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Pregnancy as a natural state for the female body, contributes to its restructuring, so quite often during this period, the expectant mother faces many problems from health. One of them is retrochorial hematoma in pregnancy it makes itself felt, brown discharge from the vagina, which represent clotted blood and are the result of the unnatural pregnancy. It can be unpleasant and painful sensations in the lower abdomen. This phenomenon is observed in a large number of women in the early stages of pregnancy and is a symptom of the threat of interruption.

It is Important to know that a hematoma in pregnancy not all cases, is the result of tissue damage, however, it should be borne in mind that the resulting blood clot can cause the detachment of the ovum, which leads to miscarriage. The ovum thus forms a cavity some where and gets coagulated blood, thus forming a hematoma.

To date, the causes of the hematoma are not well understood, but there are some factors that contribute to their emergence. So, exercise, hormone imbalances, environmental exposures, and various diseases of the genitourinary system and the presence of infection in the body can be a cause of such diseases as retrochorial hematoma in pregnancy. The List of possible causes can be long, however, observing bed rest and the appointment of doctors the normal development of the unborn child.


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The first sign of a hematoma are highlight a light brown color, accompanied by dragging pain in the abdomen. Such allocation suggests that the hematoma began to disperse, but still worth to be examined and a treatment which aims to stop its growth. To do this, prescribers, promotes better blood coagulation.

So, the treatment of a hematoma in pregnancy is carried out in hospital under the attention of experienced professionals. Among the drugs used in the treatment of, isolated menadione, but-shpu and vitamin E askorutin, folic acid, Magne-B6 and anti-anxiety drugs, such as Valerian. Also, be aware of analysis to determine blood clotting will need regular blood. When treatment is necessary to comply with bed rest, it is not recommended to be subjected to stress.

In Addition to medication treatment, woman can contribute to the disappearance of the disease. It is recommended to avoid constipation and accumulation of gases in the intestine, therefore, first and foremost, you should pay attention to your diet. Moreover, it is forbidden in this case to commit a sexual act, not to provoke an abortion.

It is Important to know that retrochorial hematoma in pregnancy may affect its course, it all depends on the size of the hematoma relative to the ovum. So, in the case where it is 40% of its volume, the further course of pregnancy may be jeopardized if the hematoma is small, the outcome will be favorable.

Thus, retrochorial hematoma in pregnancy is a dangerous phenomenon, however, observing all the appointments of the attending physician, it is possible to achieve a positive outcome. It should be remembered that early treatment increases chances for survival and normal pregnancy, so when you see signs of illness should immediately see a specialist for correct diagnosis. Most women are able to achieve positive results.

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