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To date, there are about four hundred breeds of dogs. They were all bred for specific purposes. However, people are constantly striving for something more perfect. There is therefore nothing strange in the fact that over time, some species disappear, and instead there are new breeds of dogs. Description some of them you will find in today's article.

How to be a new breed?

In ancient times dogs were used for hunting and protection of property. Therefore, in those ancient times, people performed a kind of selection according to these criteria. However, as human civilization began to change and the requirements of animals. For example, some hunters did not appreciate the white color Fox Terriers. They began to purposefully breed different dogs and eventually got a black and tan Aguda.

When people need security and fighting animals, as a result of selection there was not one new dog breed. In China it was a Shar-Pei, Italy – the cane Corso.

For hunting in the vast steppes needed very fast dogs, able to catch wolf, Fox or hare. Due to this was bred the Borzoi.


This abbreviation stands for Odessa home ideal dog. Work on the creation of this breed started in the 70-ies of the last century. It was developed as a result of planned mating of a Fox Terrier, toy poodle and Maltese. As a consequence, breeders have managed to obtain a group of animals with a similar phenotype and have common ancestors.new dog breeds

Like any other new breed of dog, ODIS has its own standard. These tiny animals grow up to 25 centimeters at the withers. While the weight is not more than three pounds. Miniature dogs body covered with dense, long, hypoallergenic coat of white, grey or light fawn color.

The Representatives of this breed is characterized by a cheerful, energetic temperament. They have well-developed immune system that is resistant to infectious diseases. For all time of their existence, the veterinarians had not registered a single case of severe abnormalities or congenital malformations.

Russian salon dog

These decorative dog appeared about fifteen years ago. They brought domestic livestock J. A. Lakatos by crossing the Yorkshire Terrier, pug and Belgian Griffon. Like any other new breed of dog in Russia, these miniature animals quickly gained popularity. They are perfect for keeping in a city apartment and have an open flexible character.

new dog breeds

Unlike other toy dogs, they have a powerful body and strong bones. The rounded flat-faced head located high set ears that give them adorable look. The body of the animal is covered with long flowing hair that require careful maintenance and regular grooming. The height of adults is 18-28 cm the Weight of this dog varies in the range 1.8-3.5 kg.

Russian salon dog is easy to train, quickly learns new commands and rarely shows aggression. This tiny pet is great with children and is able to coexist on the same territory with other Pets.

Black Russian Terrier

Those who are interested in new breeds of dogs should know that these dogs were bred in the second half of the last century. Among the ancestors of the black Russian Terrier listed erdely, giant Schnauzer, likes, Danish dogs, Rottweilers, and Caucasian and a German shepherd.

Representatives of this breed are characterized by high growth. So, adult males reach 68-74 cm with a weight of 45-68 kg. Females are usually smaller. Their growth is 66-72 cm, and the weight varies between 36-59 kg. On a massive, slightly elongated head with a square muzzle heavy located high set hanging ears that are tight to the cheeks. The body of a dog covered with a thick coarse coat, black in color.

new dog breeds Russian

Like others, including new breeds of dogs, these animals were bred for specific purposes. First of all breeders interested in the protective qualities of the dog. Therefore, all the black Russian Terriers are devoted to their owner and members of his family, but distrustful of strangers. These strong dogs are not intended to contain in urban apartments. They are resistant to cold and uncomfortable feel in the heat.

Black Terriers need long walks and exercise. They are well trainable and very quick to notice the team. However, in the process of training a puppy you need to remember that this breed requires a decisive andsolid treatment. Subsequently to not get aggressive or suspicious dog, must be timely to socialize her. To do so, preferably at a very early age.


These animals appeared relatively recently. As the Foundation breeders have used the German shepherd. A new breed of dogs started in 30-ies of XX century. But the official standard was approved after three decades.

This is a fairly large and strong dogs, which weigh 30-60 kg with an increase of 62-75 inches. They differ in the muscular body and strong bones. Housing Alsatian slightly stretched. On a large proportional head are standing pointed ears. The animal's body covered with thick coarse hair. Alsatian can be a gray sable, sable fawn, grizzle, black and tan and black in color.

the new breed of dogs

These dogs Have a pronounced protective instincts, so they are very distrustful of outsiders. Animals are loyalty, intelligence and generosity. East European shepherd is very loyal to his owner and his family members. They are perfectly trainable and require high physical activity.


Those who are interested in the newest breed of dog, bred abroad, it is useful to know the mix of Beagle and pug. It's not just a random métis, and purposefully obtained the animals possessing certain qualities. They perfectly combine the mind and the love of mankind.

the new breeds

These medium-sized dogs grow up to 25-37 inches. They do not require special care and does not carry the negative qualities of their ancestors. They have no independence of beagles and health problems characteristic of pugs.

Teddy Roosevelt Terrier

Despite the fact that these dogs appeared at the turn of the XIX and XX centuries, they still have not received official recognition in the dog world. Before you bring a new breed of dog breeders have carefully chosen pairs. Among the ancestors of these animals are beagles, Greyhound and smooth Fox Terriers.

a new breed of dog in China

The Representatives of this breed weigh in the range of 1.5-3 kilograms and the height is not more than 32.5 cm. As for color, it can be anything except fawn, cream and silver. Originally these animals were for hunting, but now they are successfully used as companions.

The cava-Poo-Chon

This is one of the youngest breeds, bred by crossing cavalier king Charles Spaniel, toy poodle and Bichon. In the plans of the breeders included receiving a small ornamental dogs who are in good health and hypoallergenic coat.

how to develop a new breed of dogs

The cava-Poo-Chon is considered a very rare and expensive animal. Despite the fact that this breed is still not recognized officially, it found its admirers among the common owners.

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