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The Drug “Ciprovit” is a bactericidal anti-inflammatory agent with broad antimicrobial activity. Is made in the form of drops, which are used for animals.

The Pharmacological properties of medication “Ciprovit”

ciprovit eye drops

Eye drops are highly effective against most gram-positive and-negative microbes. The medicine affects Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus Staphylococcus, Mycoplasma, chlamydia, and strains of viruses that have the susceptibility to gentamicin and methicillin. Effect of the drug is to slow down the DNA of bacteria, which leads to the destruction of cell structures and the death of the microorganism. The tool breaks through the cell membrane of the bacteria, releasing the contents into the intercellular space. The drug quickly eliminates plasmids that provides an obstacle to the emergence of resistance of microorganisms to the medication. When backfilling the tool creates in the tissues of the eyes sustained therapeutic effect.

Indications for receiving the drug “Ciprovit”

Eye drops are prescribed for the prevention and treatment of infectious and inflammatory pathology of the eye, adnexa of eye on cats and dogs.ciprovit eye drops for cats using the drug to produce the treatment of blepharitis, septic of iridocyclitis, corneal ulcers, keratitis, keratoconjunctivitis, chronic conjunctivitis and acute. Eye drops for dogs “Ciprovit” used in cure of diseases in animals other antibiotics. Medication used for prevention of infectious lesions of the visual organs, after the ingress of foreign bodies and after the injury. To prevent after-and pre-operative infectious complications and their treatment in ophthalmology also using means “Ciprovit”. Eye drops are contained in a vial-dropper.

Contraindications, and adverse events

Do not use the drug with individual sensitivity to fluoroquinolones Pets. eye drops for dogs ciprovitThe Drug is not recommended to introduce puppies and kittens younger than seven days old. Some animals experience a burning sensation in the eyes. This short-term reaction to the instillation by yourself takes six minutes and does not require medical intervention. Other side effects were observed.

Usage instructions medications “Ciprovit”

Eye drops for cats and dogs injected into the affected body four times a day. Enough 2 drops in one treatment. Depending on the severity of the pathology, the treatment period lasts from 1 to 2 weeks. Dogs up to 10 kg and cats need to introduce 1 drop of the product, dogs that weigh more than 10 kg, administered 2 drops. When copious purulent or mucous secretions need drip 4 units means, then swab thoroughly to remove crust and all that separated. Then the treatment continues according to the standard scheme.

Special conditions

The Cure «Ciprovit” (eye drops) must be stored in a place protected from moisture and light, inaccessible to animals and children, separately from feed and food.

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