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The Big dog proud with a melancholy gaze and a face, as if melting and dripping down produces a rather ambiguous impression. On the one hand, it seems sluggish, detached, as if everything that happens it does not matter. On the other hand, seen as a threat. After all, if you spend with her some time, suddenly it might seem that she was watching every move and step. And I want to make sure that, in her opinion, incorrect, as she will run and tear you apart.

Fans of the Neapolitan Mastiff, and this dog will be discussed in the article. And to buy a puppy of this breed, will have to pay from forty to one hundred thousand rubles. However, any animal not a toy. But it is rather comparable to that weapon than with a good-natured animal. For this reason, many people, pondering what four-legged friend to settle in the house, do not want to introduce into your family Mastiff.

But is it so terrible a beast as he is painted? Perhaps intimidating appearance lies a huge heart? And in fact, we make the mistake of submitting to their own fears?

To find out the answers to these and many other questions, study the breed in detail. And find out what it is – the Neapolitan Mastiff.

the breed of the Neapolitan Mastiff

Mastiff in Ancient Rome

It is believed that fighting dog breeds are descendants of the canids who lived on Earth long before the appearance of man. Many researchers argue that in the old days these animals along with dinosaurs running around our planet, not even knowing that will ever be home. But then their history is lost in the centuries. And during our era we have many dogs with common ancestors, but significantly different in appearance.

For Example, study the article Neapolitan Mastiff, or Mastino neapolitano, according to some – a direct descendant of the Tibetan Mastiff. The first ever mention of it Dating back to the reign of Alexander the great. Because protection of the giant dogs were brought from India.

The subsequent history of the breed takes place in is quite hard. After all, when Julius Caesar they serve in the legions and fight like real fighters. In special armor mastiffs along with other foreign players are on the field of battle to win or die. But in peacetime, these dogs are not resting. They amuse Caesar, and other nobles, fighting again. But now, like gladiators, to the last breath. With the enormous elephants and ferocious lions.

Breed History after the fall of the Roman Empire

Then for many years the majestic and fearsome mastiffs were used extremely cruel dog fights, where everyone who owned a required bet amount of money, could look at how animals bite each other, fighting for their life to end.

But it is a particularly difficult period in the history of the breed accounts for the nineteenth century. Largely because of the Second world war. After all, worldwide, with the exception of Naples and the areas around it, these animals were destroyed. In the same city of the former Roman Empire, they tally with the Iberian mastiffs, which were similar to the Neapolitan.

As a result, purebred dogs studied in the article of the breed in the postwar years is almost gone. The gene pool of “eroded”. And only thanks to the breeder Pietro Scanziani, in the nursery of which there were eight dogs that best meet the description of the Neapolitan Mastiff, by long and careful selection, was able to bring the dog, which began a new branch of the history of this breed. It is in 1949, were written off up-to-date reference characteristics of the Mastiff.

dog Neapolitan Mastiff

Features of the structure of the body of Mastiff

Every person who even don't really understand the mandatory characteristics of the breed, knows that the Neapolitan Mastiff features a huge size and abundance of folds around the body. However, experts know not only that.

According to the standards of the breed, mastiffs small triangular ears with slightly rounded tips. They folded down and snug to the cheeks, which, like the forehead, covered with wrinkles. Eyes rounded, large, protected by heavy lids and are located on the same line. The color of the iris is slightly darker than the color of the dog. The nose is big with wide nostrils, his ears must strictly match the color of the coat.

As seen in the photo, puppies Neapolitan Mastiff differ significantly from adults. Thick lips and flews long they will appear later.

Neapolitan Mastiffpuppies

The dog's Head large, with broad skull, square muzzle. Jaws strong, scissor bite or direct. The neck is short and powerful, the whole in the folds that extend from the withers to the chin. Back line straight and covered with muscles, the loin is slightly convex. The chest is long and broad with well viewed by the muscles. The belly is tucked in. Legs large and straight, such as massive as all the trunk of the animal. Fingers tightly pressed against each other. Tail like a sword: broad at the base, tapers to the tip. The whole body is very large and muscular.

The appearance of the dog

In addition, it should be noted that the ears and tail of the Neapolitan Mastiff, description of the breed which we explore, can be cropped. Then first take the form of an isosceles triangle, and the second – a process equal to the third of original length.

The dog's Coat very hard and dense, of equal length all over the body. Typical colour-black, grey, brown (yellowish and chocolate-brown), brindle. Also be considered valid markings are white, located on the chest and the fingertips Mastiff. Males can weigh almost 70 kg, the height at the withers-up to 75 cm, bitches a little less. Parameters – 60 kg and 70 cm.

Many people was puzzled by the presence of a large number of folds on the body of the Neapolitan Mastiff, the weight of which sometimes exceeds the human. However, it is this feature that allows the animal to survive in brutal combat. If not for her short hair would not be able to protect one from serious injury.


Many breeders are parents. That is why the primary condition that specifies they will take the dog or not – it livable.

Even as a puppy, the Neapolitan Mastiff is quite restrained, calm. However, it still needs taming and power master, which will be his authority. Otherwise, huge adult animal control will be impossible. And it is fraught with different troubles.

The Training should start when the age of the dog reaches six months. Before that, she needs to develop independently, in everyday situations and different games. But the task of the owner to teach the animal all the existing commands, but to achieve the absolute performance of the underlying.

In the period of puberty, the nature of the Neapolitan Mastiff becomes a feisty and sharp, he seeks to dominate. But in the adult animal again – the very calm and reasonable.

Relations with children

The Study in the article the dog for the rest of his days will be devoted to the family in which she lives. This applies not only to humans but also living with her animals. With them, by the way, she's great. Children just adore mastiffs, and easily replaced by a nanny: can you put the baby to sleep or follow him during the walk. Not to mention the fact that, if anything, will protect and even make the child laugh.

Neapolitan Mastiff pictures

However before buying a puppy the Neapolitan Mastiff is important to be clear that he is a descendant of the majestic molosser. And this dog needs space. Therefore, it is not recommended to keep the animal in the apartment. In addition, you should control its exercise. It should be moderate. This will prevent the occurrence of joint pain, and heart failure.

It is Also imperative to note again that in order to grow a good friend, be sure to give everything – the train. After all, if a cute puppy, growing up over the years, will turn into a huge uncontrollable beast, whose ancestors fought in bloody battles, to cope with it can not even an adult and strong man. The most important thing in the classroom and everyday communication - in any case not to use brute force. Because dog breed Mastino neapolitano have excellent memory.

Neapolitan Mastiff character

Care dog

The Neapolitan Mastiff, photos of which are presented in this article – a very sociable dog. Although not say him distant and rather melancholy look. Therefore, experienced breeders recommends that you display the animal in a specially-equipped or regular parks. It and have enough time to play will be able and fellows to spend time.

However, given the considerable size, the Mastiff, even in hot weather in the shade, can get out of the sun. As a result, it is important to transfer trips in the morning and evening, when the heat is not so strongly felt.

Upon returning home, pet it is recommended to wipe paws. Representatives of the breed Neapolitan Mastiff –dogs are not smelling, that is why bathing too often is not recommended. Besides, you may be allergic, itching, irritation and dandruff. However, the study animal belongs to the species that like to drool. And that it is not their fault, just mastiffs can't control it. Therefore, it is important to stock up on wet wipes for dogs and constantly wipe his chin. Otherwise around the mouth will be a real breeding ground for various infections including humans.

Also, some attention should be paid to the eyes and ears of the dog. They need to be cleaned about twice a week. Not worn in natural conditions, the claws should be trimmed independently or in a veterinary clinic special kogterezki. The teeth of the animal are also in need of control. Especially if he has a straight bite, and part of the teeth not involved in the chewing of food.

Dog Health

According to statistics, as well as numerous reviews, Neapolitan Mastiff suffers from a number of ailments, such as:

  1. Inherited disease of the joints, due to which the dog may stop going. Treatment can not be, but the situation can be alleviated surgically, making surgery for reconstruction. Not to buy a sick animal, it is important to ask to provide proof of passage of the parents of the puppy special survey.
  2. In addition, the study your dog is prone to dermatitis, rashes and other allergies.
  3. Problems with joints, heart and other organs can occur with overeating. Therefore, the owner need to monitor a balanced diet.
Neapolitan Mastiff breed standard

Due to the physiological characteristics of the breed, a huge strain on the heart and other organs, the animal has a very short life. On average they live to be eight-ten years, but some go much earlier.

What to feed a Mastiff.

According to the numerous photos and description of the standards of the breed, Neapolitan Mastiff – a huge animal. So many people are hesitant to start it for the reason that are afraid not to feed. And in fact this option is possible. Because the Mastiff eats a lot. For example, one of the breed-dog Hercules (it will be discussed below) eat in a day and a half kilos of dry food and one of meat.

Neapolitan Mastiff photo with a person

However, the feeding study dogs is that it can be kept at the industrial food and natural. The only caveat for the first method of feeding is that dry or wet food should be class “premium”, the second – mandatory meat not less than forty percent.

If the choice fell on the food natural, dog Neapolitan Mastiff you need to enter in the diet of vitamins. It is also important to monitor the animal's weight.

What is important to know the breeder

Of Course, every person who leads to his home a four-legged friend, dreams that he will become a full-fledged member of the family. However, it is necessary to observe the following recommendations:

  1. Pick a pet from my mother it is mandatory that after he reaches the age of two months.
  2. Puppies Mastiff very suspicious, which often manifests itself in aggression. Therefore it is necessary to educate the animal since his arrival in the house.
  3. To prevent the development of diseases of the joints, you need to provide it with a soft blanket.
  4. Avoid swimming during the first year of life, and then to abuse them is not worth it.
  5. It is Also important to protect your puppy from mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and other insects. Since even the lightest bite can easily trigger the development of severe forms of Allergy, which may lead to death.

The Most famous of breed

That study in the article, the dog is huge, says a lot. Although it is well known to almost everyone. However, one of the breed – Hercules has grown so much that in 2001 was included in the famous Guinness Book of records as the biggest dog in the world.

And it happened almost by accident. The boy that lived next door to the owner of the Mastiff – Joe Flynn from the Internet learned that the current bearer of the title died. Then he decided to invite the neighbor and his pet apply. Flynn this idea seemed funny, but he still decided to try their luck. And after a very short time the mighty Hercules was awarded the title of – the biggest dog in the world.

And the title deservedly. Because this Neapolitan Mastiff, photos of which are presented below in two times exceeded the size standards of the breed. Neck circumference was slightly less than a meter, and legs – the size of a tennis ball. The weight of the huge animal was one hundred and twenty eight pounds. This figure is truly frightening!

But it is particularly interesting that, as claimed by the owner of the dog, any special supplements or diets he of Hercules is not fed. He did and could not think that an animal purchased so it will be yours. After all, Flynn and his wife just bought a puppy that had to grow more than their previous pet. And who knew thatHercules will reach such epic proportions!

Neapolitan Mastiff pictures

On the other hand, Joe Flynn – a powerful athlete, the weight of which is slightly smaller than his pet. It is equal to one hundred twenty-two kilograms. Above shows a photo of a Neapolitan Mastiff with a man – its owner. It may be they have “family”?

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