The human papilloma virus and pregnancy


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Now the human papillomavirus is found in almost everyone. Today, there are about a hundred types. The virus manifests itself as tumors on various parts of the body.

Scientists determined the role of some of its types in the occurrence of malignant processes. However, it is not necessary that the patient, who found the human papillomavirus will develop cancer. However, he will be at risk and should have regular examinations by an oncologist.

In addition, the virus depends on the localization and form of its external manifestations. About 30 of them contribute to the appearance of papillomas in the anogenital region. To the formation of genital warts often leads the human papillomavirus 6 and 11 types. They can also be in the urethra and bladder.

These types of virus together with 73, 44, 43, 42 belong to discountultram. According to statistics, a third of women during routine examination revealed genital warts.

Diagnosis of the virus is performed using visual inspection and DNA diagnostics. It allows not only to detect its presence in the body, but also to determine the types. The most insidious are 68, 66, 59, 58, 56, 52, 51, 45, 39, 35, 33, 31, they belong to vysokovitaminnym types.

Proved the role of 18 and 16 types in the emergence of malignant processes in the cervix. Their owners must regularly do a colposcopy and analysis for Cytology and, if necessary, and a targeted biopsy. This will help to detect pathological changes at an early stage, when the possibility of complete recovery.


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Infection with the virus occurs more often sexually transmitted, however there are other options. When ingested, it can be very long not manifest itself. Typically, papillomas appear when the reduction in General and local immunity and hormonal disruption. They occur during stress, strong emotional feelings, chronic and severe diseases.

Often papilloma during pregnancy appear in women, the first and last time in my life. Decrease in immunity and hormonal changes lead to the activation of long dormant virus. It does not affect the gestation of the baby.

But the human papilloma virus and pregnancy can have some unpleasant consequences. Infection of a child is possible during childbirth and the appearance of his laryngeal papillomatosis. However, the presence of the virus in an active form in the genitals of the mother - not the indication for cesarean section. The more that infection can occur before birth.

It is made only when the warts of large size, which would prevent childbirth. Basically, they try to remove during pregnancy by surgery immediately after the occurrence of and to prevent their rapid growth. To conduct antiviral therapy during this period is impossible, because the used drugs harmful to the fetus.

Therefore especially dangerous is the emergence of cancer of the cervix, which may trigger the human papilloma virus. Since adequate treatment can not be carried out, may raise the question of the termination of pregnancy with poor smears for Cytology who regularly give up during carrying a child. In each case the decision is taken by the doctor, guided by the results of colposcopy, biopsy, and a period which is a woman.

Thus, this virus is common and basically harmless disease. However, some types contribute to the emergence of a malignant process, especially in the cervix and anogenital region. If they discovered the man, he should be regularly examined. During pregnancy the virus is often aktiviziruyutsya due to the decrease of immunity and increase of level of sex hormones.

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