Why apply hexicon candles during pregnancy?


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During pregnancy the organism of the expectant mother is under attack of various infectious diseases. Primarily this is due to the weakening of the immune system. Often women during pregnancy suffer from bacterial vaginosis. The result of the disease is a disruption of the normal environment of the vagina. The disease is accompanied by a discharge of white colour, characterized by the unpleasant, characteristic odor. In such cases, the doctor prescribes hexicon candles during pregnancy. The drug is completely harmless to the human body. Moreover, candles – gentle method of treatment which frees your digestive system from unnecessary load. This antiseptic kills many bacteria thus it is completely safe for the microflora of the vagina.


When a woman is in the position of her body is vulnerable to potent drugs, which usually have a negative impact on the health of the future baby. If you have bacterial vaginosis, the best method is local treatment, that is, suppositories of hexicon. Its action is local, in other words, the drug does not affect the placenta. The kid remains safe. Apply candles hexicon during pregnancy and after childbirth. Doctors often prescribe the drug for preventive purposes. A week before the birth, you can assign hexicon. Medicine to cleanse the entire reproductive system and will protect the appearance of the baby.


Although the drug is completely safe and officially used during pregnancy, self-medication is not allowed. The doctor must set the appropriate dosage. Only the attending physician has the right to address the issue. Amateur could lead to irreversible processes. If we are talking about bacterial vaginosis, then apply the treatment to ten days. The hexicon candles in pregnancy the patient should be applied twice a day in a prone position. Similarly, use of the drug and after birth for prevention.


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As you can see, medicine is a safe and effective way to rid yourself of the infections that affect the vagina during pregnancy. The fact that the drug causes low absorption, therefore, during its application lactobacilli remain in order. Therefore, hexicon candles during pregnancy have only a positive effect. You can continue to apply the drug during breast feeding.


Well, now let's talk about possible side effects. In fact, the drug is absolutely safe for health of the body, but a person can be hypersensitivity to one or other component of the medication. There is an allergic reaction, which in our case is accompanied by itching and burning sensation inside the vagina. In this situation, you must immediately relinquish the drug and appeal to the gynecologist. In all other cases, hexicon candles during pregnancy-safe treatment.


It Should be remembered that this drug in any case can not be used together with personal hygiene. This will lead to lower effectiveness of the drug. It is best to only intimate toilet of the external genitalia. At the moment, hexicon, the likes of which (hibiscrub, plivasept, Cathedral) are inferior in the efficiency of the treatment is the safest drug for pregnant women during bacterial vaginosis. It should be remembered that treatment should be a doctor. Any Amateur can harm not only the expectant mother but also the child. Treat this matter with full responsibility and understanding, because at stake is the future.

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