • This is a great preventive measure that will avoid a huge number of diseases.
  • Instruction“Geogette” for dogs is fairly simple. People who do not have medical education, can quickly deal with it.
  • The Medicine is very effective, he is able in seven days to almost completely restore the liver, which operation was disrupted for a long period of time.

There are, of course, and negative comments directed towards this drug. Pet owners say that it is quite painful, the animal is experiencing acute discomfort. To hold it during the injection virtually impossible. In the future, in the form of injection, it starts to hide.

hepatogenic for dogs manual 20 ml


Veterinarians say that the drug will be effective only if it is to give your pet in accordance with all the rules:

  • You Should reconsider the diet of the pet before treatment ‘Gepatocita" for dogs. Food needs to be supplemented with vitamins and minerals. Also need plenty of water.
  • Treatment should bring to an end. Otherwise, the disease may strike again.
  • In No case should not miss the injections. Otherwise the drug will work less effectively.
  • Any other drug you can give the animal no earlier than one hour after the injection.
  • Preventive course may be repeated, but not more than once in a year and a half.

“Hepatocel” is a strong enough effective drug. Therefore, it is not recommended to give the dog his own, unless there is any serious evidence. The malaise of the animal, lack of appetite increase in body temperature – all of this is a reason to go to the vet. Next, the client will be done the necessary diagnostics, and if necessary, the specialist will prescribe medication, the dosage and rate of its application.

Dogs have long been true friends of man. The owner is very upset when his animal is sick. Fortunately, there are modern medications that will help to overcome even the most difficult ailment.

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